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Britney's Post-Partum Struggle

2/27/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' troubles may have little to do with substance abuse. Sources say doctors at her rehab facility think the underlying reason for her trouble may be post-partum depression.

Sources tell TMZ that Britney's doctors have two operating theories -- either that she suffers from post-partum depression or bipolar disorder. The doctors strongly believe post-partum is the problem.

As for substance abuse, as one source says, "No doubt about it - she likes to drink." But doctors believe the drinking is a way Spears has coped with a bigger problem.

We're told Britney, who is sticking it out at the Promises rehab facility in Malibu, is currently reading Brooke Shields' book, "Down Came the Rain," in which Shields reveals her battle with post-partum depression.

We're told doctors believe Spears' problem is complicated by an intense feeling on her part that she has lost control of her life.


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Tom Cruise has landed    

This explains her behavior WAY better than drugs. Seriously folks, probably time to give the girl a break. Until you have children back to back, keep your mouth shut!
Try putting yourself in her shoes. Pregnant once, then almost immediately again (completely unplanned), career in trouble, freeloading husband, constantly being stalked by photographers, constantly being made fun of, her own mother seems out for the money only. This is a lonely girl with psychological problems! She is probably having a nervous breakdown, and everyone just keeps jabbing at her.

2793 days ago


Well - this is very strange. Exactly two days ago, Jason Alexander stated on FOX NEWS that ,on their very brief honeymoon, Brittney was doing BOTH cocaine and ecstacy. And, if fact she passed out in the bathtub and he had to revive her because he thought she was dead. He said the whole time they were together, she would alternate between both of these drugs. Hmmmmmmm. I mean this was on FOX News and the newscasters were also saying that they were hoping she did not do these drugs while she was pregnant since she was doing these drugs BEFORE she was pregnant. Hmmmmm - does not sound like post-partum depression to me!!!! Sounds like someone is trying to come up with an explanation for her behavior to make her "look good" - if that is possible. I guess they do not realize how many people watch FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2793 days ago


I've had said all along that she was suffering from PPD... I suffered with PPD after I had my first child and I can tell you that I was a different person than my normal self! I literally drove my significant other away and we had been together for 15 years! I'm glad that Britney is finally getting the help she needs and I'm glad someone has finally recognized what her problem is!!! Hopefully she will recover and be a better mother for her children.

2793 days ago


More than a pile of Horse Manure for the idiots that "luv" her and her pathetic attempt at music - just protecting her "comeback" options that's all it is. If she had psychological rather than dependency issues she'd be "hospitalized" versus being placed in rehab.

2793 days ago


#17, I agree with you 100%. Britney has always been a drunk, druged up slut she didn't turn into one after having her kids. I too have 3 children and have found myself overwhelmed at times but I still remember to put my underwear on, to put my kids to sleep (unlike Britney who get's home at 4:00am), and I've had enough sense to know if I shaved my head I will look like a fool.

She's just a stupid girl who thought it would be cool to have children, and knew she could get a team of nannies to raise them while she continued her wild ways.
She needs to grow up, I'm tired of people saying she's just a child herself. There's 18yr olds on death row because we consider them adults, yet this Bi*ch with all her money cant look after her kids ??????

2793 days ago


TMZ SUCKS!!!! my comments are just as good as the rest you fuckers!!!!

2793 days ago


If you are depressed, you do not go out and party it up,and show ur hoo ha. I am so sick of hearing about her. If I never see her again anywhere it would not bother me Time to grow up and act like an adult and take care of your kids..

2793 days ago


Britney made her own choices. She married a fool that everyone knew would burn her. She chose to go out night after night and get wasted instead of taking care of her children. If she wasn't who she was those kids would be in foster care as we speak. She should quit trying to make up excuses and grow up and take responsiblity for her actions. She is noithing but a spoiled, shallow little girl who only thinks of herself.

2793 days ago


Let the PR spin game begin. If it is factual, the only people that could possibly have released such a story are Brit's own people. They're clearly trying to rub some of the tarnish off her soiled image by injecting this PPD thing. And believe me, this girl is not in rehab because "she likes to drink". They're trying to shape opinion away from what she was probably doing spending all that time in club restrooms lately. Powdering her nose, no doubt. Not a concept that sells with parents of teeny boppers who listen to her crappy music.

2793 days ago


i most certainly feel sorry for her; however, has anyone forgotten that she GOT INVOLVED WITH A MAN WHO WAS ABOUT TO BECOME A FATHER WITH SHAR !

THough i feel sorry for her, she has NO scruples. She took what she wanted, though, screwed a family over, and now is dealing with the complexities of all of these emotions coming to a head.

2793 days ago

J Doe    

Jive records is pulling out the big guns in a last ditch effort to
rehab is NOT going to be of any help to her ..nada,zippo,0.00%

shes not going to stop her neglectfull mother soon as she gets out of rehab shes going to search for her chemicle fix, GARANTEEEEEEED !!!!!!

britney is a lost cause, jive needs to dump her ass, shes become a huge liability to the company, & those who put on her concerts,investers,etc.

2793 days ago


FINALLY-- Glad to see an article with common sense.

Im glad she is getting help... and I am glad to see that the prognosis is one that many of us already suspected.

2793 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

Karma,.....always there to bite you on the ass later on in life. Britney,...I would like to introduce you to Mr. Karma and Mr. Reality. These are going to be your life coaches.

2793 days ago


She was doing drugs long before she had kids. I know people who had kids back to back and didn't have PPD. I had PPD with my first one. Didn't make me want to go out and party all night, that's for sure.

2793 days ago


I have suspected post-partum for a while. It makes sense. The sudden leaving of her husband, all the partying and all the craziness happened after she had the 2nd baby. Drinking is a way of coping and escaping. She was self-medicating. I truly feel sorry for her. She may have all the money in the world but it is obvious from her and many others, that money does not buy happiness.

2793 days ago
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