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Paris Hilton Hates the Kinkajous

2/27/2007 3:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Would you throw away a life filled with luxury and fame for a chance to bite the crap out of Paris Hilton? For one exotic pet, the choice was simple. Yes.

TMZ has obtained video of Paris' former pet kinkajou, Baby Luv, sinking her teeth into the heiress several times at the home of Howard Stern's favorite mafioso, Johnny Fratto, during an event for Beverly Hills Choppers. As Paris tried to pose for a few pictures with the raccoon-like critter on her shoulder, the frightened little beast (the kinkajou), which is known for having incredibly sharp claws and harmful saliva, repeatedly scratched and bit Hilton. A handler then grabbed the animal and put her back in her cage (the kinkajou).

Days later, Baby Luv sealed her fate when she bit Paris so badly, that she was rushed to a hospital emergency room for a tetanus shot (the kinkajou). Hilton gave Baby Luv the boot a short time after. Was it worth it?


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Man, enough with the tramp already. If she spreads her legs one more time, some poor man is going to fall in there and never come out!!

2763 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Poor Baby Love had to learn a terrible lesson. Bite Paris Hilton, get the the gift that keeps on giving, HERPES. Now Baby Love can't get no love from the kinkajou community.

2763 days ago


I'm glad you cleared up who wasput back in their cage. LOL! I hope that kinkajou gets some Valtrex for those cold sores it will be getting soon. "It's about suppression."

2763 days ago


Put Paris in her cage. That would be wonderful! She is talentless and one ugly bitch!

2763 days ago


Poor Baby Luv. I wonder where she was taken? Animals are not disposable.

2763 days ago


Dumb whore Paris Hilton need an additional plastic surgery to fix her left eye....buahahahaha! Isn't is true that whoever get in touch with lazy bimbo Paris hilton is faling down?? Look what happen to Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears and that fat scum bag Brandon Davis!!!! Be aware!!!!!!

2763 days ago


GOd Almighty, Paris! We know it's you posting under pseudonyms on here.
You aren't even posting anything related to the kinkajou story.
You don't "rock" and your "fans" don't love you....there aren't any.

Boycott Paris' endorsements and the Hilton hotel chain.

2763 days ago


By writing that "Paris is hot" you must mean that she is blistered in the vaginal area with an herpes outbreak, eh?

2763 days ago


They say that animals have a sick sence about people. This animal knew what it was doing. hahaha

2763 days ago


Team Kinkajou.

Paris out to be neutered.
Can you imagine her as a parent?
I shudder to think...

2763 days ago


^ ought

2763 days ago

somebody's mama    

Is anyone else disurbed by the fact that she doesn't know anything about this animal? Or that she says IT'S being a brat, when it's a wild animal trying to get away from the flashing lights and loud noises? When it's following it's natural instincts? To an animal Loud noise = run or you're going to be some one's dinner. Few things piss me off more than supposed animal lovers who don't do their research and just treat the animal like a human baby. (With some animals thats about as inhumane as chaining it up in a blizzard.)

2763 days ago


Hey Paris Filty Hilton, go ask your nasty BFF kim cockdashian what this means when someone tells you, "boz, moret kunem ari mehat jagatet kakem yev yeresit sharem" Kim just might get turned on...careful now.......

2763 days ago

somebody's mama    

Yes, Duh, one would have to be crazy to hate Paris. She's done so much for humanity, and so talented too!

2763 days ago


That poor animal! It needs shots after biting that filthy herpes whore!

2763 days ago
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