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P. Diddy

Investigated for

Assault & Battery

2/27/2007 9:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227_diddy_ex-1TMZ has learned Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly attacking a man at a Hollywood Oscar party.

Gerard Rechnitzer was at a post-Oscar bash Sunday night with his fiancee at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. At around 2 AM Monday morning, the 27-year-old Rechnitzer was on his way to the parking lot when he made a pit stop in the bathroom. When he walked out, he noticed his fiancee was surrounded by six men, including Combs. We're told the 5'7", 140 lb. Rechnitzer watched as Combs chatted up his girl for about five minutes, and then asked his fiancee to leave with him.

At that point, Combs allegedly told the woman he was having a party and invited her to come. Rechnitzer persisted and asked his fiancee again to leave with him. Combs then allegedly socked Rechnitzer in the jaw.

Rechnitzer, a real estate broker, called 911. The LAPD came out and took a report, but Combs had left before the cops arrived. An ambulance came but Rechnitzer declined treatment.

We're told the LAPD contacted Rechnitzer yesterday, and as many as five witnesses who observed the incident.


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no dolla daddy p. spliffy,wever, he is the poster child for a clueless generation of hip hoppin wvers. if kids today could play an instrument, besides their mouths or their uvulas, society would be alot better served

2758 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Does Sylvia Browne see a Honeymoon fund contribution in their future?

2758 days ago

Sean Kemble    

He's a good businessman and worked his ass off to get where he is..His not having musical talent shows you what driven determination can do for people.

And so he's an a**hole. All good businessmen are a**holes. And yes, I think the guy should sue him nevertheless. The Diddy and The Donald can afford their rogue a**holishness.

2758 days ago

cleopatra of the nile    

sh*tty piddy what a waste
of a black man
one with no taste

piss duddy oh what a shame
for a black man
to come out so lame.

puss bucket and his money
wont always get him laid
i hope the fiance
gets p a i d.

oh, what the love of money breeds
black men
who do nasty deeds

when he goes home to his wife and twins
i hope they kick him out the bed
and go for his money
because thats the only thang
he's got any of.

he cant even protect his own ass
gotta hire bunches of men
to do for him
what he cant.

a thug? ru for real?
he's no thug
but a jug o' nothin' right.

he loves himself and his money
women and children r his
garbage disposal.

one day soon, sean, face to face
with jesus u will be
then u will see
what u didnt while visiting earth.

life is more than how u, p, live and love
cause u only love ho's and de niro
face to face and u will be thrown into eternal
less u confess before meeting your maker
of the wretch u r .

hey, money cant buy u love
hey, money cant buy u happiness
money can buy u a piece o ass
a nice mansion, or two and then gas.

it is all gonna burn, sean.
when will u see.
not now, cause u thinx u be so happy.
face to face and that pride of yours will be slapped right outta you.

and then off you will go
to satan and his demons
far below.

wisdom and understanding r the jewels u should seek. .
u will die with rubies and all
but face to face and jesus will say
sean, around to the other side of the wall.

garbage disposal.

2758 days ago


Maybe if the fiancee had promptly told P Diddy and the other guys "thanks" but she wasn't interested-- then promptly left with her fiance upon seeing him-- this wouldn't have escalated.

Frankly, Gerald should really take a serious look at his fiancee. If he wasn't there, would she have left with P Diddy?

2758 days ago


#46 Kevin Brown: Let me give you a wake up call babe. N*****s (as you so elequently put it) come in all races. If you don't think there are white criminals, you have spent many years on another planet. Are you going to be racist against them too, you idiot? Just a thought.

2758 days ago


Was what he did immoral absolutely! However, the fact remains he does have money and he is obviously a very smart business man. However,many of these "Hollywood" people, feel they can do what they please and they can because we worship them, follow their every move. My only question is....Did she go? I mean the article doesn't clarify.

2758 days ago

Camp Birkhead!!!    


I HOPE THE VICTIM SUES FOR TEN MIL.......To The fiancee...dump his low life ass. Do you really want your innocent babies subjected to a father who thinks so little of you to try to get strange p***y while he is out on the town? If you stay, you are a desperate loser!!!!!!
Squeeze his balls til his bug eyes pop out!!!!!

2758 days ago


Combs is a conceited, untalented, immoral thug. He's gotten away with other violent acts; hopefully this time around, the self-important mouthbreather won't.

2758 days ago


Let Shug Knight kill this piece of sh*t already!

2758 days ago


First of all, I see some gaping inconsistencies in this story. Not saying it didn't happen but from what I read here, if the guy came out the bathroom and simply WATCHED as some dudes was hittin' up on his female he just a plain punk anyway. A true pimp would have just rolled out of the bathroom and I don't care if Tyson Beckford is talking to your girl... if she is your girl all you have to say is "baby lets bounce" and she she should be on her way with you. Five minutes? If you ask me, the guy deserved to get punched if he had no control over his game like that. Bottom line is, if I was with a girl and she seemed like she was giving P. Diddy play, I would have just left her there because shes trash anyway.

Here's how I think it went down.... Homeboy comes out the bathroom. His fiancee is CLEARLY giving P. Diddy serious attention. He tells her to bounce. She refuses. He's getting pissed. Finally when he realizes that his girl is dissing him, he starts poppin' off with some insults to Diddy and his team who promptly knock that fool out. Thats how it really went folks.....

You know the old saying... "Don't hate the player hate the game"

2758 days ago

Richard J. Palmer    

I find Diddy to be overbearing and ostentatious with his bling bling. If the facts given here are correct, the victim certainly has the right to sue him. I agree that having millions of dollars does not give him the right to assault another person without having to pay the consequences. He always seems to be mixed up in something shady. I am remembering the matter of the shooting when he was with Jennifer Lopez.

2758 days ago


Hey P. Diddy, I carried your clothing line in my boutique and Sean John sucked. And you suck, you are one arrogant wanna be white,(they only give you props because u got money) a**hole. No one can stand you! Only your money talking, otw you are hated in the industry.

2758 days ago


#15 lmao I am also waiting~~ tho I haven't seen her diddy took her home instead

2758 days ago


Racist White Devils Still On The PROWL!!!

It makes no sense that you people turn everything into a discussion about color!!! What is it that makes you so angry to talk BS about someone you clearly dont know??? P. Diddy is more successful then you will ever be! So while your sitting up here calling him N*****s he's fratenizing with whites that you will never be privvy to even stand by!!! He doesnt have to have talent as you put it he's a producer so who cares if his lyrics are wack or lame as you put it.HE SIGNS CHECKS!!!!! Furthermore who are you to say if something is lame or not? Your the same ones that bang your heads into walls and sh*t and hop around like a bunch of lunatics considering it to be dancing... You devils have alot to learn.... First off you wouldnt know talent if it kicked you in your flat ass! You all can say what you want but THE CHARTS DONT LIE!!!!!! The next time you want to talk about artist with no talent think, Brittney she can't dance or sing, and she's crazy! Jessica I won't even waste time Im still wondering what she's famous for..... Her sister to for that matter...... Moving Right Along....... Marilyn Manson is another pitiful specimen of a creature, Im just trying to figure out what kind. Whatever he is he's definetly not from the planet earth damn FREAK!!!!!! In the words of FARRAH...... NO Peace No Justice!!!!!

2758 days ago
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