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EXCLUSIVE: Virgie Visits Baby Dannielynn

2/28/2007 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, visited her granddaughter last night in the Bahamas for the first time, and TMZ has obtained an exclusive photo of Grandma Virgie after the encounter.

Sources tell TMZ that Arthur arrived at Horizons, the Nassau house where Howard K. Stern is looking after the child, around 8 PM last night, and left about 50 minutes later. We're told she looked and acted "distraught" upon leaving, and was accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver, as well as a brunette woman described as a "relative."

Just a couple days ago, Larry Birkhead, who claims to be the father of Dannielynn, met the baby for the first time, also at Horizons. Lawyers for the parties will be in court in Florida this morning to present arguments concerning the future disposition of Anna NIcole's body.


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"That woman will never, over my dead body, see that baby!" -- Or words to that effect.

Is Koward dead?

He's caving, big-time, but it's too late.

2792 days ago

Debbie Dallas    

Go, Frog, great assessment!

From what I understand, Virgie encouraged ANS to take the original offer from the Marshall family ($8-9 million) and go on about her business- not a bad payday for 14 months of marriage. HKS was the one pushing her to pursue more money from the Marshall estate- notice that all of the claims were simply what "she said he said," which is why she lost in the Texas probate courts.

Virgie may not have been a great mother, but then, Vickie Lynn Hogan did not exactly make any effort to better herself except by making herself "available" to men. She figured out early on that sex was her ticket to "fame and fortune." Sadly, she may have been more than just a sex object, but she never even tried to find out. She was basically illiterate. The Ninth Circuit would do her child a favor by ruling that ANS had no interest in the Marshall monies, because I think that Anna Nicole's marketability will be short-lived. Then, without a financial incentive, her child would not be a "commodity."

I find it an interesting dichotomy that some argue about ANS's "love" for her son and how overriding it is and ignore Virgie's "love" for her daughter, grandson and new granddaughter.

2792 days ago


Come on people! Give Vergie a chance . She's the ONLY one actually related to this child and Anna was a drug addict. Ofcourse Anna wanted nothing to do with Vergie, she was a Narc cop and said PUBLICLY that the drugs were going to hurt Anna and probably killed Daniel. Don't you hate it when your mother is right--put all the money in trust fund til the kid is 21--or better still give most of it to find a cure for cancer and set about making a stable home for this child with her Daddy and her grama both involved. This is do-able. Many of us have had lost our parents either through divorce or illness and many of us have blended families. This is do-able.

God Bless this poor family. What a circus.

2792 days ago


Isn't anyone concerned at all about the well-being of Dannielynn and the...

AMOUNT OF DRUGS THIS BABY HAS INGESTED! They are all too busy fighting for the right to raise her.

Why aren't judges in both countries DEMANDING a drug evaluation on this baby???????????????????????????????????????????

2792 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

Per Court TV. This was no altruistic act of HKS. Their sources tell them that the Bahama Justice addressed this in court on Monday so, some how HKS had to let Vergie visit Danielynn.

BTW, Howard is looking pretty rough in the court room this morning. I am just saying.

2792 days ago

Keepin' It Real    

HOWARD K. STERN was an enabler... plain & simple. He was a hanger-on-er. He admitted himself that he hadn't earned any money of his own for YEARS. So, God forbid, should he get the baby, is he planning on continuing his life of luxury on the baby's money? Give me a freakin' break. Maybe Virgie isn't the right one to end up with the baby, but if we are talkin' lesser of the two evils... I'd go with her over HKS. Larry Birkhead is looking like my top candidate at the moment. BTW... HKS is trying for a settlement that gives him the MANSION & THE NEW BOAT that ANS just purchased prior to her death. Tell me that is not money-grubbing & then some!

2792 days ago

monkia louinski    

Come on people! Daniel waited in the Butler Funeral Home in the Bahamas for 39 days while Howie and Anna had a "committment ceremony" and who knows what else they did! I think Anna can wait a few more days! Some of you need to bring yourself current. Here is a link that might be helpful. It clearly states that initially they were planning on transporting Daniel to the USA for burial---guess the Birkhead deal changed that---since they "golden baby" had to be kept in the Bahamas...and the earlier comment about her being "held hostage" is so true!!,,20012536,00.html

2792 days ago


If proven that Birkhead is the bio father (and I still claim he might not be either), then Dannylynn will go to him regardless of all the legal wrangling. Howie will be paid off, maybe get that other house in the Bahama’s that he and Anna bought before her death and that is under renovation, he MIGHT get the boat they just purchased too and some sort of a cash settlement. The Marshall Millions is not a slam dunk at this point in time and Howie only seems to bet on sure things. Opri, Birkhead’s attorney will also make sure that Howie is no longer trustee of Anna’s will and she will take over the Marshall Millions case. As far as Virgie, hell, throw her a few bucks too, let her be a part of the child’s life and let all of them get on with their lives. However, as far as Howie, let’s hope he doesn’t breed in the future. He sure typifies the stereotype of lawyer’s, doesn’t he, and literally the “ambulance chaser” he is.

2792 days ago


#37 UM HELLO! Howard kept people from Anna. UM HELLO! Why is Howard the only father she has known? UM HELLO! Because he has kept a DNA test being performed! DUH!

2792 days ago


I personaly think Anna would be happy that her mom and x b/f finally got to see the baby. I mean really ppl....the woman didnt want her mom or larry around because she was a junkie, she is dead now and would surely want better for her own daughter. If Anna really wanted HKS to have that baby, he would have been the real father and or she would have married him. Howard was just her partner in crime. and easily bought. He did her dirty work.

2792 days ago


OK, people. Virgie has said she only wants rights to SEE the baby and she doesn't wish to RAISE HER. For God's sake, people, can't anyone have some compassion here?!?! I think HKS finally realizes he's backed into a corner re: paternity, so he is opening up to the idea of Larry taking Dannielynn. What is so wrong about Virgie SEEING the baby?? No one but Anna (when she wasn't on drugs...and when was that?!) and Virgie knows what really went on with their relawtionship, but it isn't for us to judge. As the "birth mother"/mother of ANS, Virgie has more of a right than ANYONE to that child. She deserves to have a relationship of some sort with Dannielynn, as she and the true father are the only blood that baby has left.

2792 days ago


Ok, I'm not knocking anyone here, because I'm one of the most guiltiest of all..But think about what reading this kind of stuff...and let's face it alot of us are running away with speculations etc..must be like for those that truly cared (even if some don't agree that's the way you care about someone) about Anna Nicole.

I think everyone at one point or another can say they looked the other way to someone's behavior..for whatever reason. But does that mean you didn't care about that person?

We've seen people be called murderer's, druggies, child abuser's, child molestors, dealers, gold diggers etc. Would we REALLY want our daughters/sons seeing this type of stuff? Heck, one of the things I did before naming my children was to google their prospective names to make sure they didn't turn up anything horrid. So we can't say "oh, what are the odds she'll do something like that" There are plenty of situations where someone only knows the good of someone, and I think that in a situation like this, it wouldn't be the worse thing for those that are raising DL to preserve. (only the good)

Off the soapbox - Sorry for the length

2792 days ago


interesting...isn't she contesting the Bahama's burial because she wouldn't be able to afford to travel there to visit the grave? Granted, seeing the G-child is more important, but get your story straight.

And...why the hell does SHE need body guards?

2792 days ago



2792 days ago


Sara, see my previous statements. Besides which, I'm sure there are any number of office clerks, hotel workers, housemaids, nannies, acquaintances, etc. who could testify to him giving her legal advice up to the day she died.

2792 days ago
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