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A Day in the Posh Life

2/28/2007 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham ran a few errands yesterday -- along with some of her constant companions -- nearly every photographer in Los Angeles!

Paparazzi caught up with the blonded-up Posh at two clothing stores, and then pursued the waifish fashionista housewife into a supermarket.

NBC just signed Mrs. Beckham for a reality television show, but it's unclear how TV cameras will get any elbow room near the pap magnet.

Flossy flossy!


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What a sad existence.

2761 days ago

Karen Walker    

Ugly skank!

2761 days ago


who cares

2761 days ago


She is revolting and cheap....after seeing her on british tv a few years ago it was easy to see she has no IQ to speak of.

2761 days ago


another reality show..good God, are we supposed to watch and see how she cleans her ass? have the tv stations really run out of show ideas.

2761 days ago


ah i love her
she is so freaking hot!!!
love her new hair color and style
love her outfit as always
she doesnt dissapoint in the fashion department

2761 days ago


And we should all care about this because.....???????????????????
This message is for the media - please stop assuming people who have nothing to do but spend money are celebraties or that the public gives
a rats __ss about them. Paris Hilton is a good example. She is one
of those people who have no purpose but taking up air space. Now this
Beckham person is next in line for numerous media hounds. And for what
possible reason? Because her husband earns alot of money playing
soccer? And she spends it on clothes?? Ridiculous!!! If you guys would stop taking their pictures maybe they would go away , hopefully.

2761 days ago


I won't vote for Blake simply because you were stupid enough to use this forum in that way. I'll bet I'm not the only one. You might want to rethink your strategy.

As for Beckham-what talent does she have again?

2761 days ago


Wow!!!!! What a fuckin self absorbed little skank!! Please tell me why the hell we are suppose to care that she and her idiot husband are coming here? Soccer will NEVER be considered a big prof. sport . Soccer gets thrown out the window in this country when Mommy doesnt have to drive the kids to the games. I've lost a bit of respect that NBC is gonna do a reality show on this overrated tramp. What the hell r they thinking, she was in spice girls for christ sakes. Stay in fuckin uppity britain bitch

2761 days ago


Who cares...another worthless "celeb" in a reality TV show.


Why is this bitch so famous??????

2761 days ago

Laughing at you    

We like our celebrities good looking. This imported creep is a cockroach compared to the ugliest LA doll on our D-list. It would be fun to watch them both disappear into anonymity.

2761 days ago

Laughing at you    

"As for Beckham-what talent does she have again? "

Projectile vomiting and laxative drainage of the arse-hole.

2761 days ago


I can't stand looking at this skinny freak. Make her go away!

2761 days ago


I totally agree with #10. Does anyone exept the media really care about this woman?? I believe the media is trying to convince the American public that we SHOULD be interested in this woman. They will then make more money following her around. I ain't buying.

2761 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

She is so fake, she acts like she "hates" all the attention she gets from paparazzi, well she knew what she was getting into when her and hubby decided to come to LA, if she can't stand the attention she should have stayed in Madrid where they don't give a rat's ass. What a phony, I have no idea what her gorgeous husband sees in such a miserable looking woman.

2761 days ago
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