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P. Diddy

Investigated for

Assault & Battery

2/27/2007 9:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227_diddy_ex-1TMZ has learned Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly attacking a man at a Hollywood Oscar party.

Gerard Rechnitzer was at a post-Oscar bash Sunday night with his fiancee at Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. At around 2 AM Monday morning, the 27-year-old Rechnitzer was on his way to the parking lot when he made a pit stop in the bathroom. When he walked out, he noticed his fiancee was surrounded by six men, including Combs. We're told the 5'7", 140 lb. Rechnitzer watched as Combs chatted up his girl for about five minutes, and then asked his fiancee to leave with him.

At that point, Combs allegedly told the woman he was having a party and invited her to come. Rechnitzer persisted and asked his fiancee again to leave with him. Combs then allegedly socked Rechnitzer in the jaw.

Rechnitzer, a real estate broker, called 911. The LAPD came out and took a report, but Combs had left before the cops arrived. An ambulance came but Rechnitzer declined treatment.

We're told the LAPD contacted Rechnitzer yesterday, and as many as five witnesses who observed the incident.


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2763 days ago


Prettyx2, you sound really smart. NOT! It's called spelling and punctuation. You should try it sometime, tough girl.

2763 days ago

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Only in    

Once again I would like to remind everyone that February is Black History Month. Although this is offically the last day, I will continue this celebration throughout the rest of the year. 2008 will be an exciting time for us, Barack our next President will be representing the African American community. I am very proud to call myself an African American as well as an American. We must all strive to make this a reality,the sacrifices will be hard but the rewards will be great.We have come under attack but we have risen above the RACIST! NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE!!!

2763 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Mark, You are intelligent and funny, I think I luv you. Jokes. Hey keep putting the idiot on shut up mode. It is so nice to see someone putting these idiots on hold. Awesome!

2763 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

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lady love    

What happen to real man these days. I assuming that they all have died out. This doesn"t surprise me what diddy did.Because a hoe will be a hoe.

2763 days ago

Mike W    

#38, your post was incorrect. A man behaves like a man when he is a man and that does not include inappropriate behaivior. I don't know what men you know, but most men don't behave like this. Don't make excuses for his behaivor and then try to put it on him "just being a man", it's insulting to men who know what it means to be a man. Talented or not, right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no in-between.

2763 days ago
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