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Britney's Post-Partum Struggle

2/27/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' troubles may have little to do with substance abuse. Sources say doctors at her rehab facility think the underlying reason for her trouble may be post-partum depression.

Sources tell TMZ that Britney's doctors have two operating theories -- either that she suffers from post-partum depression or bipolar disorder. The doctors strongly believe post-partum is the problem.

As for substance abuse, as one source says, "No doubt about it - she likes to drink." But doctors believe the drinking is a way Spears has coped with a bigger problem.

We're told Britney, who is sticking it out at the Promises rehab facility in Malibu, is currently reading Brooke Shields' book, "Down Came the Rain," in which Shields reveals her battle with post-partum depression.

We're told doctors believe Spears' problem is complicated by an intense feeling on her part that she has lost control of her life.


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I cannot believe they are just now figuring this out.

2758 days ago


I, too, wondered all along if she had postpartum depression. Gee, she had two kids back to back! Postpartum depression is very real!!

My thoughts are with Britney right now. I hope she can get through this with help.

2758 days ago


Just an excuse for bad behavior!!

2758 days ago


Get well brit :) "Trash" LOL This girl has more talent in her little finger then you will ever have in your whole body . She has never done anything that would give me the impression that she not a well behaved young lady .What you see onstage is not the real person.What you seen on that show was not the real person. And as for her kids. Sorry I dont see where she was soooooo bad. Sure she made mistakes. But if you are a mom. You know that we learn from our mistakes.She worked hard to get where she is at. Sad things happen to famous people too.

2758 days ago


She was going crazy back when she got marrried in Vegas. That is when things started to get out of control. It's a shame she had to drag kids into her abnormal life.

2758 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

Yes, Britney had control of her life at one point but K-Fed has all
these woman who want him just because he's married to her.
She did not realize that having a two sons is a huge
responsibility. The ball was in her court but she rebounded.
I had P.P.D. as well as anxiety and she can get the help she
needs. She lost many fans but the only fans she needs to worry
about are her sons.

2758 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

You people "wishing her well". Please be more specific......

As in "Debbie Gibson" get well? (Disappear and take the good times with you, make a good family).
As in "Bring back Britney" get well? (Get back in to the studio and make more albums)
As in "Paula Abdul" get well? ( Lay low, and later on in life come back somehow, not singing or acting, but as a "personality")
I am sure there are a million more "gell wells" but I am just trying to figure out what is it exactly that the public wants out of this chik. Its a little obvious that she gave a big "F U" to her fans with her antics over the past couple of years.

2758 days ago


I must admit the PPD story is a brilliant cover up! Of course people will feel sorry for her and forgive her for running around clubs night after night while she should have been taking care of her children. If the real truth was leaked out that she has a very bad drug and alcohol problem and couldn't get over k-fag people would have less sympathy for her. Glad to see most people on this blog aren't being fooled either.

2758 days ago

the gap    

Awww. Poor little rich girl! This is her publicists at work to save her tarnished image. She's an alcoholic druggie. The shearing was to remove any evidence. She doesn't deserve your sympathies--save those for her kids!

2758 days ago


Can't this girl go five minutes without needing attention? Cripes! Stay focused on getting well dingdong not your career!

2758 days ago


I thought at first that BS might be suffering from PPD, especially given the fact that she had two children very close together - AND that still might be the case, but I am skeptical - an "expert" on a news show dismissed this as an "unlikely" scenario based on her behavior - she explained that someone with PPD doesn't normally go out every night of the week - they withdraw - BUT again everyone should be evaluated individually by a doctor - That said, I am skeptical because this might be more of a PR strategy - it sounds better having PPD than a substance abuse problem or some mental problem and thus make it easier for her re-establish herself in the entertainment business (I know many have substance problems, but she got a little wacky, perhaps too unstable for the likes of some music industry people, add to that the buzz that her new offerings are not that good - ex: Robert Downey had/has his demons but he is still a great actor - in other words the entertainment industry doesn't really care what you do, as long as there is a payday) - I do feel bad for her in a way, I know many feel that she is spoiled and has so much, but we don't know (at least I don't) exactly how her life played out - Did she really push to become who she is? or did someone (mom/dad) do some pushing? I know people say that children express this extreme desire to perform, but really isn't that instilled in them by adults? Some make it and some don't - hopefully she comes out of this okay for herself and her kids - maybe the answer means leaving the spotlight behind.

2758 days ago


OK....For those who don't get it, or don't want to understand, then try to.......
You are looking a girl from a small town, that makes it big who was forced to grow and become an adult at a young age. When you miss out it's hard to catch back up. Now that she is grown and had 2 babies back to back, her hormones have not recovered from the first child birth. Hormones in a sense can be dangerous if they become out of control. She needs help mentally, which is not a bad thing, she just didn't know how to come out and say it. I think this is also another way of her saying that she dose not want to part with her husband. She bases her choices on the media. WRONG thing to do. She has the pressure of pleasing others and not herself. She has been for the last 10 years. Let her live her life and if she wants to be a family with Kevin, then so be it......DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU BRITNEY......GO GET KEVIN AND YOUR KIDS BACK.

2758 days ago

duh...totally !    

oh I believe she was using drugs and drinking......
but yah, the PR spin will definately be PPD....

bottom line....Time to GROW UP Britney......

your hair stubble looks like sh*t...sorry, that was stupid ! loved how people just watched too....whatever, they could have stopped her...but now they are just making money off of the Hollyweird @ss

2758 days ago


Wait a second..........How can "Doctors" go public with what they believe could be the reasons for her breakdown? Isn't that a privacy issue, regardless of whether or not she's a celebrity? That would be absolutely illegal for them to divulge medical info, speculative or not . TMZ, you'd better check your facts.

2758 days ago


Feel sorry for Britney? I feel more sorry for all the people who bought her crappy cd's and bought her squeaky clean image for all these years.

2758 days ago
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