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Anna to be Buried in the Bahamas

2/28/2007 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida appeals court ruled today and uphold the previous decision ofJudge Larry Seidlin giving custody of the body of Anna Nicole Smith to baby Dannielynn's court-appointed advocate, Richard Milstein. This paves the way for Smith to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son, Daniel.

Justices Barry Stone, Mark Polen and George Shahood of the Fourth District Court of Appeals heard arguments on Wednesday from lawyers representing Virgie Arthur, Howard K. Stern and Dannielynn Smith. Arthur, Smith's mom, wanted the body to be buried in Texas, while the others wanted the body to be buried in the Bahamas.


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Just me??    

Anna hopefully you are free and can go rest with Daniel....Rest in peace Anna Nicole...Rest in Peace...........Many prayers for you have been answered

2759 days ago


What happens when Howie gets kicked out of the Bahamas or goes to jail, Daniel and Anna will be left there all alone for the rest of their lives in a foreign country

2759 days ago

Go KY    

#31 - You are dazed and confused...step away from the keyboard. "Those three judges are jewish"....Seidlin is the only judge. Stern and MIlstein are attorneys. Whew, good thing you are not deciding any portion of can't even interpret the information correctly.

2759 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

LOL GO HOME VIRGIE and spend your time living you life! Like you have done for the past 39 years! I guess this sums up her argument!

2759 days ago


#31 Vergie didn't stand a chance
This wasnt about bigotry.
Is that what you are about?
It's about fulfilling Anna Nicole Smith's last wishes.
Anna Nicole: A Mothers Last Wishes

2759 days ago

I KNOW IT ALL (-:    

OKAY ..NOW........WHOS THE DADDY !!! ????? HA HA HA

2759 days ago


She CAN'T appeal. Yay. It is over.

2759 days ago

Camp Birkhead!!!    

I am thankful that the decision is finally made but my heart aches for Vergie and for poor innocent Daniel. I know he adored his momma but he had no say in where his final resting place would be. It was a fatal mistake for all of them to go to the Bahamas in the first place. If Anna had been a real mother who cared equally for her beloved children then she would not have tried to dismiss Dannielynns fathers rights so vehemently.... They will be together, her and Daniel but we should all be concerned and PUT IN WRITING VERY EXPLICIT DETAILS WHAT SHOULD BE DONE WITH OUR REMAINS!!! .
Prepare in advance to help ease the suffering of you family members later in life.

Rest in peace, Anna and Daniel!
Rot in Hell Howard K. $tern

2759 days ago


I wonder if there can be an appeal. I hope not. Bury Smith with her son for Pete's sake. How can Virgie fight against her daughter's obvious wishes? It's way past time to knock that off.

RIP Anna and Daniel

2759 days ago

Bring it on!    

Good Lord Above!

2759 days ago


FINALLY, someone got it right. RIP ANNA

2759 days ago


Karen P, I understand what you are saying, but it does not mean her
Mother does not have pain. She may have had hatred towards her Mother,
but what about the rest of her (Anna's) family do they not have feeling.
Still sad for her Mother.

2759 days ago


#5 she CAN'T APPEAL this. This is the final decision.

2759 days ago

Howard Gay Stern    

HKS making a million on the funeral SICKENS me. ET can ROT IN HELL.

2759 days ago


YES YES YES,, Let this poor women rest in peace. But don't worry ,Virgie is going back to the Bahammas for custody of the baby. She said she is the better parent then Larry or Howard. A women who has been married 5 times with each of her kids with different fathers. One child out of wedlock. I think Larry is the father, but Virgie will be at your backdoor when you get custody with her hands out. She had no concers of Anna being on durgs her biggest concern was Anna didn't give her money. Anna didn't just start taking drugs when she met Howard she was doing them when she lived at home. And yes, Anna was molestated my her sepfather, that's why her mom sent her to live with her aunt. Her mom did nothing to pertect in childhood. And you wonder why Anna is so screwed up. GOOD GOD.

2759 days ago
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