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Will Anna Nicole's Son Be Exhumed?

3/1/2007 11:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel SmithThe biological father of Daniel Smith wants his son's body exhumed and moved from the Bahamas to Texas.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Billy Smith -- through his lawyer, Kara S.P. Butler -- is asking The Chief Magistrate of the Bahamas, Roger Gomez, "permission to have the remains of Daniel Wayne Smith (deceased) exhumed from its current location here in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and to be transferred where his father and family reside in the State of Texas."

Anna met Billy Smith at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas, where they both worked as teenagers. They married in 1985, and Daniel was born the following year.


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Ronda Kay    

What The Hell Enough, Already!
Did This Family, Lose There F---ing Minds!
If They, Ever Had 1 To Begin With!.
(Leave Them Alone, And Let Anna
And Daniel. Rest In Peace, In
Paradise,) Away From All The
Crazy Bastard's, In Texas And California.
Anna, Baby And Daniel. God Bless You!!!
Endless Love And Prayers. Always...
From The Heartland (Iowa) xoxoxoxo

2790 days ago

Floyd Long    

Hey folks Howard Sterns name is on the burial plots. They cannot exhume anyone from thoses plots with out his aproval.

2790 days ago



That means: Virgie GO HOME! and Mr. Smith let your son rest in peace with his mother who was with him everyday of his life. She held his head when he had the flu, she LOVED him, where were you? Dont hide behind...she was more powerful, she had all of the control then...BS!
Please let them rest in peace together! They deserve that much!
As for that beautiful baby, I hope that everyone involved puts her first and that she grows up with a better life than Anna (Vickie) had.

Everyone involved is in my thoughts and prayers.

2790 days ago


where was he when his son was lying in a funeral home for a month?????????did he even send a card????????LOSER

2790 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

What he said to the judge was he did not have the money to move his son but he would have liked to have had him buried in Texas. He also said he felt that Anna would have wanted to be with him. Now Howard is getting paid by ET for exclusive rights to the funeral and its another big joke and a way for Stern to make more money off Anna while claiming he is doing it for her, Well screwwww him, I would move Daniel too if I could.

2790 days ago


Anna is getting what she gave in life, chaos. She very well may have kept Daniel's father from him, like she is doing with Danielynn's father...the man IS the boys only living relative now, and has the RIGHT to bring him BACK to this country...Anna never cared that she was burying Daniel away from his home, how do we know that was Daniel's wishes...way to go DAD!!! Go bring your baby home and let Anna stay there with if Larry could just get Danielynn home, Stern will be right where he belongs, in his own living hell, alone with Anna and nothing else. Can you just imagine what is going through Stern's head right now? are getting your just desserts my friend, next time you want to mess with someone, make sure you think twice...

I don't care if this IS Vergie's idea...if it is...I give you props, you are smarter then I gave you credit for and I do wonder she decided NOT to appeal Anna's burial...maybe they can do the exhuming during Anna's burial, they might be able to spare a few bucks that way.


2790 days ago

snoopy grandmother    

To # 48 What do you think Howard Sterns intentions are?

2790 days ago


I knew that he had to be next.........

2790 days ago


Why dont they leave all of them alone they r put anna right where she wanted to be and the should leave him I belive Annas mother is behind all of this she sees $$$ signs and i hope she dont get a penny out of none of this

2790 days ago


The looser said in court he wanted them buried together.... There goes Vergie (a poor role model) digging her heels in Billy. What a puppet master. Keep eating the doughnuts fatass. I hope you rot in the same hell as the rest of them hillbillys. YEEEEHAAAAAAA

2790 days ago


This whole family is messed up. Hope God is watching and taking names.

2790 days ago


omggggggg.... will it never end?!? These people need to crawl back under their rocks.

2790 days ago


"Wow..these Texas white trash have no class at all. "

That's exactly what they are. No wonder Anna didn't want anything to do with them.

2790 days ago


If Billy Smith wants his freakin son exhumed and brought back to the united states let him. and how do u people know if he is a sorry excuse for a father or not?!?!? Did anna even let him see daniel? Were you laying next to Anna in her pink bed or sitting on the couch with J Howards Marshalls Urn in your sight on the mantel when the phone didnt ring with a call from billy smith?!?!? no, so how the blistering hell do you know if he is a deadbeat?!?!? maybe she didnt want him around daniel.

Would their ass even have been in the bahamas had she not been hiding from a custody case?
nope. probably not!

Dannielynne wont be in no damn bahamas once they clear all of this up with a paternity test. so she should be able to visit her mom and brothers grave without taking a plane ride to the bahamas.

2790 days ago


Good for him - he has rights and about time to use them - HK$ cannot have no say in this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2790 days ago
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