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Britney is NOT Wearing Her Wedding Ring

3/1/2007 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There have been reports that Britney Spears has been wearing her wedding ring again, as she was seen wearing a ring last night as she stepped out of rehab to attend an AA meeting -- but TMZ assures you, the reports are false!

TMZ found a picture of the pop princess wearing her wedding ring and compared it to yesterday's ring. While the rings appear similar in style with three separations, last night's bling bling was a single divided band, while her wedding set is comprised of three distinctly separate rings.

Sorry, K-Fed!


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Lenn K.    

Is this really a story? Next you'll be telling us that she wipes her ass like the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2759 days ago


Britney loved Colin Farrell most. She cheated on Justin, dumped her other 2 husbands. She would do anything for Colin he was her true love. But Colin only secretly booty calls her and he doesn't want a relationship with her. She decided to go lesbian after having bad luck with men and she let me shave her pussy then she dumped me for for Isaac and he now dumped her then she went crazy and left for rehab

2759 days ago


These ring sets can be soldered together quite easily. They look the same to me. Why would she wear an almost identical set on her ring finger? TMZ are the dumb asses.

2759 days ago


We have been at war with the middle east for at least 27 years, our borders are wide open, our nation is losing it's identity, free trade is out of control, divorce rate is soaring, more than ever kids are being raised by one parent, our education system ( public schools ) totally failing our children, largest population of poor in this country are the children...I can go on and on and on...Start reporting the real news...Leave Britney and her pity party brigade alone...Hey Brit..I can solve your problem...GET OUTTA LALA LAND!!!! Good grief enough already!!!!

2759 days ago


I would love to hear the opinions of "expert" rehab visitors about Brit. and others who are struggling with the in and out option, which in my opion should be stay in all the way. Give me a comment from Robert Down. Jr. , Billy Joel, Elton John..."LOVE THEM!" Should we bag on them now for all of their history? No, because they are survivors? Hell Yeah! Give that to the rest!!! The Guys have been through this and have kept in the Biz, regardless of any jail time. I would love to hear success stories now instead of bad press for OUR entertainers. We bag, nag, but we are the ones who rely on these individuals to provide us with good movies, songs, and we pay for it. What are WE complaining about. They should be laughing at us! Look at all of the comments...
Not bagging AT ALL! I am so serious! What exactly makes the pressure of "Hellwood" bring upon the need to consume drugs and alcohol? I KNOW I would beat the a*s out of someone following me everywhere! GO BRIT!!! But what happened to the "Brit" back when. And what happened to Whitney? Bobby is all over the news right now, missing custody payments to Whitney for $19,000. HUH!!!??? What is wrong with this system? Don't even get me started on A.N.S.! We really should be supporting the individuals that we enjoyed hearing and seeing in the media BEFORE something bad happened. Am I wrong on this one? And I would really love to say to all who are going through this kind of crap, stay there, STAY STRONG! And for the people we rely on for entertainment... GO ON STRONG LIKE THE FIRST FEELING OF SUCCESS! Get there again. Sorry for rambling... Don't bash me please!!! ;)

2759 days ago

Louisiana native    

um, this is not a recent picture, as in the past couple of you all not remember that she has no hair?? not even miracle grow will make it come back that quickly...

2759 days ago


Hey this Ok person you have a real problem if you don't like what people have to say then just don't come on here and worry about what we are saying and you shouldn't be talking like that to people on here.That can get you into TROUBLE!

2759 days ago


The last girl Diana who wrote about the person who wrote (who the F*&^k cares) shouldn't be allowed to write on this site. Someone should bar her from writing here. Just wanted to say I hope Britney gets better nobody needs to be addicted to drugs and booze no matter if your a pop star or not. Best of luck Britney .

2758 days ago


Keep out your black outfits...another white trash, washed up tablioid maker will probably be the next to son showed me this link, and I must say, you guys have WAY to much time on your hands. She's a loser, and she really should start considering a job in the waitress market...or a stripper...I mean there are a lot of gross men that find a washed up hottie with 2 C-Section scars sexy.....yuck..Walk away Britney, do us all a favor and just walk away. You should be ashamed of yourself, if I remember correctly there were a lot of little teeny boppers, that idolized you, now that they have grown up and probably went to college and got educated, you will be working for them someday....maybe they will hire you!!! Go get educated girl, you can't sing (never could) you have a washed up body, and now your just like every other white trash chick with two kids and nothing to show for yourself...GO TO SCHOOL.....that's your only other option..If your parents weren't so stupid either, they would have made you go get education...I guess the apples doesn't fall far from the tree...

Good luck,

2758 days ago


Wow, Britney has 56 comments on her artical, and Anna Nicole Smith has almost 1,000 on her lastest. I guess it's like a painting, you have to be dead before you getto be the very most famous. The parting didn't get Brit enough attention, next step........

2758 days ago

I love u Travis    

britney will be back soon and she will show all you haters,whos boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2755 days ago

I love u Travis    

britney spears will be back and show all you haters whos boss!!!!!!

2755 days ago
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