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What It Will Take for Howard K. to Go Away

2/27/2007 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the negotiations between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead now have nothing to do with little Dannielynn. It's all about money.

Sources tell TMZ that Howard K. Stern has all but conceded that Larry Birkhead is the dad. Exhibit A: TMZ's story yesterday that Stern has already let Birkhead spend time with the baby. We're told Stern is willing to cooperate with paternity matters if the price is right. Specifically, sources say Stern has his eye on the Bahamian house Anna Nicole bought (not Horizons), and the boat she purchased just before her death. But that is not the end of Stern's financial wish list. Sources say he has set his sights on other assets as well.

Under the will and the laws of inheritance, Dannielynn would get all her mom's assets. Nonetheless, we're told the house, the boat and other assets are being discussed. It is unclear how Stern might lay claim to the items in question. Nonetheless, we're told that's precisely what he wants.


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I understand from a business perspective that Birkhead would be better off cutting his losses now with $tern, HOWEVER, $tern knowingly committed fraud when he even verbally admitted he was the Dad to Dannylynn, but more importantly I wonder now if Birkhead's attorney didn't find that glitch in the birth document, would $tern be so willing now to make a deal? Think not. Also, it seems $tern doesn't want to be further bothered with having to deal with the pending court case regarding Howard Marshall's estate because at best it is still a more iffy situation. Instead right now, he gets the boat, paid for probably, the new digs down in the Bahama's and bascially a clean slate from it all. I wouldn't want to give him a dime but Birkhead would probably be better off just getting $tern out of his life, for good, hopefully!

2792 days ago


Don't give in, Birkhead! He robbed ANS while she was alive and now he wants to take what is left that should go to her daughter! He is a vile disgrace to his profession and decent people everywhere.

2792 days ago

melinda TEAM LARRY    

I'm sick of reading comments about what ANNA wished. SHE WAS IMPAIRED BEYOND BELIEF at the hands of this loser.

KAPOOR and STERN date back to Berkeley where they did their undergrad, he was not picked out of the yellow pages. They should both go to jail and then to hell.

If Virgie gets the body she has dibs on the estate in Texas, NOT Birkhead as custodial parent. The WILL is a CROCK of SH*T it won't hold up, it's BALONEY!!!!

2792 days ago


Now I know what hell is for....people like Howard K Stern !!!

2792 days ago


Isn't the Bermuda Triangle out there somewhere? I say pack up Stern and that low-life "mother" Vergie and drop them both into it. They are parasites of the worst order.

2792 days ago


Lets see, he's murdered two people and kept a father away from his daughter for the first six months of her life so he could receive a fabulous boat! Yay hks! burn in hell motherf***er!

2792 days ago


this is called blackmail

2792 days ago


Howard you can come stay with me, I have plenty of money for you to spend and I will treat you way better than Anna did.

2792 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    

according to the article, "Under the will and the laws of inheritance, Dannielynn would get all her mom's assets. Nonetheless, we're told the house, the boat and other assets are being discussed. It is unclear how Stern might lay claim to the items in question. Nonetheless, we're told that's precisely what he wants."

"we're told . . . are being discussed" ..... hmmmmmmmm ...... i wonder who in any such negotiation would reveal such things?

anyway, as my grandma used to say, koward doesnt have a leg to stand on as the basis for any such claim. it's the same as saying, "I'll give you back the property I stole as long as you agree to pay me what i ask. (debra opri is waaaaaaay to savvy to let her client go for anything this stupid.)

it's a form of extortion, and again i must wonder what "footage" howard has stored in a safety deposit box somewhere.

2792 days ago


All I would give that f***er is a swift kick in the ass!!!!

2792 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......Jail/Prison sounds good to me....He has knowingly lied to everyone including the courts in regards to Dannielyn. He needs to go to jail/prison, come "out" again.
And Mr. Birkhead....Change this childs name, give her a clean slate in life. You owe nothing to the memory of Anna-Nicole. Make up stories for her that will make her "mommy" a mommy. Anna-Nicole only picked this name because she already new how to spell it. Cruel? The truth can sometimes hurt!
It is like Stern is "exchanging" her for cash....Tell him to get a job....Learn a trade in prison, and grow up!
The NERVE!!!!

2792 days ago


What a complete waste of space.......this man is scum. I feel for Larry I hope he gets his child back soon and kicks Howards ass back to hell. Howard is a unemployed money hungry scumbag. End of story.

2792 days ago


So basically Howie "I really should be in jail" Stern is holding that baby hostage. He wants a ransom paid. He is terrible.
He is a fungus, he WILL NEVER go away. Where is a good fungicide when one needs one?

2792 days ago


stern should get nothing he is part of nothing anna paid for everthing he had no money. why should he get money for helping kill her??he stood by &did nothing to stop her he fed the stuff to her what he should get is a long prison term. nothing that happened is by chance he planned everything its money money money how long do you think this babys life span is with him??? 2 down 1 to go greed stops at nothing.why pick on annas mom?? anna hated anyone who told her she was a junkie and tried to help her bury anna & son in texas together ssstern won't be around the bahammas much longer so why leave them there with no family to pay respect to them? must be real love on the moms part to keep fighting to bring them home

2792 days ago


The facts are that Howard has acted as her personal attorney for over ten years. He has a contingency agreement that will pay him 6% of any settlement granted from the Marshall estate. This was testified to in the Florida court. He negotiated all her entertainment deals for the last ten years for compensation from the contingency agreement's potential payment. The last lawsuit I was a party to had a very similiar contingency agreement, only my attorney's received one-third of the settlement.

I laugh at the story of negotiations with Larry Birkhead. He has no money and he has no right to her property. His potential daughter does, but the trustee of Anna Nicole's estate manages her daughter's finances. The last know will of Anna Nicole names her attorney, Howard as the trustee.

TMZ, do you write these inflammatory blurbs so you can sit back and watch the out of control reactions of the readers. The continuous slander is truly amazing. Think that will bring you more viewership of your site??? Shame on you.

Let these two people involved in this tragedy work it out. Let the woman who paid with her life have some of her wishes honored. Enablers are usually people who are generally well meaning, but set up circumstances that allow those with addictions to continue to pursue their addictions. That is not a murderer, or many parents would be viewed as such when they have been unable to get their children to turn away from a life of substance abuse. Anna Nicole and Daniel have responsibility for their choices.

I don't know these people and it is ashame that we and they have let their lives be degraded to sport and media cash cows.

2792 days ago
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