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Britney's Post-Partum Struggle

2/27/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' troubles may have little to do with substance abuse. Sources say doctors at her rehab facility think the underlying reason for her trouble may be post-partum depression.

Sources tell TMZ that Britney's doctors have two operating theories -- either that she suffers from post-partum depression or bipolar disorder. The doctors strongly believe post-partum is the problem.

As for substance abuse, as one source says, "No doubt about it - she likes to drink." But doctors believe the drinking is a way Spears has coped with a bigger problem.

We're told Britney, who is sticking it out at the Promises rehab facility in Malibu, is currently reading Brooke Shields' book, "Down Came the Rain," in which Shields reveals her battle with post-partum depression.

We're told doctors believe Spears' problem is complicated by an intense feeling on her part that she has lost control of her life.


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geysa guarconi    

I am also a mother of 2. I had them when I was young as Britney. I never suffer from PPD but I remember hard times.. Thanks I had a wonderful husband by my side. I do not think she had the same lucky...

2793 days ago

geysa guarconi    

I am also a mother of 2. I had them when I was young as Britney. I never suffer from PPD but I remember hard times.. Thanks I had a wonderful husband by my side. I do not think she had the same lucky...

2793 days ago

Jaime Underkoffler    

I had three kids in two and a half years, the second two unplanned. I know from personal experience how this can affect a persons mental well being. You feel as though you have lost control of your own body, and that can be very scary. I too have read "Down Came the Rain" by Brooke Shields and it is a superb book. People should just lay off and let her get well.

2793 days ago


Why would I feel sorry for this stupid, white trash girl? Maybe Howard K. Stern could make her a methadone shake and get it over with!

2793 days ago


Oh please! I know some woman who have had post partum depression and they never acted a fool like Britney. Sure maybe she was suffering from it but when you mix it with alcohol and drugs disaster! She is noithing but a spoiled little brat who doesn't like to hear the word NO. Grow the F up in there Spears and take the meds they offer you!

2793 days ago




ON PURPOSE??????, so we feel sorry for the peice of mother
and we hope she makes a great comeback album

im not buying it

she was crazy drug alcohal white trash britney before she even met kevin federline> who i might add is a class up above her!

2793 days ago


Oh please. Britney partied to hard and is now trying to blame her irresponsible ways on PPD. I don't recall Brooke Shields going out and partying every night. Normally, when you are DEPRESSED you don't go out and have a good time. Not only that this behavior did not start until her and Kfed split. Yes, I realize that PPD can occur anytime up to a year after giving childbirth, but she is still not showing signs of PPD. No where when you are reading about the symptoms of PPD does it state: Drinking Heavily, Partying, Partying, Drinking, did I mention partying? It states: Having little or NO motivation (um, partying??); Loss of interest in pleasure activities (um, drinking, partying); main thing - it effects a woman's well being and keeps her from functioning well for a long period of time. She had no problem functioning while partying and making an a** out of herself. Brit you are immature, irresponsible, made a mistake in having kids (I know sweety, you oh so wanted the attention) and know you want to take a serious medical illness and say that's why you partied? Your a poor excuse for a mother is all.

2793 days ago

Wendy R    

Publicity move to gain sympothy for brit. Everyone can over look her actions if we believe it is PPD. THEN she is not really responsible for her recent actions.

Smart move on their part i have to admit. MANY out there will buy this mostly b/c they do not want to believe their idol is that bad.

2793 days ago


Feel sorry for someone in a $48,000 rehab facility? I don't think so....

2793 days ago


We thought her problems may be post-partum but what explains why she married a total loser?

2793 days ago


she can read?

2793 days ago


Shame on Britney and her PR! Post Partum Depression!? BULLSHIT She is just trying to get back in the good graces of the public! Do you know the lawsuits that place would have if they gossiped about a patient's treatment? Seems this brat isn't learning a damn thing. What an insult to the woman who have really suffered from it! She needs a good smack on the fanny!

2793 days ago


It's about time! On one show when they brought up postpartum depression, all the men said "No way, it's not that". Like they would know! I would have to say that she seems to be bi-polar compounded by PPD though. I was diagnosed with bi-polar when I was being treated for PPD. It answered alot of questions my parents had about me growing up. We take unnecessary risks, experience highs in which we think we're invincible and lows when we do things such as suicide and cutting. It's not pretty. Think about it - this girl has never known a real life. People call her white trash - well, that's where her roots are and her way of trying to live "normal" is to go back to her roots. There are people all over the world who are like this - they just don't have to live their lives out in the press and for the world to comment on. Good luck Brit - it's a tough road.

2793 days ago


As someone who suffered from Post Partum and is severely effected by a hormonal imbalance (high estrogen) I want to extend my empathy to Britney. I was suspicious she was suffering from PP. She is so young and so misguided she lashed in such a way. But at the same time we are different. I wish her all the best in this horrible ordeal.

2793 days ago


What a stupid whore!!! And now shes ugly and bald too!!! it just gets better and better!!! Where is dfacs when you need them?

2793 days ago
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