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Howard & Baby: Bury Her in the Bahamas Already!

2/27/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern and Anna Nicole SmithUPDATE: Richard Milstein has just filed his appeal asking the court to uphold Judge Seidlin's ruling give him custody of the body on behalf on baby Dannielynn.

Attorneys for Howard K. Stern have filed an appeal to stop Virgie from getting custody of Anna Nicole's body.

Judge Larry Seidlin ruled last week that custody of Anna's remains should go to her five-month-old daughter Dannielynn and her court-appointed guardian. The guardian decided that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, filed an appeal asking for that judgment to be overturned and that she be given custody -- to bury Anna in her home state of Texas.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear Virgie's case, and yesterday ordered that Anna's body remain in Florida pending review of the case. Attorneys for Dannielynn's guardian and Howard K. Stern were told that they had to file their motions by 2:00 PM ET today. Stern's side did just that. While Stern and the guardian agree that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas, Stern's attorney admits they have differing opinions on the law that governs that decision.


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I've been up in the air about this for quite some time. I do believe that Anna wants to be buried next to Daniel. Daniel was only visiting in the Bahama's. *I* believe that because of this paternity issue with Larry Birkhead Anna didn't want to risk coming to the states with Daniel. She would have brought Dannielynn with her to California to bury Daniel but didn't want to get served. So Daniel was laid to rest in the Bahamas. I think that Larry and Howard should come together and have Anna AND Daniel flown back to California so that they are together. Then Dannielynn will be able to visit them both when she's living with her Daddy in California.

2795 days ago


Virgie should raise whatever money she needs to bring both bodies back to the United States, where Daniel wanted to be buried. This way, Anna will also get her wish of being beside Daniel.

Anna wasn't connected to the Bahamas. She only fled there because HK$ wanted to falsely claim paternity and he knew that the Bahamian government allows the birth certificate (not the actual biological father) determine who the father is.

2795 days ago



2795 days ago


Let's just say it like it is. This burial delay is just a stall tactic by Virgie's attorney John O'Quinn to buy time while he works behind the scenes, throwing his Texas weight and money around, trumping up all kinds of charges on Howard K Stern, including attempts to have him deported back to the United States so that he can go after untold kinds of prosecution. Virgie and O'Quinn could care less about anything to do with her body or the baby for that matter. They are both in it for money...they have no shame...they represent the Houston mentality very well. They are an embarrassment to mothers and trial lawyers everywhere. And the whole world sees right through them. What a travesty of justice for Anna Nicole Smith's intentions.

2795 days ago


It is disgusting that Anna's body has STILL not been allowed to be laid to rest so long after her death just to humor this evil witch who did nothing but give birth to her. We've all heard Anna's last and VERY COHERENT comments in which she finally revealed the cruelty and abuse she suffered at the hands of the witch who gave birth to her, as well as from her sisters and brothers. Keep in mind that Anna kept those horrible secrets to herself until her b**** "mother" dared to go on CNN and accuse her own daughter of being responsible for Daniel's death! Did no one see the hurt and anger pouring out of Anna when she discussed that heinous act??? It's bad enough the media gives the b**** any spotlight, but for the courts to allow her abuse to continue even after Anna's death is deplorable and really makes me question the so-called "justice system"!! Honor Anna's wishes to be buried next to Daniel and tell EVERYONE else involved (other than Dannielynn, of course) to go to HELL!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


I believe Anna shouldbe buried next to her son. I dont recall any of her family coming around for any reason. Only now when thereis money at stake they pop up and fly all over to figfht this. Why did they not show up in the Bahamas to see Anna or the baby. They had nothing to gain then buat now there is a reason. MONEY. Money is the root of all evil. Bury her with her son anad dont hold the body until it is too late for all.

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2795 days ago


Why bury the body before the post mortem report
and the cause of death is known?

The police might still take action over the death
and launch a prosecution.

2795 days ago


I agree with you #1! Let Anna RIP for heaven's sake! Virgie just wants to stay in the spot light, Anna even said herself that Virgie was jealous of her. This is Virgie's way of having the last say because she sure didn't say anything good to Anna for the past ten years!

2795 days ago

I love Larry!!    

The only reason Milstein "won" is because his intentions were what the JUDGE wanted!! Seidlin believed ANS should be burried in the BAhamas. He wasn't looking at the law, but his own beliefs. This is NOT justice.

2795 days ago


2795 days ago


Let her mother have her body. astranged or not she is here daughter. She had her and is the next of kin. For all you Virgie Bashers, her mother and all others all ironically say that in 95' when Stern came in the picture they were all cut off from her. Also the Judge realized from Larry's cross examine is that when anyone said anything to Anna about drugs she cut them off. If you don't know ask a drug addict. He does not want to here the truth and about drugs.

Stern has not had but one job in his profession and that was with Anna.
He is a leach and has a motive more than anyone. Anytime someone would get the left-over of all the guys she slept with and watch each and every guys jump in and out of Anna is a looser. He knows that's not his baby , if it was a paternity test would have been done. He has been around her with all of her so call Meds and did not do anything but be a inabler to her. ALso he watched her take drugs while pregnant. LOOSER!!!!!!!!
He is the should win the _ _ _ HOLE OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


"Is this Milstein guy just another arm of the HKS team"

Yes, they were very buddy-buddy during the whole trial.

They're both middle-aged, gay, Jewish men. They have a lot more in common, than say, Virgie & Milstein do.

Whenever there were breaks in court, their two teams would confer. It was so damn obvious. It was only a matter of time before Milstein would show how biased he was in favor of the $tern camp.

2795 days ago

Rhino in Vegas    

I agree with ANNA! Whether people want to admit it or not, Howard was the one making Anna's decisions. A person on drugs is so impaired that making resonable and inteligent decisions is virtually impossible. He searched out her weaknesses and manipulated her like a puppet. Everyone around her said she was easily manipulated and Howard K. Stern pounced on her bipolar and depressive personality and fed off of it like a vulture. By keeping her high was a way of weakening her to the point of a robot. He kept family and friends away from her so that he could not lose that control. The more she said she hated her mother, the more it fueled his plans. The more she resisted everyone helping her, the more his plans were coming into play. He preyed upon her personality disorder and her addictive personality. He lived vicariously through her fame and survived off of her income. Once becoming her attorney, it was his idea to go after Howard Marshall's fortune, not hers. She became his only client. The client that would set him for the rest of his life and he then could show his disappointed parents that he was more than a lazy attorney. He could be more than his siblings could be. He would be a multi millionaire and no longer a disappointment to them. He would let nothing stand in his way. Not Daniel, Not Anna, and not Larry. He did what he felt he had to do. Get them out of the way and be the baby's so-called father and inherit 100 million dollars plus. He thought who would care if this drugged up slut should die. She treated me like shit. I hate her. She didn't love her deceased husband anyway, let her die. I hate her. I'm just here along for the ride and now the ride has got to come to an end and I shall prevail as the winner i've taken enough of her shit! and oh, Big Moe, i'll split it with you just do and say what I tell you too.

2795 days ago


Bottom line is they are US Citizens and the last time I checked the Bahammas wasn't part of the US and the Florida judge did not follow Florida law.

2795 days ago
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