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Britney Leaves Rehab ... Not for Long!

3/1/2007 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took a break from rehab last night, for more rehab.

Sporting a wig underneath a brown hat, Britney was reportedly heading to an AA meeting in Santa Monica last night, smiling all the way.

We're told that Britney, who was escorted into the support group by her assistant, returned to Promises treatment center right after the meeting.


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She is SMILING because she is getting the attention she so desperately needs! Why no AA meetings in the rehab facility??? And notice the wedding ring? PR at it's best.

2791 days ago


I thought she had Post Partum depression??? Why would you go to an AA Meeting for that? Dont they have PPD meetings????? Do you think - is it possible - that the Post Partum Depression was perhaps just more Brittney B.S.??

2791 days ago



2791 days ago


Thats the first sign of attention from the paparazzi she's gotten in almost a week. Of course she's smiling.

I still dont understand why people have to leave rehab to go to AA meetings. Is there something Im missing?

2791 days ago



Who cares....not ME!!!!!!!

Come on TMZ...give us something orginal and interesting!

2791 days ago

Laughing at you    

What a beautiful smile. She looks like the old Britney. Good for her, and I support her all the way as this is the best thing that could happen to her.

2791 days ago


Why an AA meeting off the grouds? I'm sure there are enough people there to have a meeting.

2791 days ago


Her smile should only wear off while she fights her demons through the healing process. I know individuals who have gone through rehab and their smiles are larger and brighter than ever before! Good luck to you Britney!

2791 days ago


At least she doesn't have that "glazed over" look anymore. I don't care if she never sings again...she needs to just get better and live her own life and take care of those boys.

2791 days ago


must be a slow news day since the ANS issue about burial has been settled.

2791 days ago


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2791 days ago


whatever. She thinks she's all good, and everything's forgotten.
She is a stupid bitch

2791 days ago


Go Brit, I'll always luv ya. She looks good, sure feels good and is ready to make an awesome comeback!!

2791 days ago


I'm rooting for Britney! Young women like her, who are trying so hard, is the reason I do what I do!!!!!

2791 days ago


i think she looks great!!!!!!!.......keep up the good work.........ev1 falls every now and to have the courage to pick yerself up and move on is HUGE!!!!!!!!...this world needs more strong women!!!!!!!

2791 days ago
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