3/1/2007 4:25 PM PST
Being a DJ is a surefire way to get into the Hollywood hotspots. Plus, you're more likely to hook up with a smokin' hot starlet if you're a DJ than if you're a bouncer. For example, DJ AM and Mandy Moore. Yeah, like that would have happened if he worked at, say, Taco Bell. So how, you ask, can you get started in the glorious world of DJing for the stars?

A good start is the Numark mixing console for the iPod. Using the console, you can mix the music from two 3rd generation or later iPods. Control the iPods completely from the mixer control surface. The Mixer even has an s-video output to play videos you have stored on your iPod.

Book a few gigs with your Numark iPod mixer -- and soon you'll be spinning for Lindsay Lohan at Pure. At that point, the celebrities will be lining up to date you. It's just that easy!