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Howard & Baby: Bury Her in the Bahamas Already!

2/27/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern and Anna Nicole SmithUPDATE: Richard Milstein has just filed his appeal asking the court to uphold Judge Seidlin's ruling give him custody of the body on behalf on baby Dannielynn.

Attorneys for Howard K. Stern have filed an appeal to stop Virgie from getting custody of Anna Nicole's body.

Judge Larry Seidlin ruled last week that custody of Anna's remains should go to her five-month-old daughter Dannielynn and her court-appointed guardian. The guardian decided that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas next to her son Daniel. Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, filed an appeal asking for that judgment to be overturned and that she be given custody -- to bury Anna in her home state of Texas.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear Virgie's case, and yesterday ordered that Anna's body remain in Florida pending review of the case. Attorneys for Dannielynn's guardian and Howard K. Stern were told that they had to file their motions by 2:00 PM ET today. Stern's side did just that. While Stern and the guardian agree that Anna should be buried in the Bahamas, Stern's attorney admits they have differing opinions on the law that governs that decision.


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What the hell happened to Eddie!    

Did you really think Daniel wanted to be a tourist attraction in a foreign land ?

2795 days ago


I wonder how much HKS is paying these commenters to post on his behalf...

There can't be that many HKS supporters. The guy is a blatant and transparent gold digger at the very least. As has been reported, he's even using a baby (that he claims to be the father of) to negotiate a financial settlement! Any one who can support this guy is either on his payroll or braindead!

2795 days ago


I totally agree #57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leave Howard alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


Bury her next to her son in the Bahamas. Her Mother is just in it for her 15 minutes of fame as we've seen with the fake tears and limosine rides to & from the court houses. Anna detested her Mother and no wonder......

Give Dannielynn to Larry Birkhead who I believe is the true Father.

Hey Howard, Virgie & Judge Seidlin, why don't you all hook up and do a reality TV show????

2795 days ago


I personally am hoping this old fat bitch of a so called mother dies of a heart attack on her way into court.. I for one would laugh.

2795 days ago


Mrs. Arthur's appeal is based on three points: first, Coward K. Stern had no standing in the court (not Anna's legal husband or next of kin) and his suit should have been thrown out; second, according to Florida law if the next of kin is under the age of 18 (Dannilyn) then the next of kin is a parent (doesn't apply) or the next in line agewise (Mrs. Arthur); and third (and maybe the most important) that the court erred in appointing a guardian ad litem for a minor who is not in the US. If Mrs. Arthur appeal had no merit, it would have been dismissed by the appeals court. Therefore, since they agreed to hear the case, Mrs. Arthur's appeal appears to have some legal merit. Remember, folks, this is not about WHERE Anna should be buried, it is WHO is Anna Nicole's next of kin.

Basically, Judge Seidlin created a "straw man" (the guardian ad litem) in order to "give" the remains to so Anna could be buried in the Bahamas. He could not give the remains to Coward (not legal next of kin) and while Mrs. Arthur is the legal next of kin, she doesn't want the body buried in the Bahamas.

2795 days ago


Did you see the appellate court filing where Virgie Arthur, left out 2 pages of Judge Seidlins order, these 2 pages specifically stated where the Judge felt #1. Virgie lacked credibility and #2. That her actions were based on a monetary gain, for she's battling so hard for the body since there is an offer for compensation to film the burial, she doesn;t get that if the G.A.L. wins his position.

2795 days ago

Jo Booth    

Her intent was to be buried in the Bahamas. I guess what we intend for ourselves after death can just be thrown aside by our blood relatives. I think Howard is a scapegoat for all of Anna's bad decisions. Look how she handled her men to get what she needed from them. She didn't act like no dummie. She lived her life as she chose and now the courts will do the chosen for her.

2795 days ago



2795 days ago


Go Howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


If Anna didn't want to be beside her mother while she was alive, she sure in the hell didn't want to be in the ground by her dead.

2795 days ago


Hey Twinki- ANS was totally f*&%ed up, thanks to HK$. That was the drugs talking, not her. I don't believe for one minute that her mother was the monster she was made out to be. Maybe that's the type of person you are, too.

2795 days ago

Candy Spelling    

Commenter JUDE- you are a hateful person. Want Howie to administer you some Lexapro???

2795 days ago


Team HKS...

2795 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

Control over the estate ? Can't it all be put into trust until the baby becomes of age, 18,21 or 25 and the caretaker just be given an allowance to support bringing the baby up ? This would cut out people trying to use her and her mother's estate just to get rich. Someone needs to police these people and hold them accountable.

2795 days ago
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