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Naughty Girl!

Dad Scolds Elisabeth on 'The View'

2/27/2007 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You've been a very, very bad girl, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, haven't you?

"The View's" paragon of prim and proper let her verbal chastity belt slip today, revealing on the morning gabfest that she'd snuck out of the house as a 14-year-old, breaking the family home's electricity meter in the process, and saddling her folks with a crazy-high power bill. Sin Lizzie also admitted that her secret trip was for the express purpose of (gasp!) -- meeting a boy, whom she wouldn't identify.

Her father, Ken Filarski, did not think that the statute of limitations on a scolding had passed, calling into the show live, saying he was "shocked" and that he wanted to be paid back for that electric bill. Elisabeth was suitably mortified when the call came in, looking as though she'd just seen a Hummer flattening a kitten.


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Who was she meeting? Rush Limbaugh?

2795 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

There is no bigger idiot on TV than Elizabeth H. It's like letting a monkey have an opinion. She is ignorant. She doesn't have anything to back up her insane opinions. You can tell that Joy and Rosie cannot stand her. She offers nothing to the show.

2795 days ago


Elisabeth is a no talent idiot and really scary. Did anyone ever notice
that most of the guests don't hug or kiss her, just the rest of the ladies?
It's obvious that the celebrities don't like her either.

2795 days ago

Cat Wallace    

Oh please, why should her dad be repaid? She was a minor, it is his responsibility to provide food, shelter etc. Give me a freaking break!

2795 days ago


What a whiney brat she is. My ears bleed every time she opens her mouth. I thought you had to have a brain to have a "view".

2795 days ago


They don't get any more annoying than this child. She's naive and has the most annoying voice of anyone I've heard on television. I wish she'd crawl back to the Australian outback and stay there. What Barbara Walters sees in her is beyond my comprehension. The previous younger women on that show were much more worldly.

2795 days ago


I cannot STAND this woman!!

2795 days ago


How far along is Elisabeth with her pregnancy?

I do believe she is pregnant....

2795 days ago


Elisabeth is on the show so that the other left-wing liberals on the show, including most of their guests, can pretend that they are a balanced forum. However, Elisabeth is intimidated by all of them, and tries to suck up to Joy and Rosie, hoping they will like her. If only they had the guts to bring on a real conservative, like Laura Ingraham, Anne Coulter or Star Parker, all their clocks would get cleaned. It's time to cut out that liberal crap. It hurts the country.

2795 days ago


Who cares?

2795 days ago


Wow, you all must be left winged liberals. I think you barely hear Elisabeth's voice on that show since the other ones won't allow her to speak much at all. SHe is the only one that gives facts to back her up. The other two and Barbara trash her all the time. I like Rosie until it comes to her politics. She is clueless and doesn't really know from what she speaks. Elisabeth does. Go ELisabeth. There are people in this world that think like you. We are all shut down by the ignorance and rudeness becasue if they let us be heard they will have nothing to say and then they will look like the idiots we know they are.

2795 days ago


I refuse to even WATCH The View because I cannot stand this self-righteous twit. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

2795 days ago



2795 days ago


Saw it today. AGAIN tmz has fabricated and exaggerated the facts. In NO WAY did she get scolded on television, and in now way did she seem "mortified' TMZ you r really getting annoying with what report as facts. Im tellin ya you krrp this shit up ppl r gonna stop relying on you for celebrity news.

2795 days ago


Let's Elisabeth on The View, or pour acid into my eyes? Hmmm.....that's a tough one.

2795 days ago
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