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Howard & Baby: Bury Her in the Bahamas Already!

2/27/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern and Anna Nicole SmithUPDATE: Richard Milstein has just filed his appeal asking the court to uphold Judge Seidlin's ruling give him custody of the body on behalf on baby Dannielynn.

Attorneys for Howard K. Stern have filed an appeal to stop Virgie from getting custody of Anna Nicole's body.

Judge Larry Seidlin ruled last week that custody of Anna's remains should go to her five-month-old daughter Dannielynn and her court-appointed guardian. The guardian decided that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, filed an appeal asking for that judgment to be overturned and that she be given custody -- to bury Anna in her home state of Texas.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear Virgie's case, and yesterday ordered that Anna's body remain in Florida pending review of the case. Attorneys for Dannielynn's guardian and Howard K. Stern were told that they had to file their motions by 2:00 PM ET today. Stern's side did just that. While Stern and the guardian agree that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas, Stern's attorney admits they have differing opinions on the law that governs that decision.


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Please, please let this woman be laid to rest. Enough is enough Virgie let it go like Anna let you go 15 years ago.

2741 days ago


At this point ask Anna she knows more then the fools fighting with some new mess everday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


NO!!! do NOT bury her in the Bahamas yet!

She never cared about her husbands ashes that she was so petty about fighting for that she got half. She got half and left them in the funeral home for 5 years until Stern told her it was " not good for the lawsuit". Then she got them and trapsed around the house with Stern and the urn on the ANS show.

She never cared about Daniel, sitting on a slab after his body was released by the medical examiner. Her and Howard felt it more important to do their " committment ceremony"...and frolic in the ocean in her dress then burying her son.

Sterns lawyers want that body in the Bahamas to co incide with the Trim Spa search and to give an exclusive to ET/Insider for $$$$$

Delay the burial....get the cause of death first...then bury the body.

And for the Virgie bashers...understand that her lawyers are good, they know exactly what they are doing. By delaying the burial, it gives more time for Stern to crack, to hopefully give up Dannilynne, and by delaying the burial, it puts pressure on Stern for Daniels upcoming criminal investigation in Nassau.

Keep the body in Florida!

2741 days ago


Passports are going to be a must sooner or later, so get one now it lasts for....10 years.....she should like that since she last saw her 10 years ago !!

PLEEEZE dont feel sorry for this mother at all !! ANS did want she wanted to do in life, and now let it happen in death !!

2741 days ago


Anna's mother shouls of gotten her body in the first place if it wasn't for this MORON of a judge! Whether you like her mother or nor, the law states next of kin over 18yrs of age! Virgie is going to have both Anna & daniel buried in Texas where they belong!
People get your facts straight! Howard is the one who took Anna to the Bahamas, Howard is the one who bought BOTH buriel plots! Larry even said DANIEL hated the Bahamas. Howard is the one who Kept Anna drugged up & made sure she hated her mother! Howard is the one who's been lying under OATH that he is Dannielynn's father! And now he's trying to keep all Dannielynn's money!! Howard needs to be in PRISON for a very long time!

2741 days ago

Bring it on!    

~Don't blame Vergie for the delay....blame Judge Bozo Seidlin~

To reiterate, Judge Bozo Seidlin said, "This body belongs to me now...It's cold but it won't decompose so fast..."

That baby is in a cold, cold, storage room. It's not decaying so fast. I can go over there now and look at' I can go back there in a month and still look at it.

~Looks like he might get his wish!

2741 days ago


I hope that they bury her soon and this doesn't end up like the whole James Brown situation.....She planned on spending the rest of her life in the Bahamas...eluding the bury her there.....

2741 days ago



2741 days ago


Why is HKS still involved in the burial part of this? He has no legal say in it. What a piece of work he is.
Also - the only reason ANS wanted to be buried in the Bahamas was because she was under the influence of HKS who allowed her to keep medicating herself and kept her riled up about her family, friends and other loved ones. She moved to the Bahamas to spite Larry (I'm sure egged on by Howard) about paternity.
What part of 'BURY ANS and DANIEL TOGETHER for eternity in TEXAS do people not understand???? They will be buried together just not in the Bahamas where it will be a FINANCIAL HARDSHIP for family and friends to get there and visit.

2741 days ago


Huge joke...and it is the THING Anna Nicole had to call a mother! What real mother would do this to their child?!! Let her rest in peace already! ANNA made th choice to bury her son in the Bahamas, so how dare her mother think about moving it. Her mother wants MONEY! This whole escapade is like some sick ending to this mother who ABUSED her daughter! This woman should be in JAIL rotting away! Anna said on national TV more than once her mother beat her and in one interview I believe she gave details. What is the statute of limitaions on child abuse? Maybe someone needs to open an investigation into her abusing Anna as a child and give the psycho mommy something better to do with her time! Obviously something was going on to have a kid drop out of school as young as Anna did and work to support herself......I do believe Anna told the truth when she said my mommy is a monster! And now our legal system is letting her mother abuse her to the grave. To bad this legal system wasn't there for Anna when she was little and had her mom abusing her...maybe she wouldn't be dead now had they been there for Anna then!!!

2741 days ago


Look I don't care what she did in her life, but get a grip, if her mother loved her she would stop all this BS and have her buried in the Bahamas with her son!! She can' even be given dignity in death! She hasn't seen the mother in 10 yrs!! I don' think the mother is any better than HKS!!!!! Put her at rest with her son for Christs Sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


For Fuck sakes! This is absolutely ridiculous.
She wanted to be buried with her son - end of story.

Her mother is being an ass. IF she loves Anna like she claims to, then she, more than anyone should understand Anna wanting to be buried with her SON. It is enough.

I hope to hell that the appelate court shuts this bitch up once and for all. Good Lord, let Anna rest in peace already.

2741 days ago

melinda TEAM LARRY    

Why quibble about the decaying remains? It's too late now, so the geography is OF NO MATTER. Yo, bumpy head!!!! Stick it in the freezer and let's have the games begin!!!! Vergie is winning Round 1 but it's still too early to tell.......STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


Why did it take more than a week for Judge Seidlin to say that Stern had no standing when that's what 'Virgie's attnys said on day one? Based on the law, HKS has NO standing. Period. That's what the judge ultimately said in his convoluted ruling! Will Judge Seidlin pay the legal fees for all the wasted hours, not to mention that he HIMSELF caused unnecessary delay in funeral arrangements!?!

2741 days ago

t green    

I would like to know how mama is paying for all of this? $3500.00 a month isn't covering it? The mother is so down on Howard, I didn't see her flying to the Bahamas to try and save her daughter. This baby is a cash cow for everyone involved. When Anna was alive her mother went on tv several times and never had anything good to say about her daughter, maybe that's why Anna had nothing to do with her! If this is a mother's love, I wouldn't want it! Bury your daughter already!!!!! It should not matter where, THAT'S WHAT A MOTHER WOULD DO!

2741 days ago
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