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EXCLUSIVE: Virgie Visits Baby Dannielynn

2/28/2007 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, visited her granddaughter last night in the Bahamas for the first time, and TMZ has obtained an exclusive photo of Grandma Virgie after the encounter.

Sources tell TMZ that Arthur arrived at Horizons, the Nassau house where Howard K. Stern is looking after the child, around 8 PM last night, and left about 50 minutes later. We're told she looked and acted "distraught" upon leaving, and was accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver, as well as a brunette woman described as a "relative."

Just a couple days ago, Larry Birkhead, who claims to be the father of Dannielynn, met the baby for the first time, also at Horizons. Lawyers for the parties will be in court in Florida this morning to present arguments concerning the future disposition of Anna NIcole's body.


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D (the second D)    

Wonder if they have drive thru McDonald's in the Bahamas? She was talking about food on her way to her daughter's corpse!
And Law Enforcement - this woman ain't no weak, poor thing. Everyone keeps holding her up like she's going to keel over..wonder what medication she's on.
And the Oscar goes to....

2763 days ago


I guess they just want to all leave themselves open to lawsuits.

2763 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

........Virgie having a RELATIONSHIP with her Grand-daughter is a PRIVILEDGE......Not a RIGHT!!!!!!!

2763 days ago


I can't believe you people. I have followed Anna Nicole for years and know without a doubt she hated her family. She wasn't doped up everytime she stated this. It makes me so sick to think this woman may actually have a claim to money and a grandchild. She is only in it for the money. I am a mother and there is no way in I would allow for my child to stay on a cold slab for this long knowing I was the one who could stop it immediately and give my daughter her wishes. One more thing, that proves Anna knew was she was talking about when it came to her mother. I don't believe anything has ever made me this angry before. It is truly sickening. Virgie had the media take her to view her daughter's body. Who do you think is paying for the attorney's? Virgie is gold digging trash and shame on you Larry for knowing Anna's wishes and siding at all with Virgie. I have lost all faith in you also.

2763 days ago


Ok,thats lovely that Fergie got to meet her grandbaby BUT I think the baby belongs with her daddy(which I think is Larry) Also,It makes me sick that Howard K. is wanting to cut a deal for ransom of the baby$$$$$-sick!

2763 days ago


By now we have all formed our own opinions on who we think the good guys are in all of this and who we think the bad guys are. Some of us have tried to use good commons sense, proof of certain claims and facts as we know them to form these opinions, and some have based their opinions strictly on hearsay and what they perceive as fact without any backing. There are too many twists and turns and behind the scene discussions that we are not privy too. In sorting through the facts I believe there are only 2 innocent people and victims of certain circumstances in all these cast of characters who had no motive for anything and that is Daniel, God rest his soul, and DanniLynn. No one will ever really know anyone’s true intentions in all of this or what is really in their hearts except God. And whatever their intentions are, at the end of the day they are the ones that have to look at themselves in the mirror every day.

Therefore, I have decided not to post myself, (I’m sure some of you will be happy about that), or reading any of these such posts that do nothing but attack or presume a person’s motive behind their actions. I will continue to read and probably ask questions for better understanding to those who actually have facts through their research in particular aspects of this case who have tried to give us all knowledge. I thank all of you who have made such posts, you know who you are. I look forward to reading such posts so that I may gain factual knowledge on how things operate.

2763 days ago


I hope she got some DNA, a little spit would go along way.

2763 days ago

sara jones    

Frog---because he used to be her lawyer. He has not represented her on any matter in several years. What case did he work on ?? He was not her lawyer in any capacity for several years.

2763 days ago


I am agreeing w what someone else said on here, Isn't it interesting that NONE of Annas siblings or even any other family member has yet to "Come out" and support Virie? We see all of these past and present friends of ANS and Howards family, but not a one of ANS family. Virgie looked "Distraught" also when she took the stand in last weeks trial..she soon will break and give in when there are no other means to pay her attorney. And, what ever happened to ANS cousin that went on the ANS Show..the one who had no teeth? Anyone remember her?

2763 days ago

DO NOT TRUST Vergie    

Anna left home as a child and most children who cannot wait to get out of their house is due to abuse. How can anyone watch the interview where she says she WILL NEVER LET HER TOUCH THE BABY and not see the hurt and anger in her eyes. Drugs or not that was real pain. They need to keep the money hungry witch away from the child if not only because it was ANNAs WISHES!

2763 days ago


#30 I love my mom and we get along, so I have no issues with my mom.

2763 days ago


now anna had LUPUS? the med.exam. should know this,her kidneys would of shut down,among other things,if she did have it why did she have to have her doctor lick her breast to get her med's?

Is it hereditary?
We suspect (but do not have scientific proof) that people inherit something from their parents that predisposes them to develop lupus.

What do the rashes look like?
There are a variety of ways that cutaneous lupus rashes can appear. The distinctive rash is called the "butterfly rash," which is a rash that extends across the cheeks of the face and the bridge of the nose. It can be flat or raised; it can be bright red or it can be just a mild blushing, light pink coloration to the skin. It appears on the face in a pattern that looks like a butterfly; the wings are beneath both eyes and the body of the butterfly covers the bridge of the nose. Here is one example of what a butterfly rash may look like

her skin looked clear to me.

What are the symptoms of lupus? ...........................
Achy or swollen joints
Persistent fever over 100 degrees
Prolonged, extreme fatigue
Skin rashes, including a butterfly shaped rash across the cheeks and nose
Pain in the chest on deep breathing
Excessive protein in the urine
Sensitivity to sun or ultraviolet light
Hair loss
Abnormal blood clotting problems
Fingers turning white and/or blue in the cold
Mouth or nose ulcers lasting longer than two weeks


Is lupus a fatal disease?
Lupus is not a universally fatal disease. In fact, today with close follow-up and treatment, 80-90% of the people with lupus can expect to live a normal life span. Lupus does vary in intensity and degree, however, and there are people who have a mild case, there are those who have a moderate case and there are some who have a severe case of lupus, which tends to be more difficult to treat and bring under control. For people who have a severe flare-up, there is a greater chance that their lupus may be life-threatening. We know that some people do die of this disease and because of that we have a tremendous amount of respect for the potential of this disease. However, the majority of people living with lupus today can expect to live a normal lifespan.

2763 days ago


Fegie is involved with all this?? WOW.. what a twist! LOL All kidding aside, I think that baby needs to be with her father.. Larry.. and I would really hesitate in even giving that fat, money grubbing bitch even limited visitation....

2763 days ago


Foster Care? Are you nuts? I am glad grandma saw her grandbaby. Yet DL belongs with her father and should be raised by her father. For Larry to form a bond with HKS, forget it. Larry needs to take his daughter and raise her to be a responsible person. I have no doubt that she will be surrounded with a lot of love by her father, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Virgie needs to accept that she is only the grandma and not try to take custody of DL for she does have a father.

2763 days ago

Cindy Braley    

I hope it is the last time she gets to see her. She was a horrible mother and is just after her money. I pray that Larry and Howard continue to form a bond also and boot Mommie Dearest back to Texas. Does people not realize that if she should win this custody battle over Anna's body, it will still not be over. They have already filed another appeal. If Vergie cared anything about her daughter she would let her go and rest in peace. She is a sick excuse for a mom. Remember, she came out of the first court room united and turned her back and then filed an appeal. She doesn't care about her daughter or she would grant her wishes. Money is the root of all EVIL and Vergie is truly EVIL.


2763 days ago
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