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Eddie Storms Out After Sore Loss

2/27/2007 10:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy was so steamed after losing his Oscar race to Alan Arkin, that he stormed off – and out of the Kodak Theater altogether.

Several sources report that Murphy was a real sore loser after the Best Supporting Actor was awarded – in an admittedly huge upset – to Arkin. The funnyman was decidedly not smiling as he left his seat, and didn't stick around to see co-star Jennifer Hudson win Best Supporting Actress, or watch the ladies of "Dreamgirls" sing their lungs out.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt's absence from the show, even though he starred in one film that was nominated for Best Picture ("Babel"), and co-produced the eventual Best Picture winner ("The Departed"), was chalked up, as Page Six reports, to his shooting in New Orleans ... and that he wasn't nominated for anything.

"Idol" Vixen's Friends Say Sex Pics are Low Blow

Antonella Barba – the "American Idol" contestant who stirred up plenty of controversy last week with some racy photos – might be something of a sexpot, but she's not a porn star, at least according to her best friend.

In an interview with the Star-Ledger of Newark, Amanda Coluccio, who auditioned with the 20-year-old Barba in Hollywood, says that although some of the salacious snaps – like of Barba in various states of undress – are real, the ones of her engaged in a certain sex act are not. And the proof? Acrylic nail tips. "She's never had tips in her life. She's the least slutty person I know," affirms Coluccio.

One local resident, 17-year-old Mark Dillon, shares an interesting New Jersey-ite custom with the AP: "At least half the people in this town have pictures of their friends on the toilet. I've personally seen at least 20," referring to a pic of Barba mid-micturition.

Does Tom Have Katie in a Trance?

But seriously – what the Xenu is up with Katie Holmes? TMZ noted yesterday that girlfriend seemed a bit, shall we say, "scripted" walking the red carpet at an event on Saturday night, and then Us observes today that Holmes refused to take a picture at the Vanity Fair after-party without her master husband, even though Tom Cruise was urging lensmen to snap her solo. What's more, Holmes appeared to be led around by the hand by Cruise, says Us, "while he mingled and she remained silent." She would dutifully wait while Tom gabbed away, then follow him.

Party Favors: So Did Babwa Really Diss Rosie to Trump After All? ... Mirren Having Tea with Real Queen ... Van Halen Reunion Blows Up

When she was caught in the middle of the Rosie-Trump fracas, Barbara Walters says she didn't say all those nasty things about Ro to the Donald, as he so famously claimed. But, according to a profile of Babwa in New York magazine, Trump might not have been totally full of hot air. "She thinks she's saying something in private, and she doesn't expect it to be repeated. That's Barbara," says a producer. ...
Oscar winner Helen Mirren, after all her sweet-talking of Queen Elizabeth II at awards shows, may finally get an audience with the monarch herself, reports People. "We are looking at a number of options," says a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, adding frostily, "We are sure that the Queen will be pleased with Dame Helen's success." ... That Van Halen reunion we were all so stoked about? It's been "shut down," says a top official at Live Nation, the concert promoter, to the Los Angeles Times, because of what David Lee Roth calls "fragile politics."

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No Avatar


When the day of the Oscar's was getting closer, there were rumblings that Eddie wasn't going to get it because of a lot of excuses "Because of the movie "Norbit", because the Academy didn't like his acceptance speech at The Golden Globes, so many excuses to say he's not going to win. The Academy or the press should really say what they really need to say. "We're not giving it to Eddie because we didn't want to give it to him anyway period." Yeah I think he got rip off and I don't blame him for walking out because he deserved the Oscar because it the best perfomance out of all the nominations. If that guy from the movie "Letters From Iwo Jima" was nominated in that catergory, he's an amazing actor but they snub him. But back to the subject they didn't give it to Eddie because they didn't want to give it to a comic. With all the money comics make like Eddie,Jim Carey, Steve Martin & other comics for the movie industry or ask to host the award show, they get disrespected by the Academy, they should called it the Snob Awards. Only two comics won a Oscar, Whoppi & Robin Williams. Steve Martin get snub most of the time. And also noticed Eddie wasn't asked to present a Oscar to none of the catogories? And that Best Supporting actor catogory should be called we know you're the heavy favorite to get it but we're going to give it to somebody else. Let's see Ian McKellen for "Lord Of The Rings" lost to least favorite, Pat Morita for "The Karate Kid" lost to a least favorite, Burt Reynolds for "Boogie Nights" lost to Robin Williams for "Good Will Hunting" and around 1996 when Lauren Bacall was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and was dissed when an unknown actress from that horrible movie "The English Patient" that was a disaster because that actress was never heard from again. Yes the Snob Awards sometimes don't give it to the people that really deserved to really get it and don't really blame Eddie for leaving. You have to sit there through out a lot of B.S. for hours and then your catogory comes after two long hours and then you get dissed by the Academy. Why should I give back respect when they snub me. "Fuck You!!!" Sit there and grin? That shit hurts, you know you had it lock but someone take it away from you? As far as I'm concern if I was nominated for a major award at the Oscar, I wouldn't go at all. Fuck Them!!!! It's too much behind the scenes politics. I should've know when the film "Dreamgirls" wasn't nominated for Best Film, it was doomed to get one award, I was really surprise Jennifer Hudson really got it.
As for TMZ still trying to make Katie Holmes a stepford wife, Please get off her & Tom Cruise ass. TMZ, you're just upset that Tom & Katie is coming out of this smelling good so far. You're doing the same thing portraying somebody that they're are not, can we say Kevin Federline folks. He was supposed to be the irresponible jerk. Boy we all know how that turned out. Britney Spears wins the real crazy celebrity award hands down. Jumping on Oprah's couch seems tame compare to Britney's no pantie wearing , throwing up in public and shaved your head.
As for Van Halen, again people accusing or blaming somebody that they screw up the program but when Eddie fired Sammy Hagar, it shows that Eddie Van Halen is the one with the real ego. David Lee Roth can be a jerk but Eddie Van Halen shows he's the real dick. Rumours has it that the Van Halen brothers made Michael Anthony signed away his rights for future Van Halen royalties. Dam that's cold. Eddie Van Halen, your ass is really showing.

2705 days ago


About this Antonella Barba, Did not like her from Hollywood week - where as a trio she basically screwed her best friend and that Bailee girl out of advancing.

Remember she took off and was flirting with the guys instead of practicing? Bailee tried to bring it up but it was mute point because she didn't remember her words.

She is a horrible singer and I hope she is voted out this week, then she can go back to her internet porn career.

2705 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......................ROSIE would be so PERFECT to be Host of "The Price Is Right"......Yes!!!! I would watch, and so would many many other people!!!!
Go Rosie.....You are WONDERFUL with people.....

2705 days ago


In response to Kyle's comments on lesbians at the oscars -- interesting that when you ask whether david lee roth is gay, you add "not that there's anything wrong with it," but when you talk about lesbians, 2 or 3 seems to be too many for you to handle. guess what kyle, we're everywhere. the woman standing next to you, the teacher, the doctor, your neighbor. get over it ignoramus

2705 days ago


Eddie is such a sore loser with a capital L! He should have been thankful to just have been nomintated. The majority of actors go their whole career without being nominated for anything. Shame on you Eddie! Baby!

2705 days ago

u stink    

I don't know what the big fuss is over that Antonella girl. SHE CAN'T EVEN SING!!!! They should've chosen the other girl who went up the elevator with her. It is SO OBVIOUS that Idol producers aren't looking for just TALENT. They also want RATINGS. Thus, the Bimbonella.

2705 days ago


I find it hilarious when the friend said that she was the least slutty person she knew. She must hang out with some real skanks and whores.

And about JHud; Be glad that she won the academy award because it means her career is over! People who win academy awards usually end up doing crap movies I'm just saying look at the bright side of it. I mean, I'm upset that some reality show contestant took an award that should've been given to someone who is a real actor instead of a knee-jerk nomination for a movie I still refuse to see, but at least she won't be doing anything else of worth and she'll finally go the hell away!

2705 days ago


#1. Hey, Eddie Murphy. Yeah you -- I'm talking to you. I didn't think you were that good, dude. You didn't deserve to win. Frankly, I thought your performance was rather cartoonish and not Oscar worthy. But to stomp out in a huff and to make a damn fool of yourself in front of the world, well, I guess you just blew off any shot of winning down the line. I really hate seeing stars throw tantrums, esp. in a situation like this. No class, dude. I'm giving away my Norbit tickets.

#2. To Kristen, #4, you are on the money! I've been having the same thoughts as you every time this happens to someone. But I swear people are desensitized at a certain age and think they're going to stay that age and there's never going to be a consequence for his/her actions. Anyway, I think AB is one the the LEAST-talented women and she'll be outta there without the help of any slutty pix.

#3. To HEATHER McGolddigger: People don't like you, lady. My g/f, who loves the show, says she won't watch until you're "outta there." Stop trying to force yourself on people. You're a gold-digging BITCH. It's amazing to my how Paul first tried to defend you saying you were so charitable and wouldn't go after $$ etc. You really did a Linda Blair on his head, but he's been exorcised now. Your appearance on the show sours it for many. I can't speak for the whole world. I'm sure some people just like watching a train wreck.

#4. Katie Holmes is more like "Katie Stepford." It's creepy. I couldn't help but notice the very lukewarm reception TC got at the Oscars.

#5. Just gotta say one more time how really disgusted I am with Eddie Murphy. I was always a fan; no longer. LOSER! -- In more ways than one!

2705 days ago


Not giving an Oscar to a person because they made another movie that the Acadamy Voters wouldn't like is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of. If Eddie had the best performance of the year then he deserves the award period! So what if he was pissed after losing what's the big deal? That just means it was important to him. If he wanted to leave that's his choice. After his category, HE HAD NO REASON TO BE THERE! You know how these gossip dorks work, they exaggerate everything. I'm sure Eddie will wake up tomorrow with a smile on his face knowing he ranks #1 for top grossing movies for a comedian and # 2 all time! Not bad for a sore loser.

2705 days ago


As, Dion posted IS Eddie that is the cause of the "reunion" tour problems. BTW, this news is a week old TMZ!! Anyway...this tour is NOT necessarily cancelled. It might/should still happen. Eddie is apparently having some issues (ie...the bottle)...that need to be taken care of before this tour proceeds. If Eddie can get straightened out, I think they can have a successful tour AND possibly work on some new music....which would be great!! Stop blaming Dave. I'm sure he's had his moments, but that's not the case here. Eddie has been an ass and a mess for years and needs to get his shit together. If not for himself, for his son.

2705 days ago


Everytime a black person does not win something that other blacks are excited about, they cry racism. They are trying to INTIMIDATE poor guilty white liberals into giving them something based on race. You don't win an Academy Award because it is "overdue," the way Halle Berry cried her way into an Oscar. Blacks don't want to compete on a level playing field at all; they want to be coronated. I don't hear white boys complaining about not playing in the NBA.

2704 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2704 days ago


I don't really care about Eddie not winning..Im happy for Jennifer Hudson..and I wish that Will Smith won..because his movie was a very positive movie..I got tired of that damn "Little Miss Sunshine"....Why was a 10 year old at the acadamy awards...a child can not appreciate an award....I don't care about that American Idol gurl's pictures...I don't even remember who she is..

I think that scientology is a cult Katie Holmes probably got her brain sucked out by Tom Cruise..its not a real religion like the other religions...

2704 days ago


Who cares about the Antonella pics?? Its not like she actually has a chance of winning American Idol!! She stinks. She'll be going home soon.

2704 days ago


You say Katie Holmes is a stepford wife? Did anybody see Laura Bush on "Larry King Live" last night and said there's only one bombing a day in Iraq. Now that's a stepford wife for you. And to post #50, you say Lukewarm reception, that was throughout the whole show except when Martin Scorsase finally won a Oscar. It's the Oscars where everybody have to be elegent, it's not the People's Choice Awards or MTV Music Video Awards.

2704 days ago
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