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Violates Probation,

Could Face Jail Time

2/28/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonTMZ has confirmed that Paris Hilton violated the terms of her probation last night when she was pulled over for driving on a suspended license, and could spend up to 90 days in jail as a result.

Hilton pled no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving after cops arrested her on September 7 for a DUI in Hollywood. As a result, the DMV suspended her license, and a judge placed Hilton on 36 months probation, with one major condition being: to "obey all laws."

Last night, Hilton was stopped around 10:30 PM after cops say they noticed Hilton speeding down Sunset Blvd. without headlights. Deputies then discovered she was driving with a suspended license, arrested the heiress and impounded her car.

A hearing will be set to discuss Hilton's violation.


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wasabi joe    

you fucking celebrity hounds would have no life if these stories didn't exist. How often do you post on feel-good stories, probably never. Most are just so jealous of the life-style these people have. They get treated in a certain manner because the public elevates them to that status not because of birth. Stop watching their shows and buying their shit and they go away. Get your own fucking lives and ruin them so that more people can post about your pathetic life. You hypo's would be in teh same boat so stop being so lame

2762 days ago


You mean Paris the Bare Ass?

2762 days ago


I had a DUI is San Francisco that cost me $30K, 2 nights in jail, community work in cleaning up streets in the worst part of the city (needles, condoms and bloodied items) , suspended licence, but not the least the terrible abuse by the system that I experienced. I take the responsibility for this DUI even though my depression/drinking was the result of a rape. I am a middle class woman in my 40s, educated. So much for the justice in this country. Yep.

2762 days ago


WOO HOO!!!! Let's see "The Simple Life" in jail. Should be a HOT Nielson rating at the least not to mention justice served. Poor poor P-P-P-aaaaa-ris! Yeah, girl, jump down a notch or two and get with reality.

2762 days ago

He's Boring now    

Put Farrahs ass in jail for trying to incite civil disobedience.

No Piece Just Us

Bitch cant ever make a comment on the topic without invoking Race, and claims she wants peace and justice. Liar and Phoney. Now get back to work before your Company does a site search and finds out you have been posting inciteful messages on an unauthorized site. Oh, or maybe you are using your parents computer at home because you dont work.

2762 days ago


Lock her up and throw away the key!! Not even a rich person should get away with this one.

2762 days ago


crabby tw*t can't use sexual favors anymore because no one wants her herpes and nasty ass tw*t crabs. Even the inmates would run for the hills if they see that nasty slag. Well first beat her ass down, then run to wash their hands with soap and hot water.

2762 days ago


Paris's parents have to be SO proud of the daughter they raised.

2762 days ago

Droppin' Knowledge    

I truly hope she goes to jail! She's always getting away with whatever she does, no matter what it is. Besides, when you're self-absorbed enough to wear a t-shirt that reads "I'm Paris Hilton...I can do anything I want." You're just asking to be proven wrong!


Why would someone who's as rich as Paris, uh Hilton is, drive herself around if (and you know she knew) she knows that she shouldn't be driving? Why not just hire a driver until you can drive yourself again? Someone please explain to me what her PURPOSE is on this planet?

2762 days ago

my opinion    

The fastest way to make sure that judge does what is right is to stir this sh't so the stink attaches to him/her if the ruling is preferential. Judges are politicians of a different ilk but still don't like negative press. Make it so that they are accountable of not upholding the written law and are featured on every form of communication with their photo.

California is a 3 strikes state.

2762 days ago


Yeah- I have a Bentley just like that- silver though. Headlights act up. It's still under warranty but I'm going to give it another month or so before bringing it in so they can fix everything at once. Not a bad ride if you have the means.

2762 days ago


hahah looking at her pic now who said she is hot? I think she has the ugliest face, has no body what so ever. Her body is just skin and bones, no built what so ever. Maybe they should fix her lazy eye so next time she can see that her car lights are off. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER.

2762 days ago


Lock her up. What's good for Bobby Brown is good for Paris Hilton.

2762 days ago

Only in    

Who you talking to Bitch? I wasn't speeking to you,Why you using my name, dumb as**s. Find you own identity whore. NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE!!!

2762 days ago


Yeah,her new car should have automatics lights......

2762 days ago
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