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Violates Probation,

Could Face Jail Time

2/28/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris Hilton violated the terms of her probation last night when she was pulled over for driving on a suspended license, and could spend up to 90 days in jail as a result.

Hilton pled no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving after cops arrested her on September 7 for a DUI in Hollywood. As a result, the DMV suspended her license, and a judge placed Hilton on 36 months probation, with one major condition being: to "obey all laws."

Last night, Hilton was stopped around 10:30 PM after cops say they noticed Hilton speeding down Sunset Blvd. without headlights. Deputies then discovered she was driving with a suspended license, arrested the heiress and impounded her car.

A hearing will be set to discuss Hilton's violation.


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my opinion    

Thank you TMZ for using a real and non airbrushed picture of Paris.

2792 days ago


ummmm.....have the cops not already noticed she's been consistentently breaking the rules of her probabtion by driving? how many pictures have we seen since september of her and britney spears with paris behind the wheel? now i'm from georgia..and here when you get your license suspended you're not allowed to drive at all! and with the headlights off we would probably be drug tested too...wonder if they did that

2792 days ago


I feel sorry for her. Many a time I have left my Bentley running in front of a shopping mall, usually in the handicapped zone while I ran in for something. The headlights are sensitive! It isn't like she hit anyone. Please leave the poor girl alone. When one has many vehicles from which to choose, it gets confusing as to which idiosyncrasies are involved in each means of transport.

2792 days ago


This SKANK will do jail time in prison cell powder puff!!

2792 days ago

Billy Ray Bobby Joe    

If she receives special treatment and is not put into jail, there will be riots in Beverly Hills!

All kidding aside, if she skates on this and the judge doesn't put her in jail, I will make sure that judge is REMOVED from the bench next time he is up for a vote.

2792 days ago


Good, get her off the roads, she sounds dangerous.

If she didn't learn first time around, she needs something stronger to get the message across.

2792 days ago


I didn't realize they actually arrested her again.

I think she may be actually getting some jail time --

Hope, for their own liability issues, they also took a

This has brightened my day immensely --- la la la la la.

2792 days ago


could face jail tme?
doubt it!
between paris and ritchie it's a joke.
i guess they are on the 100 strikes and your out policy.
hopefully the 2 of them will take some pills drink and then proceed to drive off a cliff together.....before they kill someone while behind the wheel of a car.

2792 days ago


Like we'd be lucky enough to see her ass be carted off to jail.

2792 days ago


iI vote she goes to rehab. Not where Britney is; she should go to the Betty Ford Center where she has to share a room and do chores. Not like on The Simple Life, where she got to bring all those clothes and her dogs. Good luck to you, Paris. I think this is your wake up call. Nicole Richie next??

2792 days ago


Well Its about time!!!

Thank goodness!!!!!! that there's who informs people about the exploits of Paris Hilton. I just heard about this on the Radio online and For once I hope that she is made to be responsible for her actions. Law enforcement has given her preferentle treatment because of her "Celebutant" status. The Law is the Law and she's broken it, and has been caught and should be made to take reponsiblity for her own actions.

If she's not made to pay the price, then the people have the responsibility to make those in charge, make her reponsible.

2792 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

I hate the stupid biotch

2792 days ago


Paris has already received special treatment, if she was allowed to walk away (as it appears) from the scene. Who ever heard of being arrested "in the field", but walking away after that? The rest of the mortals on earth have to actually go into the station and get booked.

She will NEVER see the inside of a jail. The most she would EVER get (and this would be a miricle in and of itself) is a special ankle "bracelet" and house arrest. That's IT. Face it, her middle name IS "preferrential".


2792 days ago

my opinion    

The problem is that the entertainment industry is one of the largest provider of political campaign funds for the politicians in this country. In California those funds "buy" their sacred entertainers an exception to the laws. If those in charge of the laws and enforcement say they aren't bought and paid for then demand they uphold their laws with no discrimination.

The politicians tell us that don't discriminate. BS. Add rich or poor to your list of race, color, creed or national origin.

2792 days ago


If she doesn't face real repercussions and drives drunk and hits someone, even just a fender-bender, that's person's going to be rich!!!

And not just from suing the Hitlers ... I mean, Hiltons.

2792 days ago
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