Liz @ 75: "Hangin' In"

2/28/2007 5:19 PM PST
Silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor celebrated her 75th birthday in Las Vegas last night with a pair of magicians, Princess Leia and a former Sports Illustrated covergirl.

A fur and satin-wrapped, diamond and pearl encrusted Dame Elizabeth was wheeled into her 75th birthday bash at the Ritz Carlton as a press line sang "Happy Birthday" to the beaming superstar. When asked about her love life, Liz was sharp as she shot back, "Wouldn't you like to know?!"

The oh-so-random guest list included Kathy Ireland, Debbie Reynolds (a fellow ex of Eddie Fisher) and daughter Carrie Fisher and Siegfried & Roy. Taylor's friend Michael Jackson was unable to make it to the bash, because he had, per Liz, "business things going on." Asked the secret of living to 75, the much married Oscar winner quipped, "Hangin' in!"