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What It Will Take for Howard K. to Go Away

2/27/2007 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the negotiations between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead now have nothing to do with little Dannielynn. It's all about money.

Sources tell TMZ that Howard K. Stern has all but conceded that Larry Birkhead is the dad. Exhibit A: TMZ's story yesterday that Stern has already let Birkhead spend time with the baby. We're told Stern is willing to cooperate with paternity matters if the price is right. Specifically, sources say Stern has his eye on the Bahamian house Anna Nicole bought (not Horizons), and the boat she purchased just before her death. But that is not the end of Stern's financial wish list. Sources say he has set his sights on other assets as well.

Under the will and the laws of inheritance, Dannielynn would get all her mom's assets. Nonetheless, we're told the house, the boat and other assets are being discussed. It is unclear how Stern might lay claim to the items in question. Nonetheless, we're told that's precisely what he wants.


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2720 days ago


The media's all know nothing of the real truth of Anna's real life ! They only know what Stern has had planted out there for the past 11 years and very heavily recently ! And they are ALL invented stories ! = Lies !

That is ALL a "Stern story" he invented and made Anna say to "make her life APPEAR more interesting" for publicity - that is the excuse he gave to Anna to make her say those false stories, but she didn't like it. She hated it because it was all lies and Anna hated lies ! THAT is why she did not like talking about her mother in interviews or her past life ! SHE did not want to lie - she loved her mother and cried all the time for her ! But Stern would not allow Anna and her mother to see each other or speak to each other since 1996 when Stern took over Anna's life and also began living off her !
(However Anna snuck phone calls to her mother all along when Stern was not around ! She did get caught a few times and Stern was enraged ! Witnesses to this !)
Virgie had been with Anna all through her Betty Ford rehab, and Anna came out clean in 1996 - and Virgie went through it all with her. THEN Stern showed up on the scene and pushed Virgie out ! Anna and her mother were very close and inseparable UNTIL STERN CAME ON THE SCENE. THERE WAS NEVER ANY 'RIFF' BETWEEN THEM - THAT WAS AN INVENTED STORY BY STERN THAT HE MADE ANNA TELL !

Even in court Larry Birkhead verified that Anna cried for her mother all the time - that the Stern 'hate tape' was wrong - more like a performance she was made to do. (And it was !)

She said so herself (on that tape) how she cried all the time and when she had her baby how she cried for her mother and wanted her mother there with her and her baby - on that Stern 'hate tape' but you only see and hear what STERN WANTS YOU TO ! You are NOT hearing Anna's *secret messages* she tried hard to get into that Stern script she was made to say ! She hoped that someone out here would be smart enough to pick up on it ! Notice how nervous and shaky she was ! AND she was also on drugs. But she knew that it would most likely be the last thing she'd be able to get out there, so she did the best she could with the script she was made to say !

I use to be an investigator and it stood out to me right away ! But no one else seems to be able to get past the Stern mind set that has been planted in everyone's minds ! Mind control ! Cults do it all the time ! Stern's camp is like a cult ! He sure is good - he has most all people fooled !

ANNA was in fear for her life (she told many that she knew she would be soon murdered ! HER WORDS !) and HAD TO FOLLOW THE STERN SCRIPT HE MADE HER DO ON THAT TAPE ! He planned that tape because he knew he would need it in court in the Bahamas - but he also used it first thing in the Florida court also !
You would say what you were told to too, if you had a gun to your head !
Stern was right in her ear the whole time - hope you noticed - AND it was such a close close-up to her face so he would not be seen ! But we saw him a few times when the camera pulled back a few inches ! He is right there telling her what to say ! She had to stick to the script !

Anna was fighting for HER life ! After Daniel died, no one was allowed near Anna of her OWN real friends - they were cut off from her, like Jackie Hatten, WHO Stern TRIED TO HAVE ARRESTED WHEN SHE WENT TO SEE Anna in the Bahamas !

Anna blamed Stern for Daniel's death and she yelled out to him in the hospital, and also at Daniel's funeral and burial, -= "You did this ! This is all your fault !"- THAT IS WHY NO ONE OUTSIDE THE STERN CAMP WAS ALLOWED to ATTEND ! They know better than to cross Stern !
Not even Jackie who was his godmother was allowed to the funeral or burial ! But someone told her what Anna yelled out again at Stern at the funeral and burial !! Stern could not trust that Anna wouldn't yell it out so it would be heard by those who could tell the world ! As drugged as Stern kept Anna (she wanted to get clean, by the way), she still yelled it out ! But Anna wanted people to hear her because she knew she was next ! She was trapped ! SHE TOLD SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT SHE WOULD SOON BE MURDERED ! YES ! She said that to several people , one being Ford Shelley and she made him promise that if something happened to her for him to immediately come and get her computers, diaries and other things ! He kept his promise !

Anna called her mother and several of her own real friends and begged them to help her get away from Stern just about a week before she died ! But Stern had the police there under his control and anyone who tried to get near Anna would be arrested, as Jackie Hatten found out first hand !

Everyone has a short memory ! Anna was heard by many yelling at Stern in the hospital room when Daniel was found dead !
Anna yelled - "You did thi

2720 days ago




2720 days ago

Just my opinion    

#1813- he stood by her for $$$$$ not because of anything else.........It's obvious............just hide and watch.................

2720 days ago


HKS is a total LOSER. Anna NEVER bought that house, she supposidly bought another one and was doing it over. Why doesn't the scum bag want that one? Because he has no legal right to any of Anna's property! He NEVER worked for free, Anna totally supported him-for YEARS- in lieu of paying for his legal services. He is a LEACH! What gut in his 30's lives off his own parents, and still does?

HKS did everything for HIM, not Anna! He is SO UGLY. His BEAK of a nose arrives 5 min. in a room before he does! HE NEEDS TO GET A JOB AND A LIFE!!!!

2719 days ago


Mark Stein with E.T. has been covering this discusting drama in a very biased way. I have quit watching E.T. because of it. Especially since it's been reported that they have paid him 3 million dollars to cover the continued story. So ET is basically funding Stern to continue the fight for his undeserving money. You can just look at Stern and tell he's a bloodsucker. Mark Stein made me sick when he almost teared and said that he himself was a "FATHER" and knew how howard felt. WHAT ABOUT THE REAL FATHER OF DANNYLYNN ? How does Mark think HE FEELS? Bonding now between child and parents are very important. And when Stern's attorneys come out and say Stern's willing to go forward with test. HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? His attorney's are only in it for the money too. Rail (or whatever his name is) appears to almost burst with anticipation of how much money he's going to make. I bet you $10 that he's already decided how he's going to spend his money. It's obvious. I as a Parent don't care about the money in this case, the bloodsuckers involved in this case, Anna nicole how she continuously used Men to get what she wanted , especially money, etc. But I do care about families. I care about the Baby. PLEASE SOMEONE STEP IN AND REPRESENT THE BABY'S INTEREST IF POSSIBLE. I will give up on mankind if this BABY gets lost in the system like so many other children. Thanks for listening. J.

2719 days ago



2719 days ago


howard k.stern should be with the baby in the bahamas where anna wanted to raise her
baby. everyone needs to leave him alone already. he did not make anna take drugs, anna always had a fast paced lifestyle. Howard k.stern deserves the baby and was always good to her, anna really loved him and wanted to be with him and their babyin the

2716 days ago

FIRST Save Dannielynn Now and Forget Your Arguments    

9:57AM on Mar 14th 2007 by Linda

Linda I agree with your direction on most all of it and merely add what is known:

All of the British controlled and former British controlled political systems have retained the (British) common law into their systems. Thus there is a marriage called a marriage by common law or common law marriage.

That is not done in an instant but under the original common law required more than mere living together for a few weeks (7 years is one time used by the c.l. and incorporated into Bahamian common and statutory law), there must be some declaration claiming the other as spouse in each direction probably (almost true here) and perhaps one or more fine little requisites I have forgotten for Florida abolished common law marriages effective January 1, 1968, at a time long before law school for me, YET FLORIDA STILL HAS A COMMON LAW, as amended by statute.

THat is just one thing among several I could comment upon, but I will keep this one short for the obvious reasons.

2716 days ago


Larry Birkhead is not the lilly-white person that he has been painted as either !
He too was with Stern at those orgies that Anna was made to do with those drug supplying doctors and they filmed it too ! Larry is right there with Stern laughing it up !
Larry is surround with the same nutty kind of people in his paparazzi job as Stern surrounds himself with ! And NOW with Anna gone, Stern is bascially Larry's boss and in control of his job since Stern has claimed OWNERSHIP of everything to do with Anna !

Stern is an expert at splitting people up, just as he's done to Anna 's life for the past 11 years that Stern has controlled Anna's life and cut out anyone from her that was her family or her OWN real friends. Stern only allowed 'his people' around Anna - those are all those out on TV claiming to be Anna's "close fiends" = they are Stern's loyalist people and they go out to propagate all Stern's lies to turn evreyone against Virgie or anyone else who is not in his camp !

What nevre gets out is hte ral turth ! How Anna has never had any feud iwth her mother adn hat behind Sten's back ANna alwasy called her mother all this time . Anna called her mother adn someof her OWN REAL FIENDS (that Stern had forbidden Anna to call or have anytign ot do wtih ) and Anna begged them to help her escape Stern ! No one realizes how Anna was in FEAR for her life and for her baby from Stern! THAT is why he was able to make her make that hate tape - Stern knew he would need it for court to cover his own butt ! But Anna had to stick to the Stern script but did manage to slip in a hidden message hoping someone would be smart enough to HEAR it ! Seh in that little slip in mesage was ble to show the world how Sern had made her lie adn how he has been lying all htese time ! That there was no hate or estrangment between her and her mother ! YES ! It is in there and Stern is hoping no one discoveres it ! How Anna goes on and on about how she has always cried for her mother and she makes a point to say that when she had her baby she cried for her mother ! She puts herslef, her mother and her baby together - no one else is mentioned here - this is very important ! She is telling everyone she wants her mother to take care of her baby ! Stern wants everyone to just consentrate on the things and words HE wants everyone to hear and not hear anything else ! But Anna was not dumb and she was in fear for her life and most likely knew this would be her only chance to get out a message, hoping someone would pick up on it !
So she slipped her REAL message in the Stern script she was forced to do. YOu can see she was scard ! Look how she is so shaky and her voice is shaky, her jaw and her lips are shaky. Plus Stern had her on drugs - a special cocktail that makes you APPEAR alert, but still gives you the edge needed to appear to muster up anger. Stern is an expert on drug cocktails to get the result he wants. There are many of them.
SHE kenw her mother would see tought this tape; Virgie knew what Anna was caught in, and knew Anna was beign drugged agaisnt her will most of the time . Those who knew her well could see Anna's mood or behavior and tell you want drug cocktail was used on her !
Anna did not know what drugs were IN her ! Stern had been sneaking drugs in her food and orange juice for years. There are witnesses to this fact ! They are too afraid to come forward and tell what they know because of death threats they have gotten! IF Stern had nothing to hide then no one would be getting death threats to keep silent ! But believe me, Stern has a LOT more to hide then they will ever find out and report on TV !

Daniel NEVER liked or trusted Stern - Stern lied in court about this too ! They were never close or like 'brothers', as Stern put it.
Daniel never used drugs either as Stern has had his people go out and tell that he did ! Anyone who knew Daniel knew his body could not tolerate drugs ! When he had to get medicine from a doctor for something, it had to the very lowest dosage they make and then it was cut in half - to almost being a placebo ! Yet Daniel was found to have 20 times the drugs needed to kill a 200 pound man !
Daniel was fed food by Stern and immediately AFTER EATING THAT FOOD, DANIEL WAS SO TIRED and WEAK that he could not even stand up ; he died within minutes ! This was also the same with Anna - Stern fed her food just minutes before she fell dead !

Virgie is the ONLY one that can offer that baby (HER BLOOD FAMILY) A STABLE HOME WITH FULL TIME TWO-PARENTS and normal people around, and family roots, and family history !

With Birkhead the baby would be no better of then with Stern - Birkhead would be out working all day taking pictures and NANNIES would still be raising the baby ! And we all know that different nannies have raised Dannielynn thus far. That baby needs a REAL FAMILY - HER OWN BLOOD FAMILY ! EVen with

2716 days ago


He was getting paid, who do you think kept him dressed,roof over his head,all the plane tickets,the boat, and theres alot more.

2710 days ago

Stern hater    

The more I watch the ANS/hk$ debaggle, the more sick I get. Set the $$ aside, that little girl needs to be made sure she is ok, physically. She no doubt was born addicted, and needs some better medical attention than the average child. Who the real father less importnat than the health of the little child. She seems to be lost in "who's my daddy" mess! From all indications, it would appear it is LB is the "real" father, but with all the lawyering going on, he still won't be able to take his daughter to safety any time soon, and that is a crying shame! I could care less about the adults in this whole case, lets get the focus on the most important part...Dannielynn!

2708 days ago


What is it with Bonnie and Gary Stern? Are they sharing the same brain with Howard K. Stern??? Bonnie's lame statement if Birkhead gets custody of HIS OF CHILD, that Dannielynn won't be around everything that she is familiar with ?!? Hello ? who's fault is that? Howard is keeping Dannielynn as his own personal hostage. Honey get a clue the baby will not learn about any of this until she is older! Children are adaptable! As far as complaining that the baby is a prisioner in her own home, give me a break! All of them should be ashamed of themselves keeping an infant away from her REAL BLOOD RELATED FAMILY. Bonnie Stern's comment Fergie won't get the baby over HER dead body? I am sure it could be arranged! Sterns' are not the babys' family, only in their dreams. Once the baby is out of the clutches of the Sterns' she'll be better off and have a chance of living a normal childhood without being exploited in the news. What makes HKS any better than the paparrazzi? He makes money exploiting an infant! What makes me sick is knowing the Bahamian government have yet to put the child in protective custody as the Sterns exploit her!

2695 days ago


Bonnie Stern complains about how the windows are covered up due to public curiosity to catch a glimpse of Dannielynn. Bonnie the baby doesn't need to be out and about. It's your choice to be in the Bahamas to get on TV. One infant doesn't need the whole Stern clan to care for her. I can't wait to see Dannielynn returned to the people who REALLY love her and want to take care of her! In the interim, Bonnie and Gary need to know how obtuse they look and sound during these exclusive interviews! Nobody cares about them! We only care about the safety of the infant since her family members have dropped like flies around HKS. Shame on ET for keeping Stern in the limelight!

2695 days ago
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