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Anna to be Buried in the Bahamas

2/28/2007 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida appeals court ruled today and uphold the previous decision ofJudge Larry Seidlin giving custody of the body of Anna Nicole Smith to baby Dannielynn's court-appointed advocate, Richard Milstein. This paves the way for Smith to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son, Daniel.

Justices Barry Stone, Mark Polen and George Shahood of the Fourth District Court of Appeals heard arguments on Wednesday from lawyers representing Virgie Arthur, Howard K. Stern and Dannielynn Smith. Arthur, Smith's mom, wanted the body to be buried in Texas, while the others wanted the body to be buried in the Bahamas.


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I googled it and can't find it anywhere.

2763 days ago

Another Comment    

1078 .. On another site I read many different opinions on the ANS Will once the copy was released/made public (by TMZ) Basically, everyone agreed that the attorney who drafted the will (Lund) did a "p$zz poor job" and HKS, who should have but apparently didn't, proof read it before ANS signed it. It also doesn't say very much about Mr. Rale's(sp) ability since HKS, Rale(sp) and Lund were all executors. Depending on where the said will is filed (and no, I have not heard if they even found the original or if it was even filed) - California (where the will stated was her legal residence) or Florida (where she died) that it probably wasn't worth the paper it was written on any longer since a new will had not been drafted or signed designating Dannielynn sole heir to ANS estate given Daniel preceded his mother in death. Therefore, ANS died intestate and HKS would not be considered the executor, nor would Lund or Rale.

The applicable probate court would then appoint the legal heir a trustee/executor to manage/oversee the inheritence from ANS estate. Daniel preceded his mother in death so nothing would go to his heir(s) unless Daniel had his own will designating his wishes. Since the will specifically states that ANS intent was to exclude any future children, etc. , the next in line to inherit her estate in the order of intestate probate proceedings would be her mother, Virgie Arthur. If ANS and HKS had been married before her death, then HKS would be next in line.

Personally, I'm not sure if the tears in my eyes are forming because of the irritation that the one who so adamantly stated that ANS was the love of his life (HKS) was really that stupid in protecting her interests, arrogant in ensur$ng his -or- just the sheer delight of the thought of Virgie Arthur getting a legal one-up on HKS and LB, who have reportedly been "negot$at$ng." Lends credence as to why ANS will was such a hot topic for teams HKS and LB to address in court and why team LB was so adamant in getting DNA testing done asap.

Still, it doesn't say much for HKS's legal abilities though or whether ANS was lucid when she signed the willl - and I'm sure that will be another arguing point since we've all heard the confirmations (denials and half-truths) as to her mental state while on meds. Saying that, she sure didn't have the best legal representation did she? Then again, if ANS wasn't lucid, they purgered themselves during their testimony last week and ANS died before the "big plan" could get rolling.

If the will had been filed in the Bahamas it would be within their probate jurisdiction, assuming that ANS had established legal residence and legally owned property that established that residency, because the Bahama court favors the child(ren) of the decedent and grandparent(s) rights, or had been in a manogamous marriage or in a recognized extraresidential union at the time of death, and assuming they recognized the will within Bahamian law. This is where the ownership of the Horizons home is a major deciding factor. If the second home was purchased in HKS name and Thompson is legally the owner of the Horizon home, ANS residency is invalid (unless the burial plots were in her name and in the purchase was at least $500K).

Furtunately/unfortunately (depending on your expectation), if the will was(?) filed in the Florida county where she died - who knows since that part of the State of Florida can't get voting straight and certainly has proven that the judges can bend State law to their liking [preference/favoritism] without rebuttal repercussion.

There is no Bahamian law that I could find that addresses "common-law" marriages specifically. There is no diffinitive reference to common-law marriages in the Bahamas only that they recognize "extraresidential unions" .. refer to Marriage, Family, and Kinship at Since ANS and HKS had a "commitment ceremony" there may be a loophole applicable in Bahamian law but, as stated above,only if ANS will is filed and recognized in the Bahamas. Nonetheless, HKS does not, unless Bahamian law mandates, have to submit to DNA testing to establish paternity since he is listed on the birth certificate and the father. This is in his interest not to submit to DNA testing since the Bahamas favors the parentage of the child (and the grandmothers rights). Additionally, Bahamian Law follows English Law.

Neither California or Florida are common-law states. However, Texas is. Since Florida does not recognize common-law unions, ANZ and HKS would have to have been legally married for Florida to conclusively regognize any claim made by HKS in Florida probate court. LB, if established the biological father wouldn't gain much legal "wiggle room" in Florida probate either (just the way I read it and not

2763 days ago


Where are people getting their information that Anna was raped? Ive listened to the interview on ET a dozen times.....where was rape mentioned? Here is the quote on the ET site:

"I've never spoken about it. I gave my parents respect, because that's what God says.

But Anna Nicole felt that all changed when her mother started talking to the media about her, following the death of her son DANIEL.

"You want to hear all the things she did to me? You want to hear all the things she let my father do to me? Or my brother do to me? Or my sister? All the beatings and the whippin's? That's my mother. That's my mom," Anna Nicole alleged to Mark."

Can someone tell me where they are getting the info. on these rape charges? And dont give me she acts like someone whose been raped. Thats such a self-serving cope out.

2763 days ago


watch her on et anna herself said she was raped

2762 days ago


watch her on et anna herself said she was raped

2762 days ago


Lynda, you have the entire transcript correct...except for a small line it was the same video..of her discussing her hatred for "mommie dearest".......she said " All the whippings, the beatings, the rape by my father ; then she says what my brother did to me, or my sister. " that's my mama... FACT ....only because I have seen it uh...10 times ..but she says it in that video....that you recapped in your couldn't hear it in the courtroom, so I paid attention when I saw it later......along with closed was on Nancy Grace..again last night... they were discussing it..and clearly you could hear those words..spoken, and titled??

Her comment that she still cried for her mama.....all the time, even when Daniel died...that's unconditional love...but, HER mother betrayed her was the final nail in the coffin... so to speak... So Anna told the entire world what her mama let happen to her..only after Virgie went on National TV and accused the 2 people in the room with Daniel... of murder...crazy bitch...everyone wonders where Anna learned her survival skills from..and why she was not the perfect parent...but she had love for her children...and as only she knew how..she didn't have the best example that's for sure...but she did love her kids...My opinion

Questions ...about the man Virgie didn't want to talk about court I believe it was Mr. Hogan..he was the only one ...she didn't mention.....but he left when Anna was 2 as I understand it...
so whoever...Virgie was married to that raised Anna when she was a father figure to her......might be the father.... she was referring the video...can't say..
Mr Hogan did leave the courtroom after the video..was shown and did not return...?? If she remembers the incident..which clearly she did....could not have been d Hogan, he himself said he didn't see her from age 2 until she was 20... when they reconciled...for a short time...
But Virgie was married 5-6 times..God knows how many others in between....but that is not the reason I don't care for her...
Just like I don't care if Anna slept with the entire state of Texas...not be business...either...

2762 days ago

Good Grief!    

Billy, Get in there for your son! Have the mags begin an investigation immediately. Find out what Anna's circle of friends were doing to him. She used Daniel and abused him for financial gain, because he was so pretty and he made her look good for photo spreads; other times he was in boarding schools. Had he been an ugly child, it would have been different!

Who diagnosed Daniel's need for psyche meds? Did he need them or was that the Mafia's way of controlling him too? God forbid, Daniel have a wife and children. The HEIR list would increase .

Many people have termed Texas as "trailer trash". Show them what TRASH really looks like, Billy! California Trash! Don't worry abour political correctness! Call them what they are and how they have to use other people's children just like they used Danny and now begun to use his sister!

The cameras have come after Anna's relatives in droves. Put investigators on Howard and Birkhead. Interrogate their "before Anna" lovelife. Interview their old girlfriends. Do it for the baby! Imagine what a gigolo money handler and a professional photographer will use this new child for the rest of her life! Don't allow another child fall into their hands!

2762 days ago

Good Grief!    


Stay strong and full strength ahead! Investigate the Protection of the Mentally ill Code in California. Vicki appeared to have signs of a Dyskinesia associated with some anti-psychotic and anti-depressant meds, before her body had a chance to adjust to them, (especially her mouth movements). Find out any new prescriptions she had begun and how long prior to that interview. There should be a protection code in the law of California for use/abuse of mentally diagnosed people.

What does the law say about a mentally ill person being taken in by the attorney that is supposed to be representing her estate. Find out what other drugs were given her that would have adverse effect when mixed and NOT because someone killed her, but because someone was controlling her.

Find out why she was so physically ill, she had to have someone at her bedside in Fla. Had to be physically helped to the bathroom, physically lifted into a bathtub, waited on hand and foot and medical help was not obtained. Find out why a registered nurse did not call 911. and a paramedic could not figure out how to call 911. Don't accept "natural causes" because there is nothing natural about neglect..

2762 days ago


Her mother is trying to stop the funeral...again as we speak...a
Narcissist...all for attention...she is making a fool of
herself...every saying it...and I agree

2762 days ago


Grief or Greed...holding up the funeral..can't you have the service...and fight to put her into the ground...Verigie is not popular with CNN, MSNBC, FOX..all reporting that this is the worst thing a parent could do....holding up the's apalling

2762 days ago

Good Grief!    

It's the principle of the thing, Billy!

Don't worry about the cable show opinions! Many of those opininated mouth pieces rode OJ Simpson to fame!

You are better than Stern, Birkhead and Co.. You don't need a fake tan, silk ties and hairspray. They're sissies! They allow other men to crawl in their bed. Expose them!

Vicki used Mr. Marshall's money to alienate Daniel from you. Now, you can use Mr. Marshall's money to help rescue this baby and bring your son home. The money is there and drawing interest! Ask the Marshall's to help you. Mr. Marshall should not be buried half in the Bahamas and half in Texas! He was an American citizen as was Daniel.

Ignore the criticism: You and Vergie did not tolerate Vicki's behaviour so you are labeled DESERTERS and those who tolerated her are labeled ENABLERS. Ignore the psycho-babble, put the blame on Vicki and bring Daniel home!

2762 days ago


Well, even FOX NEWS is trashing ET's interviews with Howard & Anna! And Stern Pressures Larry TODAY to sign a deal!!

Howard K. Stern Plays Hardball With Larry Birkhead
Friday, March 02, 2007

By Roger Friedman


Anna Nicole: Stern Pressures Larry to Sign Deal

Anna Nicole Smith's two baby daddies (I don't know what else to call them) continue to be in a tug-of-war this morning, even as their beloved cash cow is readied for burial.

Overnight, attorney Howard K. Stern — whose hold on the situation is starting to slip — has been strong-arming photographer Larry Birkhead to do a couple of things: keep Birkhead's legal reps out of Anna Nicole Smith's Bahamas funeral, sign a contract deal with "Entertainment Tonight" and acquiesce even further regarding the future of baby Danniellynn.

Stern, as I told you the other day, has already had one secret meeting with Birkhead in which he cut out the photographer's lawyers.

I'm told that Stern has kept up the pressure on Birkhead, actually presenting him with contracts, sources say, in which Birkhead would join Stern for more exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider."

"Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like everyone was in agreement, and that it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," my source said. "Larry said the baby's guardian should sign the papers for him and the baby, but he wouldn't. So then Larry wouldn't."

At the same time, Stern is trying to negotiate separately with Birkhead, away from his attorneys, to sign a deal by which Stern would continue to be in baby Danniellyn's life and oversee her finances.

Stern, my sources say, is working as quickly as he can to effect these agreements before he has to turn over the baby to Birkhead, her biological father.

Sources say that Birkhead's representatives are considering taking legal action against Stern's side to prevent further communication between the two sides as soon as today.

The problem, sources also say, is that Birkhead — a novice in these games — continues to be intimidated by Stern.

"Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," both owned by CBS Paramount Television, have denied paying for interviews. But I'm told their method – it's semantics — is to "license" footage either directly from Stern or through a third party.

Recently, "ET" used Solana Productions of Southern California in such a deal. Neither Solana or anyone from CBS Paramount answered calls yesterday.

Anna Nicole: Dead, and For Sale

Today, Anna Nicole Smith — a ridiculous person who accomplished just about nothing in her life — will be buried in the Bahamas.

There are several wars taking place all over the world, not to mention famines; artists are hard at work, movies are opening, buildings are going up, diseases are being investigated. But hey: Anna Nicole is being buried, and "Entertainment Tonight" will be there for every cheesy second of it.

That's because "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," two half-hour shows syndicated by CBS's Paramount TV, have paid a high price for this honor.

Real insiders (not the kind you have to pay for info) tell me that Paramount TV cut the deal with Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer and Svengali, right after her son Daniel died of a methadone overdose in her Bahamian hospital room last September.

Paramount TV has denied this, somewhat passively, so far. But my sources say it they paid Stern around $3 million initially, and that this was renegotiated right after Anna Nicole herself died on February 8th of this year.

Of course, we could believe that Stern — who in court told clueless Florida probate judge Larry Seidlin that he was living off his parents — just loves "ET." Anything's possible.

But the reality is that Anna Nicole's death has proven to be a ratings-sweep godsend.

Linda Bell Blue, the show's executive producer, previously helmed Paramount's ugly tabloid show, "Hard Copy." For years she's had to sit through Mary Hart's tedious, publicist-arranged interviews with low-level TV stars, just waiting for this moment: a huge celebrity death, in a sweeps month, and already contracted for!

As recently as last night, "ET" correspondent Mark Steines was reporting "from inside" Anna Nicole's Bahamas mansion — no mention of the fact that it didn't belong to her, and that the landlord is kicking everyone out.

Steines had "the inside scoop" about the B-list country singer who would serenade Anna Nicole into the next life, the color of her burial gown ("pink!") and what would be inside the coffin (with any luck, Anna Nicole).

Steines performs these interviews — as he has since last Nov. 1, when he had his first "exclusive" after Smith's son, Daniel,

2762 days ago


Rest in peace Anna Nicole. My goodness, what a circus this has been. I agree with someone above who saud, "Why did she wait until her daughter was dead to fight for her?" That was a good point. As far as her exsumming the body and taking it to Texas - that would just be LUDICROUS, but I don't put anything past this woman. Her dragging in the first ex-husband, who hasn't been around since the mid -80's now trying to exsumme Daniel's body - OMG - will this ever end? It's way - way too much. That's just sac-religious. Leave the bodies alone - let them rest in peace.

2762 days ago


Virgie said she wanted to bury Anna in Texas 'with other family members'.

Who else was she planning on burying??


2761 days ago
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