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EXCLUSIVE: Virgie Visits Baby Dannielynn

2/28/2007 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, visited her granddaughter last night in the Bahamas for the first time, and TMZ has obtained an exclusive photo of Grandma Virgie after the encounter.

Sources tell TMZ that Arthur arrived at Horizons, the Nassau house where Howard K. Stern is looking after the child, around 8 PM last night, and left about 50 minutes later. We're told she looked and acted "distraught" upon leaving, and was accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver, as well as a brunette woman described as a "relative."

Just a couple days ago, Larry Birkhead, who claims to be the father of Dannielynn, met the baby for the first time, also at Horizons. Lawyers for the parties will be in court in Florida this morning to present arguments concerning the future disposition of Anna NIcole's body.


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sara jones    

Hey frog! The CA bar is not going to look into HKS. He has not been her lawyer for several years.

2758 days ago


I am glad she got to meet her, but I sure don't want her to get custody. They need to get the girl with her real father. However, it would be nice if they could all work together so the little girl can have a lot of family and people who knew her mom around her, but alas, I somehow doubt that is going to happen.

2758 days ago

Viginia Graziadei    

Listen up everyone! Where is your good sense? Did you neither see nor remember the tape where Anna describes the "beatings, the rapings" etc., at the hands of her ho-hum-mother throughout her entire childhood? Anna hated her Mother and no doubt with good, plentiful and painful reason. Should Anna then, not have her wishes granted in death? Virgie, the disgusting Mother/Grandmother-type has, you see, grand visions of a GRACELAND somewhere in, or closeby her trailer park going best guess. Can you not envision the big HER standing guard at the gate in full dusty, sweaty dress uniform, collecting cash to view the gravesite of her "beloved daughter"... and whatever else she can glom off this tawdry odeal? Can't you? No doubt Anna would have wanted her Mom there at the birthing table..but she was not, nor did it happen. No, there is no grieving Mom here, sorry. Blame Howard if you will but I think not. He was her coat carrier. He put out many a flame in her wake...and was a steady arm amidst the fray for his Anna. Of all the greedy beasts in this charade, Stern is the most credible person, to me. He was there on the front lines. If he denied access, it was at Anna's request to do so and to protect Anna from just what you see going on now. Do you think Danielynn would not suffer the exact same child raising strategies as Anna received at the hands of the 280 pound "Mom" with her "20th hubbie", now older and even shorter of patience? How sad it all is, this 3-bling circus.

2758 days ago


THIS JUST IN........................



2758 days ago


Just wondering: can it not be possible that virgie has had the last 15 years to really think about in the last 3 weeks since anna has been gone. We do know that Anna's death both tragic and untimely was a shock to say the least. Maybe Virgie really wants to make this generation better and have some kind of relationship with her grand- baby. It's easy for all to pass judgement on this woman, but it would seem that everyone around Anna was attracted to her money in one way or another and the relationship between Virgie and Anna deteriorated after Anna started to be around Howard. As with all life issues and family feuds there will be things we won't know but I have to give Virgie some credit.

She is the Grandma and she does want to have a relationship with this little girl. I don't think she's evil. Maybe she will make the next 15 years better with Dannielynn. One day this little girl will look back at all this and see who really fought for her. Keep an open mind. Even Judge Seidlen has used his connection with Anna " sort of " to make a new career, really he's not much better.

2758 days ago

truth sleuth    

Posted at 9:03AM on Feb 28th 2007 by FACTS PEOPLE FACTS!


2758 days ago


"Can someone explain if Virgie wants temporary custody until the real father is determined or is she actually trying to get full custody even when the biological father is known?"

----On Court TV last night, Texas said very clearly that she wants full custody regardless of who the father is. He said he had NO DOUBT that Virgie will be the one raising her grandkid since neither man married Smith. It was a scary interview.

2758 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    

39. I'm happy she was able to see her Granddaughter!!

Its hard to believe you all believe that drug induced video of ANS!!

If there was so much abuse ANS would have come forward long ago to spew her story!!!

Posted at 9:11AM on Feb 28th 2007 by nancy

EVERYBODY who knew her said anna was a wonderful mother to danny and he was the real love of her life .... so it's easy to see that anna never would have allowed virgie to take care of danny for seven years, between the ages of 1 and 7 ,,,, (not even for one day) if virgie had really been abusive.

2758 days ago

Team Howard    

So she got to see her granddaugther, Howard is a good guy for letting her to do. I think she is after the money, but, hey, this whole story has been crazy from the beginning. Maybe now she will let them have the body and stop fighting and let her daugther finally rest in peace. What a mean woman this Mommy Dearest... BRING IT ON!

2758 days ago


"Put her foster care and change her name"

Umm What the hell are you smoking? Do you have any idea what some foster homes are like? I reside in Michigan, there are a couple large lawsuits at the moment going on due to children literally being murdered by their FOSTER parents. not all are bad, I'm not saying that by any means, but there isn't enough manpower to go around. Anyways, that's not the point bleh.

The changing her name..Again, what the hell? That name was given to her for a reason, by her MOTHER...Why oh why would you take that away?

I thought Virgie didn't want custody..not even temporary? she just didn't want her in HKS custody? Many are stating HKS is caving..I don't think so, remember, he is an attorney..what's that cliche? Never ask a question you don't already know the answer to or something similiar? Plus he's got a legal team, their not going to advise their client on anything that is going to get him into "trouble" or if as some speculate he already is, then in more "trouble".

Could it be that *conspiracy here* HKS team did do sometype of dna testing, and it shows that LB is NOT the father...BUT if HKS side has LB in their "pocket" it helps with the future fights kwim? So they don't disclose it, but let him come in..get him attached...etc...HKS may not be the biological father, BUT ANS DID choose him, did put his name down on that BC, had him by her side day and night, as well as that child's side, and in years prior had obviously trusted/cared enough about him for she put him in some pretty powerful positions, not only while she was alive, but according to that "will" after her death too.

Enough rambling....NEXT

2758 days ago


Froglevel #29. You've pretty much summed it up!

The gig is almost up for HK$

Can't wait to see what he's doing and where he is in 10-20 years.

2758 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.....................#3.....Does Virgie have a penis? You are telling us that SHE is the father of Dannielynn?!?!? I'm Shocked!!! Listen Dear, She is NOT the father. Dannielynn NEEDS to go HOME WITH HER FATHER!!!!!! Virgie just needs to GO HOME TO TEXAS!!!!!! She has no HOLDS on the baby.....She IS the Grandmother, THATS ALL!!!!!!!!!!

2758 days ago


After reading the blogs for the last couple days, I've come to the conclusion that some of you have some serious mother issues, and I don't mean ANS's mom.

Posted at 9:08AM on Feb 28th 2007 by jmo

I have a real problem with this. Everyone has their own opinions in the matter and who do you think you are to downgrade all of the mothers that don't agree with you. Fact is Anna buried HER SON in the BAHAMAS, not TX! Why would any parent in their right mind seperate her daughter and granddaughter knowing what she wanted. No one can deny that Anna wanted to be buried next to Daniel (HER CHILD). It is wrong to go around digging people up just because you don't like where their buried. A grave is just a visiting place, as long as you have that person in your heart it shouldn't matter where they are buried. Send her to the Bahamas to be with her son. And as far as the lost mother / daughter connection for the past 10 years, Vergie can blame herself for that as well. It takes two to communicate and I didnt' see Vergie trying to VISIT Anna. I would be furious if my mom went on national tv and accused me of killing my child and we have a close relationship. So before you start degrading all of us that are parents take a good look at yourself.

2758 days ago


Sara, then why do CNN, Fox News, CBS News, etc. refer to him as such?

2758 days ago
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