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What It Will Take for Howard K. to Go Away

2/27/2007 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the negotiations between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead now have nothing to do with little Dannielynn. It's all about money.

Sources tell TMZ that Howard K. Stern has all but conceded that Larry Birkhead is the dad. Exhibit A: TMZ's story yesterday that Stern has already let Birkhead spend time with the baby. We're told Stern is willing to cooperate with paternity matters if the price is right. Specifically, sources say Stern has his eye on the Bahamian house Anna Nicole bought (not Horizons), and the boat she purchased just before her death. But that is not the end of Stern's financial wish list. Sources say he has set his sights on other assets as well.

Under the will and the laws of inheritance, Dannielynn would get all her mom's assets. Nonetheless, we're told the house, the boat and other assets are being discussed. It is unclear how Stern might lay claim to the items in question. Nonetheless, we're told that's precisely what he wants.


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What a F*****ING A$$HOLE he is!!!
He should not have one cent of anything and there should be NO room for any negotiations at all and if anybody even talk to HK$ they are IDIOTS!
He has nothing but a leech and an enabler that led 2 people to death by providing them with ILLEGAL drugs! Where he should be negotiating is if he should get the death penalty or not!

2798 days ago


tell us something we didn't know (stern) is just concerned about one thing who gets control of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ what a surprise would have never guessed it

2798 days ago


You can see it in that baby's face.
Larry is the father and needs to be with his child before it gets more difficult to bond with each other.

Not a fan of Anna's mother for a myriad of reason's but maybe with the paternity suit settled she can be a better grandmother than she was a mother.

2798 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Again tmz you make up shit. No offense but Larry Birkhead has no say in any of the money so Howard is not in any negotations and you know it. I work in the legal field and tell your founder that he needs to go back to law school

Why? There is nothing in Anna's will that would leave Larry any money. The baby also gets no money, basically howard and the other executor are the ones in control and so Howard does not have to do any dealings with the creep birkhead.

Why do you consistantly make up crap and post it here as if it is fact? And why do you readers not use some common sense and realize TMZ is messing with your heads.

TMZ is a rag and should be treated as such.

It is time that someone sues TMZ for the crap they push out.

2798 days ago


my question is this..does the bahamas law condone kidnapping and blackmail..bribery? why are they not doing really is making them look bad as a vacation spot..god help you if something happens to you while there...

2798 days ago


There is still the chance Larry is not the father.

2798 days ago


Oh Howard how I had hoped you were not the vulture you appear to be. There is just too much evidence that you are a bonafide asshole. Sure you loved ANS but you love $ more. I sure hope LB can be the responsible adult in this mess and do what is right for his daughter. Howard you suck!

2798 days ago


Will anyone really be surprised?

2798 days ago




2798 days ago


Howard shouldn't get a cent. He should get a life. One of his own. Jackass.

2798 days ago


I can't believe this jerk. When I saw the clown video he made of "the Woman I Love" my "friend and lover" I wanted to cry. when I heard his voice say "I'm kidding" I'm Kidding" I knew then he was an abusive A$$. Get that baby as far away from him as possible and cut the cord. He isn't worthy of the title "trusee". He belongs in jail

2798 days ago


Bring them to Indiana. You can get DNA results back to you here in one day.

2798 days ago


This guy is a slime ball. He should get NOTHING! What a poor excuse for a man.

2798 days ago


Well it just proves that HK$$ has been in it all all along for the money, he never really cared for ANS or he wouldnt even thinking of putting a price tag on her daughter, how dare this fucking asshole ,keep another mans child from him then hold this child over LB head for a price isnt that extroction (sp), I just hope the inquest on Daniels and ANS death, proves what a evil HK$$ really is, he doesnt deserve a dime, this child is not his, I have never heard this in my life, where a pretend dad can hold the child hostage from her real father, HK$$ is the scum of the earth, get your daughter LB get back to the states and dont let HK$$ have a fucking dime of this babys money, let him make license plates in jail.thats where he belongs.

2798 days ago


I think Larry Birkhead is the father. He has been trying to prove it since long before Anna's death. The baby looks just like him from the photos i have seen. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this!?!? Stern seemed to enjoy Anna as he watched her act crazy on drugs. I would not want my daughter raised by him. I would not be a bit surprised if he had something to do with both deaths. He seemed like a controlling figure in her life to me. If Stern is the father then a blood test or dna swab should have been no big deal. It would have taken five minutes. Not to mention, Vergie Arthur would have no case in either arena. HMM... makes you think doesnt it?

2798 days ago
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