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Howard & Baby: Bury Her in the Bahamas Already!

2/27/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern and Anna Nicole SmithUPDATE: Richard Milstein has just filed his appeal asking the court to uphold Judge Seidlin's ruling give him custody of the body on behalf on baby Dannielynn.

Attorneys for Howard K. Stern have filed an appeal to stop Virgie from getting custody of Anna Nicole's body.

Judge Larry Seidlin ruled last week that custody of Anna's remains should go to her five-month-old daughter Dannielynn and her court-appointed guardian. The guardian decided that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, filed an appeal asking for that judgment to be overturned and that she be given custody -- to bury Anna in her home state of Texas.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear Virgie's case, and yesterday ordered that Anna's body remain in Florida pending review of the case. Attorneys for Dannielynn's guardian and Howard K. Stern were told that they had to file their motions by 2:00 PM ET today. Stern's side did just that. While Stern and the guardian agree that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas, Stern's attorney admits they have differing opinions on the law that governs that decision.


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I said it from day one ANS remains will be given to Virgie and WILL be buried in Texas along with Daniel. It does not matter what type of relationship had she Virgie is her MOTHER!

As for HKS, he should be put under the jail, he needs to get a real job. The chickens are finally coming home to roast. Give Larry his babygirls and may they live in harmony and peace.

2792 days ago

Please God help her    

You know I just don't understand a legal system that would not only allow this type of circus behavior from a judge and all parties involved...Meanwhile Anna's body is ROTTING AWAY....Its disgusting and I would never tolerate these theatrics as a judge a mother or a lover. The worst part about it is that none has put Anna and her new baby first in any of this;its like an episode of The Young And The Restless....What has this country come to that we would pay a judge to talk about himself for days and never really get anything done....Allow a man that clearly is being motivated by money (even if he did really love her) and a mom that didn't even know her own child (even if no fault of her own) well enough to make any decisions regarding her burial...C'mon already.....This would not be happening to someone that I LOVED AND PASSED>>>>>TRUST

2792 days ago

Candy Spelling    

To Miss Muffin- Are you crazy?

2792 days ago


If chubby really has any feelings for her daughter she'd let this nonsense go and allow the girl to be buried and rest in peace already.

2792 days ago


Whatever!!!! I still don't understand how Daniel was allowed to be buried there in the first place, is that what he wanted??? This whole thing is one BIG CLUSTER F**K!!!!
Bury her already people!!! Mom, you didn't have a sayso in her life anyways, why now?

2792 days ago


If the guardian Milstein is representing the baby, and he says he wants Anna buried in the Bahamas so that Dannielynn will be able to visit the grave site, does that mean that he assumes the baby will live in the Bahamas indefinitely? Does he not consider the very STRONG possibility that HKS is NOT the baby's father, and therefore the baby will probably be taken away from the environment where two people died mysteriously and within months of each other?

I realize that Daniel is buried in the Bahamas, but that was NOT his home either.

Is this Milstein guy just another arm of the HKS team? It sure doesn't look like he's representing the best interest of the baby.

2792 days ago

This really is just getting disgusting, although I have to say that it's the mother who is in the wrong. It's much more important that Anna gets her wish, not her mother.

2792 days ago


I think this whole situation is outrageous ! Sure it may have been a wrong decision to bury Daniel in the Bahamas but it is very clear that Anna wanted to be buried with him. How awful is it that Anna's mother is keeping this going? She knew that by appealing the burial decision that Anna would be left in that morgue even longer. It has already been 3 WEEKS !! Let her be buried for heavens sake. You did nothing right during her life and now you can't even get it right during death?

2792 days ago

from texas but not behind virgie!!!!!!    

She wanted to be with her son, her son is buried in the Bahamas, so she should be laid to rest with her son IN THE BAHAMAS. Its all very simple really!! Theres a plot for her beside him and thats where she should be. She made her wishes very plain by having Stern buy those plots and no one should dispute that, END OF STORY!!!!

2792 days ago


If they would release the body for burial per the wishes of the deceased, which is Howard's role in this - to see that her wishes are met, then the death certificate could be issued & Howard could file the will in probate. Which is what mommie dearest is trying to prevent - she wants control over anna's estate!

2792 days ago


I think that Virgie is a vendictive woman and shouldn;t be allowed any contact with that baby or ANS body! HKS was the one who was there for her good or bad ,where was Virgie?? She could have flown to CA to help her daughter if she was not allowed to talk to her on the phone! HKS knows what ANS wanted and she wanted to be buried next to Daniel in the Bahamas out of the lime light and to have some peace!

2792 days ago

miss muffin    

No, I am not crazy, I'm serious.

2792 days ago


Please Howard come live with me I'll take very good care of you and Dannielynn.

2792 days ago


I personally think that the Mother ought to let that girl be buried by her son! She is a poor excuse for a Mother and should abide by her daughter's wishes. I'm sure there are two sides to every story and there is more to this than we will ever know but as a Mother I would think she would want to get her buried by her son and give them both peace. Instead she is making a spectacle of herself and it makes me feel like she wants to get that last word in. Despicable behavor!

2792 days ago

ms. anonymous    

Bury her next to her son as she wanted. Daniel's father, the only one that can do anything with Daniel's remains, does not want to exhume him. He stated at the court hearing (over the phone) that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to his mother. Shame on Virgie for dragging this out. If Virgie can afford to be squired around the Bahamas in a limo, she can scrape up enough money to visit her daughter there. Like she would be going every day to visit her if she were in Texas!! She is only in it for the money and her 15 mins. of fame.

2792 days ago
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