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Savage Goes

Down in Flames

3/1/2007 8:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael SavageJust two days after announcing they were representing him, CAA has given homophobic radio host Michael Savage the ax! Adios, hater!

As TMZ earlier reported, on the heels of being signed to the high-profile talent agency, Savage made disparaging and homophobic remarks aimed at fellow CAA client Melissa Etheridge. Well, that didn't fly at the agency, because, according to Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin, CAA is no longer repping the conservative hate-monger -- and has unceremoniously dropped him from their client list!

Looks like Savage will now have something beside the private lives of A-list Oscar-winning lesbians to whine about.

CAA confirmed to TMZ that Savage is no longer their client.


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Right decision...

2762 days ago


As a heterosexual who is not afraid of gays, I am shocked at the insensitivity by a number of readers. Obviously these liberal haters do not have a "celebrate diversity" bumper sticker on their V-dubya's. What happened to freedom of speech? Celebrate his different opinion!!!

2762 days ago

Love Shiksas    

Chapter 7 of the Gay Agenda:

NEVER EVER name your kid "Brenduh".

2762 days ago


The persons in comment #4 and comment #10---you should get together and keep your hate off the streets. You are not Christians.

2762 days ago


Who said he was being stopped from talking? Where is that coming from?? Has anyone here said he doesnt have the right to his opinion. Even as disgusting as it is? CAA also has a right to decide what clients they want. Im sure someone else will pick him up you are right. You guys sounds like robots spouting off about the libel media. it's getting kinda old, time to change the channel. *yawn* I heard that sh*t back when Micheal Dukacus ran for president.

2762 days ago


Am I the only one who has never heard of hiM???

ALso how do I sdd my password and where?????? Hate the email thing

2762 days ago


Why on earth would CAA sign this guy in the first place? Did they actually think their show business clients would tolerate the representation of a conservative radio personality? I'm sure a number of them (including Etheridge) threatened to bolt if they didn't unload him. Unfortunately, a contract is a contract so they'll just have to let the lawyers work out a settlement.

2762 days ago


Oh well, Mr. Savage, I mean Weiner. So you got kicked out of CAA. You can always go and participate in Iraq. Oh thats right. Your to chicken just like you were in Vietnam. I'm glad I don't have that problem.

2762 days ago


oh Blackmetal you can spin it all you want, you ARE homophobic and a hater to boot. good luck in hell pal.

2762 days ago


Michael Savage is a freak - and he appeals to the freak kooks in the world, so, yes, there's a place for him. Obviously not in a professional organization like CAA though. He spews lies and hate and is clearly such a miserable man. His popularity has been slipping as people are turning more and more to talk show hosts like David Stein and Dave Ramsey.

CAA took a stand and did the right thing.

2762 days ago


He made a comment that went to far. But yet again who says what is too far? We can only place blame in ourselves. In American everybody is right and everybody is wrong. It's never been black and white just a grey area.

2762 days ago

He's Boring now    

Would love to get the full listing of CAA clients. Than we can all vote on them retaining them or not based on their views of the world. Shame on this agency for succumbing to pressure from any Special Interest Group, if that is what happened here. They already knew what they were getting in Savage if Gay views are a consideration of they taking clients or not, and even former outrageous statements he has made.

Now lets see who else is on there and what their stance is on the war, the environment, the border, islam, trans fat, smoking, motorcycle helmet laws etc.

2762 days ago


Karma people. Karma bit him in the rear end! LMAO!

2762 days ago

Hollywood Gossip    

Another one bites the dust! I heard the same thing happened to Joe Rogan after he flipped out on Carlos Manceia. Apparently, agents don't like one client bad mouthing another. I have a feeling Savage will be able to find another agent, sadly.

2762 days ago


Way to prove his point Steve. Execution style? Nice. You are no hater. *eyeroll*

2762 days ago
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