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3/1/2007 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Numark iPod MixerBeing a DJ is a surefire way to get into the Hollywood hotspots. Plus, you're more likely to hook up with a smokin' hot starlet if you're a DJ than if you're a bouncer. For example, DJ AM and Mandy Moore. Yeah, like that would have happened if he worked at, say, Taco Bell. So how, you ask, can you get started in the glorious world of DJing for the stars?

A good start is the Numark mixing console for the iPod. Using the console, you can mix the music from two 3rd generation or later iPods. Control the iPods completely from the mixer control surface. The Mixer even has an s-video output to play videos you have stored on your iPod.

Book a few gigs with your Numark iPod mixer -- and soon you'll be spinning for Lindsay Lohan at Pure. At that point, the celebrities will be lining up to date you. It's just that easy!


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There is a 2nd generation I-pod mixer through Numark that is actually much better. You can pitch,scratch and other cool tricks. I believe the one pictured here is actually being phased out.

2772 days ago


This is lame. Anyone who DJ's with this deserves to NOT hook up with the fine ladies in Hollywood. My dog could pull more ladies with his DJ skills then anyone who would use this sad device.

2772 days ago

Peter Gonzalez    

The only way to properly mix songs is by having the ability to adjust the pitch.

Can this system slow down and speed up the pitch? Also, how does it handle the cueing?


Peter - Miami

2772 days ago


In other news, TMZ has started schilling for Numark!

2772 days ago


Sorry but nothing will ever compare to good ol' fashion vinyl... CDJ's or this monstrosity, DJi's I'm presuming, will never be as sexy or as cool as flipping a record between your hands and then sliding it on the turntable.

That's just my two cents worth anyway ...

Granted, logistically it will make things easier but it's also great to see a DJ walking in with a record box ... maybe i'm just getting old! :)

2772 days ago


Good luck with playing that thing loud in a club. Ever played an iPod very loud on a stereo or in your car? Noticed a difference to cd's or vinyl? Any idea how a rather small mp3 file can contain a whole song? Yes, you're right, it cuts off frequencies. If you're using that thing at home that's your problem, but anyone using it somewhere else should be forced to have his head examined, or at least shaved....

2772 days ago


No professional DJ worth their headphones would be caught dead using that thing, it's strictly for amateurs. And speaking of amateurs, the media really needs to stop making it look like it's that easy, the market is already over-saturated with wannabes who think being a DJ is the easy ticket to fame.

2771 days ago

Dj Mark    

ZOMFG...... You cat's at TMZ have lost it, You used the word Spining, you can't spin with that crap,Dj Stands For Disc Jockey, I can't even think of a word for what you would call a guy who plays with that peice of crap you have displayed. The music lives in Vinyl and is brought to you thru the Dj that Spins it. Please don't Piss off the mass amout of real Dj's out there by puting them in the same sentence with someone who uses MP3's as their music source.
And To Pimp Numark on your Site......... WTF ?

2771 days ago

West Coastian    

Um, what would I do with a smokin' hot startlet? Not all DJ's are male, man. lol

2770 days ago

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