Naughty Girl! Dad Scolds Elisabeth on 'The View'

2/27/2007 1:52 PM PST
You've been a very, very bad girl, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, haven't you?

"The View's" paragon of prim and proper let her verbal chastity belt slip today, revealing on the morning gabfest that she'd snuck out of the house as a 14-year-old, breaking the family home's electricity meter in the process, and saddling her folks with a crazy-high power bill. Sin Lizzie also admitted that her secret trip was for the express purpose of (gasp!) -- meeting a boy, whom she wouldn't identify.

Her father, Ken Filarski, did not think that the statute of limitations on a scolding had passed, calling into the show live, saying he was "shocked" and that he wanted to be paid back for that electric bill. Elisabeth was suitably mortified when the call came in, looking as though she'd just seen a Hummer flattening a kitten.