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P. Diddy

Investigated for

Assault & Battery

2/27/2007 9:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227_diddy_ex-1TMZ has learned Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly attacking a man at a Hollywood Oscar party.

Gerard Rechnitzer was at a post-Oscar bash Sunday night with his fiancee at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. At around 2 AM Monday morning, the 27-year-old Rechnitzer was on his way to the parking lot when he made a pit stop in the bathroom. When he walked out, he noticed his fiancee was surrounded by six men, including Combs. We're told the 5'7", 140 lb. Rechnitzer watched as Combs chatted up his girl for about five minutes, and then asked his fiancee to leave with him.

At that point, Combs allegedly told the woman he was having a party and invited her to come. Rechnitzer persisted and asked his fiancee again to leave with him. Combs then allegedly socked Rechnitzer in the jaw.

Rechnitzer, a real estate broker, called 911. The LAPD came out and took a report, but Combs had left before the cops arrived. An ambulance came but Rechnitzer declined treatment.

We're told the LAPD contacted Rechnitzer yesterday, and as many as five witnesses who observed the incident.


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Mr. Wolf,

The fact that you're a clear racist proves my point. Again, I haven't made any racist comments. Yet you're clearly a racist yourself. You lack the simple education to see that you're proving my point for me.

Keep talking Mr. Wolf you're doing a great job.

2760 days ago


I'm glad your not, my mistake if I thought otherwise. If you're having fun, then good. He's an overt racist. If you choose to keep making remarks against me and making false accusations of racism against me go ahead. I'm done now. Off to stir things up at another thread.

Later it was fun Mr. Wolf


2760 days ago


ya get the point, now , wolf??? LOL

2760 days ago


Diddy knows that kim ass ain't gon leave him so he is gonna keep on doing this dumb disrespectful sh*t. He has turned into super hoe every since kim done had them babies. His stupid ass betta watch out, cause child support is a He is just tryin to cover up that he really like men more than

2760 days ago


Blacks have turned large gatherings into thug-fests for themselves. It's not safe to go anywhere you see a big group of them. They think their bodyguards can legally attack anybody in view. These rappers see themselves as little kings. I hate them all and I am black. I totally believe that J Lo is seen as one of his sluts, and is being held back. She should be more successful than she is, but when people see her they think of this mouth-breather. If I were a man, I would not want to come behind him with a woman.

2760 days ago


check out this crazy ass site

2760 days ago


The word PUKE comes to my mind when I see or hear his name or face

2760 days ago


What happened to innocent until proven guilty.......most of comments so far seen indicate waaaaaay to much hostility to for a story just evolving. peace

2760 days ago


First of all It was dead wrong for him to punch dude in the face. However, from what it appears the white girl was being a groupie and encouraged the conversation cuz her man had to ask he rmore than once. She should had said she had a man in the bathroom in the first place. And dont hit on diddy cuz he getting all the ass he wants #45 and stop with the name calling racist intuitions. this is america if u had money u'll be hollering at good looking bitches in hottel lobbys.

2760 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Prettyx2, whats your problem? Why do you write this sh*t? Ive seen you on this thread all last night and again this morning, did you work in between? Or maybe that is a sore subject. But I mean WTF! Are you an at home activist? Or just a little hate filled bored person. You don't even sound remotely intelligent. So please stop you are embarrassing yourself!! Oh wait a minute you are probably Farrah. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

2760 days ago


We should change his name to Pee Pee

2760 days ago


Wow prettyx2, you sure talk tough behind your computer. Talking how black men are gonna beat up on us white folk! All I hear is you talking tough. Tell ya what, let's see how tough you are. Post your actual address in this thread tough guy. If you don't, then you're the one hiding behind your computer, talking tough. Don't be dissing white folks, take a look at real fighting like UFC. They don't needs guns and gangs and thug talk behind computers. You talk real tough. Back it up tough guy. Give us your address. And don't spin it with some lame ass thug excuse. Print your address or go away.

2760 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Mark, I bet she wont post her address. Just a guess. I just think she is an idiot. I think white people smell pretty good, what about you?

2760 days ago


another joke why wasent her arrested? damn i guess money really is above the law just like his buddy biggie puffy damn sure know who shot him puff is a punk it should have been him and spared they guy with the rEAL TALENT BIGGIE

2760 days ago


Poop Duddy...self-absorbed sh*t eater...

2760 days ago
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