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Savage Goes

Down in Flames

3/1/2007 8:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael SavageJust two days after announcing they were representing him, CAA has given homophobic radio host Michael Savage the ax! Adios, hater!

As TMZ earlier reported, on the heels of being signed to the high-profile talent agency, Savage made disparaging and homophobic remarks aimed at fellow CAA client Melissa Etheridge. Well, that didn't fly at the agency, because, according to Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin, CAA is no longer repping the conservative hate-monger -- and has unceremoniously dropped him from their client list!

Looks like Savage will now have something beside the private lives of A-list Oscar-winning lesbians to whine about.

CAA confirmed to TMZ that Savage is no longer their client.


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Ahhhh, reading some of the bile-filled comments once again reminds me
of the faux 'christians' that voted in the Bush crime syndicate. As well as the below
60 IQ of many of them.....damn .
Basically, the glue that holds society together is CIVILITY (word for the day, just like
3rd grade) since some were not taught BASIC MANNERS by parents ,like GOOD PARENTS do ,we have to re-teach as TOLERANCE. Are you with me so far ? Great !
Gays/people you don't like/other races agree not to stare at your freakish face/retarded child and for THAT you agree not to stare or use hate language ! YAY

2758 days ago


Homophobic? Must be Gay!

A few commenters here have suggested that Mike Savage and others here who dislike gays are probably closeted self-hating homosexuals, as an explanation for their "homophobia". Why is this line of "reasoning" ONLY applied to anti-gay crusaders and no one else? Funny racists are rarely accused of being "closeted" members of the race they hate. Was the KKK a group of self-hating African Americans? Were the Nazis all closeted Jews? Clearly ridiculous! Gays are the only people who frequently BLAME THEMSELVES for producing the hate against THEM!

BTW, I don’t hate anyone because of their race so do not call me a bigot or a Nazi. Why do gay people always accuse people who dislike them of being racist? HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A RACE!

2758 days ago


I don't get it.

Did CAA not know what he was famous for before signing him? Why make a deal with Weiner when you're gonna change your mind two days later.

I mean, it's CAA's right to choose who they represent or not, but if you know you have a potential client who has severe hatred issues with the rest of your clients why even think of bringing him on?

2758 days ago


The whole "gays don't reproduce so are dangerous" argument these sheep-humping rednecks spew is hilarious. The world is overpopulated already and headed for DANGEROUS overpopulation soon. Gays are in fact doing the world a favor. And supposing the world was dangerously underpopulated, I bet many gay people would donate sperm to create new children, even if they don't breed like rabbits like these filthy, demented, Bush worshipping rednecks do.

2758 days ago


why do we have to listen to everyone talk about gay rights and black rights? what about the peaple who do not think it's fair and inmoral to have to be quit about it becouse it makes them mad? TO BAD!!! fredom of speach i don't like it and it's not right....the man should be able to say what he wants. What the guys say i feel is wrong but do they stop NO NO so why should i be quit? GO GET A LIFE SOMEPLACE ELSE!!!!

2758 days ago

David L. Burt    

Obviously, CAA is too high brow to represent a man who believes men were meant to be with women and women with men (where does Mike Savage get this stuff?).

They only represent drug addicted, sex crazed, lap dancing, immoral perverts anyway. I've heard even a few of their clients graduated from high school (they're pretty selective).

Way to go Mike, you don't need them, those tolerant, open minded, progressive liberal people that they are. If you want them to take you back just announce your addicted to heroin and a pedophile, then they can represent you and get you on Larry King and Oprah. - DLB

2758 days ago

Lenn K.    

Let 's get one thing straight, speaking the truth about how you feel about gays is not a crime. TMZ, I can tell by the way you worded this about Michael Savage is that you are so bias. Rosie can cut down anyone and you don't put a big target across her big fat pig face. Sorry the whole world doesn't thing homosexuality is normal. People like you never talk about what the Islamofacist think about gays, well they kill them or worse cut out their private parts. Keep this in mind when all Christians ever do is condemn the act!!!

2758 days ago


Wow, I find it amazing that you use the word "hatemonger" and others to describe this individual when he is exercising his right to free speech just because he is a conservative, yet when Liberals say things that are damaging it is their right to - because of free speech!

You, as are most Liberals, are nothing more than contradicting a**holes that want to squash the opinions of people who disagree with you. That is called socialism!! Wake up America!

And, if conservative radio hosts like this are as bad and hate filled as you say (in addition with being out of touch with America as you try and make it seem), why is it that they are som of the most successful radio talk shows in America? (Limbaugh, Hannity). Whereas people like Al Franken and Air America go out of business cause no one wants to hear their trash????????????

Get it right, and quit trying to destroy this country!

2758 days ago


Added: I just read his initial comments since I didn't realize they were linked here. It IS funny/weird to hear women refer to other women as their 'wives'. That's not an anti-gay tirade. . . it's a comment on society or a reflection on how our society has changed. . . .nobody-- even those that are not opposed to gay rights-- thinks that's weird?

If it really wasn't weird, why would calling another person gay-- in high school, for instance-- be considered a major insult? It's because it IS weird. . . even if actually being a woman calling anothe rwoman her wife is acceptable.

It's not anti-gay to comment on this. A wife is generally known to be the partner of a MAN, a husband. If gay people want to commandeer all the words we use, okay. . but it doesn't change the weirdness of it. Hearing a man refer to his gay partner as his "husband' is ALSO weird. And, hearing a gay man refer to his partner as "wife" (which I've heard, too), is also weird.

Gay people: Why can't you come up with your own words? Why alter common terminology-- women are only wives if they are married to HUSBANDS. Use some other descriptive term.

I'm so sick of this 'homophobia' nonsense. It's not homophobic to express an opinion about terminology or strangeness or even express one's discomfort with a situation. It's not even anti-gay.

All of you on the left are just completely intolerant of anyone who doesn't completely embrace what you want to have considered mainstream.

It will never be mainstream because, at the most, it's estimated to be only between 5-10% of the population. By definition, that's minority-- not mainstream.

Lastly, to gay people: I think it's a real mistake to join your cause (which is usually fairly reasonable) with the "transgendered" community. These are two entirely separate issues and I think your cause (gay marriage, gay benefits, rights, etc.) is one that can be looked at and considered reasonably yet it is diminished when you bunch all groups like this together. For instance, I've seen groups that are proponents of lowering the age of consent (really just a euphamism for legalizing pedophilia) marching with gays and lesbians. Why on earth are you doing this? This will only HURT your cause.

2758 days ago


It doesn't matter whether or not this agency represents him, there's plenty of us who admire him for his guts and intelligence, and we will continue to support him.

2758 days ago


Hey Jon, #88 you said that just because he has fans doesn't mean he is right. That also goes for those that think he is wrong, that doesn't mean you are right either. I think people forget that he and others are giving you an opinion. Again if its the loser libs then its not right to give your opinion unless your opinion is the same as the liberals. See that is the great thing about America. Whether is pc or nice and rosy we can still speak our minds.

2758 days ago


Savage for president. You people want the just can't handle the truth and Savage tells the truth.

2758 days ago

I know this guy    

Endeavor Talent Agency needs to drop Paris Hilton from their roster for using the N word. Call Ari Emanuel, her agent, and let him know how you feel about it. Be polite and call only once. The agency is very busy. Make a good impression and tell him Endeavor needs to show the same courage as CAA just did. Endeavor Talent Agency (310)248-2000.

2758 days ago


#117 asked why if conservative radio hosts are so hate filled, that they are so popular. The answer is two-fold

Thanks to the South there's still plenty of people with nothing better to do than hate in this country. Just look at when Top Gear went to Alabama, shining beacon of southern tolerance.

Second, most liberals don't listen to the radio anymore. We have adopted newer technology like iPods and electricity, which tend to scare the common hateful redneck conservative.

Like fire scares a caveman really.

2758 days ago


I think God is punishing him for wearing his hatred like a badge, and trying to get rich by being a vile human being. Let it be a lesson to all you God fearing bigots. It seems like the more religious people claim to be, the more hate filled they are. Is this what you think religion is all about?

2758 days ago
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