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Will Anna Nicole's Son Be Exhumed?

3/1/2007 11:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel SmithThe biological father of Daniel Smith wants his son's body exhumed and moved from the Bahamas to Texas.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Billy Smith -- through his lawyer, Kara S.P. Butler -- is asking The Chief Magistrate of the Bahamas, Roger Gomez, "permission to have the remains of Daniel Wayne Smith (deceased) exhumed from its current location here in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and to be transferred where his father and family reside in the State of Texas."

Anna met Billy Smith at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas, where they both worked as teenagers. They married in 1985, and Daniel was born the following year.


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LEAVE THIS POOR CHILD ALONE WHERE HE SPENT HIS LAST DAYS WITH HIS MOTHER...THE ONE WHO LOVED AND CHERISHED HIM. What other sick tricks does this Texas family have up their sleeves...LET THE TWO OF THEM REST THEIR SOULS IN PEACE...alongside each other. It sickens me to see this happening to families. :`(

2792 days ago

this is so old    

I was so shocked to see that Billy Smith has asked to have his son buried in Texas. Anna and him got divorced many many years ago, and as far as I know, Billy wasn't an active part in Daniels life. Why should he get his son, when clearly he should rest in peace with his mom? This is all just a plot to get money. And also, if he REALLY wanted his son in Texas, then why didn't he just bring it up with Anna was alive, he just had to wait until she was dead and the world was interested in the story. Seriously, give it up Virgie and Billy, let your daughter, ex-wife, grandson and son finally rest in peace.

2792 days ago


No doubt Virgie is getting Billy to help get Daniel so she can try and get Anna Nicole. The two of them are nothing but low down "gold diggers". I was almost sick to my stomach watching Virgie during all this. She was either posing for the media, smiling like she was watching a movie, not hardly showing that she cared one bit about Anna or her wishes. She sat in that courtroom with a smirk and half grin on her face most of the time. She was there for "media attention and money" from her "good friend" from SPLASH. The judge saw right through her so I hope the Courts in the Bahamas protect both Anna Nicole and Daniel's remains from anyone in Texas! She hated her mother, her son's father and Texas.

"Mommy Dearest", go away! You are a complete disgrace as a mother, period!

R.I.P. Anna Nicole and Daniel

2792 days ago


I say have both of them buried in California because it was thier home.

2792 days ago


Anna had 7 life insurance policies. Guess who is the beneficiary? Daniel first then Howie baby!!

I smell LOTS of rats

2792 days ago


Why does everyone think Anna wanted to be burried in the Bahamas, that is not what she wanted that is what Howard wanted and you will all see that in the weeks to come. Sit tight and get your popcorn ready!

2792 days ago


I think this is the stupids thing i have hreard yet in this case!!!!! Way cant theat whole sorry ass of a family in teaxs get over them selfs is money really worth disturbing both mom and son none of them cared about them wee they were a live, also didnt dumb ass billy tell the court he was noy gont to move daniell before ann was planned to be burried fine time!!!also if anns will does hold up in couet she names howard as gurdian to danielle does that mena in death to so i guess its gone to be back to court for poor howard who cant even grieve over the woman he loved and the boy he raised in place of danielles sorry excuse fo a father .

2792 days ago


I thought he relinquished ALL of his parental rights along time ago. Is that or is that not true!

2792 days ago


Who knows what went on with them, but the boy went to visit (big mistake) and lived in California with a he should be buried back in the U.S. Wait, her stayed 39 days before going in the ground.....his mother should still be in Florida on a slab...til all the court issues are settled.

2792 days ago

Get your facts stright!    

pretty soon people are going to think every one inTEXAS has lost there ever loving minds.
Why don't these people get a life, get a job,support them self and stop trying to cash in on anna's death. HKS included. Oh that's right HKS gave ET excusive rights to the funeral, wonder how much he sold out anna for.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. JERK!!!!

2792 days ago


Who knows what went on with them, but the boy went to visit (big mistake) and lived in California with a he should be buried back in the U.S. Wait, her stayed 39 days before going in the ground.....his mother should still be in Florida on a slab...til all the court issues are settled.

2792 days ago


I hope that the rest of the world doesn't think this family is just another "typical American family" . . . which couldn't be further from the truth . . .sure, all families have their issues, but seriously, when will all the immense greed and hatefulness that surrounds ANS end? This tragic story is yet another sad reminder of our eroding family values in this country. It's just seems more fashionable today to chase wealth and fame regardless of the price. Sad huh?

2792 days ago

Great Grandma Angie    

I don't care where the bodies are buried, Anna and Daniel are in heaven so it matters not to me, at least she is having a nice funeral. The only person I care about is dollbaby DannieLynn, I hope to God Vergie does't get her hands on that baby. Anna hated her life with her mom, what if Virgie treats DannyLynn the way she treated Anna? I pray that won't happen. Larry seems to be a sweet southern boy but he is only 34! What is the baby going to do when he is dating different women. Howard is a nice Jewish boy, I am not Jewish but I think the dollbaby would have a better life with Howard., he is not the type to run around with women and sew wild oats. [He is a mature 39 yr old who spent his life devoted to Anna.]

2792 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

I think it would be sweet justice if Billy did exhume Daniel and ANS can lie there alone for eternity. She did not give a rats ass about anybody except herself. She sacrificed her son and her daughter for DRUGS!!

2792 days ago


I think Anna and Daniel should be buried side by side in the United States...not in some 3rd world country. I don't care where in the U.S., just as long as it is the U.S. And is this takes 2 more years, so be it. Now Dannielynn needs to go to her father Larry asap, STAT, nuff screwing around already. Assuming Larry is the Daddy which I think he is.

2792 days ago
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