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Will Anna Nicole's Son Be Exhumed?

3/1/2007 11:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel SmithThe biological father of Daniel Smith wants his son's body exhumed and moved from the Bahamas to Texas.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Billy Smith -- through his lawyer, Kara S.P. Butler -- is asking The Chief Magistrate of the Bahamas, Roger Gomez, "permission to have the remains of Daniel Wayne Smith (deceased) exhumed from its current location here in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and to be transferred where his father and family reside in the State of Texas."

Anna met Billy Smith at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas, where they both worked as teenagers. They married in 1985, and Daniel was born the following year.


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#236...Life insurance is handled outside the will/estate ..the only time it goes into the estate is when the life insurance policy was designated to go to the estate...anytime a benificiary is designated it will not be placed in the estate.

2788 days ago


This is too much - I don't think this guy saw his son from the time he was 2, so now he wants the body, and by the way this poor kid was an adult, so he could have picked up the phone himself. Last time I was involved with a funeral to move the body within the US was $10,000 not including transportation or freight costs. So lets say $2000 now to dig up, $15,000 for special casket and papers (this may be low) another couple for transport, then plot in Texas reinturment which ain't cheap. Okay on the cheap $30,000 bucks - this guy is or was a fry cook - lets get real - who is paying for this.

2788 days ago


First of all for all you ridulous people who dont know the facts-------HOWARD K. STERN is a LOSER& A MURDERER!!!! a smart LOSER/MURDERER but a LOSER/MURDERER!!!! Daniel lived and resided in LA. The bahamas was never his home. He only intended to visit his Mom and new sis and return to LA. Who knew that Howard was going to murder him with drugs, albeit he took them but Howard gave them to him. Secondly, Anna ran to the bahamas not to live but to get away from a paternity suit so she could hoard her baby because of what ever reasons she did not want Larry to have dannylynn and if you think about it-----why would she run to the bahamas and sleep with minister shane for a quick residency if HOWARD was the father????? She was trying to deny Larry just like shes denied Billy all these years well guess what----she cant deny him no more! Thats his child, always has been and he has rights. GOOD MOVE BILLY!!! Get daniel and anna will follow! Dont you people have any hearts????Virgie was Annas Mom no matter what! She only lost touch with her Mom when Howard took over her life! She has every right to do what she is doing and futhermore she has every right to make any money off of Anna so she can pay her lawyers or whatever. How is it you raise a child and do for them but they get rich & famous and now you are dirt???? Children should help the parents and if she didnt want to do it in life then her Mom should take what she can get in death---she is the MOM!! But what do we have here????? HOWARD is getting 7 not 2 not 4 not 6 insurance policies in the millions??? Why so many HOWARD??? You knew you were gonna kill her eventually! You took care of her son first and then her! YOUR A SHREWED DUDE for sure! Then all the entertainment tonight payments??? You all think thats okey dokey? Hes makin millions off of Anna and everybodys cool with that???? He lied on the stand and everybodys cool with that???? He has corporations people that the money is going too so he dont look so bad but smart people like me, we know HOWARD!!! Why Buddy up with Larry??? You know the noose is coming Howard---Technically you didnt lie on the stand about being the father because you are on the birth certificate but you are not biologically for sure!!! Anna never had sex with you unless you drugged her and took it! She didnt love you! You used her you FREAKIN FREELOADER!!! If she was going to marry you in February as you said wheres the signed marriage cert HOWARD so you can prove she loved you???? Weve seen all the videos and your always behind her never by her side!! Your the dog carrier, or bag carrier or gopher. Anna could have gotten clean and lived if it wasnt for HOWARD KILLER STERN!!!! Someone should shoot you in the back of the head or make you take every drug that has your name on it 10 times over! YOU THINK THAT YOU WILL GET PAID AND PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE BUT HOWARD---YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! Larry dont sign anything! You know he killed Anna. He never even shed a tear. Stay strong! We all are rooting for you out here. HOWARD will get his and end up with nothing! People hate Howard. When all the lies bubble to the top I will bet he will lose those so called supporters oh and definately when he cant pay them no more to be his friend or on his side. You may have lived it Howard but we saw it without the blinders on and we know what you were and are and besides a LIAR & a MURDERER--YOU HOWARD KILLER ARE NOTHING AND WAS NOTHING LESS THAN THE DIRT ON ANNAS BEST SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2788 days ago



2788 days ago


IMPORTANT! More than likely, there will be NO justice for Daniel, Anna Nicole or Larry and Anna's baby, Dannielynn. Read this ENTIRE article. America needs to WISE UP!!

If you "Google" +"Bahamas" and +"corruption", you will get over 1,110,000 HITS!!
Below is just one article.

The article will give you an education (unfortunately) about Bahamian "justice".
Americans need to take action... We are just sitting back and assuming that the government is going to do what's legally proper and morally BEST for Dannielynn. We just SIT and WAIT for "Bahamian Justice". Self-benefiting Bahamian public officials just MAY be "bought-and-paid-for", by Howard K. Stern.

Bahamas Top Stories April 20, 2005 – 16:12

"Foreigners Declare WAR on The Bahamas"
"Rogue nation, crooked government may get their due as the world grows weary of Bahamas corruption"

It looks like the crooked lawyers and politicians in the Bahamas have gone too far, for too long. Several groups of disgruntled foreigners, teaming up with Bahamians who have had their fill of a corrupt government, are about to take actions that may quickly and decisively destroy the economy of the rogue island nation.

One such attack will come from a man who has been jacked around and ripped off by virtually every senior level Bahamian politician, as well as the entire corrupt Bahamian legal community.

Mr. Harald Fuhrmann, a German investor who really has gotten the shaft from the Bahamas, is set to embark on a "Battlebus" campaign to take his story to the United States public. The same public that the Bahamas depends upon entirely for their economic survival.

Mr. Fuhrmann will be driving a converted mobile home, plastered with anti-Bahamas slogans, down the east coast of the United States, hitting all the major cities from Boston to Miami. He will be passing out fliers promoting his various anti-Bahamas websites, of which he has created over 30.

It is expected that the campaign will cost the Bahamas millions of dollars in lost investments and tourism business.

"Rightfully so", Mr. Fuhrmann says. "I will be promoting the country as one of casinos, crime and corruption," he added.

"Americans have to know how they will be treated if they buy property here," he said yesterday. "If you buy a house here, you will only have problems. You will be overcharged for everything and you will get no redress from the courts, which are anti-foreign in their attitudes.

"You get the feeling in the Bahamas that the black rulers want to punish white people for the sins of the past. Even younger people are taking that same message on board. The country is not progressing."

Mr. Fuhrmann joins foreign investors like the Korean boat owners, the Inagua fish farm investor and many, many others who have been fleeced in the Bahamas on business and real estate deals.

Recently, there has been talk that one of the companies, vying for government approval to build an LNG plant, is getting the run-around. Insiders say the powers that be have already made a decision but want to drum up more legal fees for members of the Bahamian legal community, before they dismiss the company's proposal.

It is not understood why the Bahamian public allows their government to act the way they do. Some say it is fear, others say the entire country is criminally-minded. But, for the government of the Bahamas to have NOT addressed Mr. Fuhrmann's very real complaints all but proves there is a legal conspiracy against him, and foreign investors in general.

Other groups are getting their ammunition ready and it is expected to be a long hot summer in the Bahamas, as group after group plans to launch attacks on the corrupt nation.

Kathleen Dwyer, an American who was assaulted by a Bahamian fashion designer in the Bahamas, is also having tremendous problems getting her Bahamian attacker brought to justice. She has appeared numerous times in court, flying at her own expense from the US for each court appearance. Every time she appears, the case is adjourned, forcing her to incur additional expenses to appear in court for the adjournment date. It is a truly shocking abuse of the legal process.

Then, there are the Gallaghers, whose little boy Paul Jr. was killed on Paradise Island when a powerboat, owned by an unlicensed and uninsured operator (who is still conducting business), spun out of control and ran over the toddler who was laying with his parents on the Paradise Island beach.

According to the London media, the Gallaghers are hoping to have The Bahamas expelled from the Commonwealth, claiming that they are receiving no help from Bahamian authorities or the

2788 days ago


I know there is a hearing, or trial as to Daniels death coming up .But what do we know about Daniel ? From what I heard he was a straight "A" student, and seemed like a clean cut kid. But was he ever on drugs, or did HOWARD feed him drugs in his breakfast the day he died. I don't think the kid EVER took drugs, so where did the different drugs that was in his autopsy come from. This is peculiar to me. I can't wait to see what happens and if Howard was involved in this, which to me he probably was. I'd like to know more about Daniel. Are they investingating his friends to see if he was involved in drugs ?
I hope to learn more about Daniel in the near future.
ALSO, was Howard K. Stern a resident of the Bahama's or not. Anna Nicole was, but was Howard ? If he wasn't a resident can this play a role in all he has going on for him ? Does it make a difference in any way ? Just curious.thanx

2788 days ago


What about when he was alive his Dad didnt want him then, What a jerk the whole world can see how much of a jackass you are

2787 days ago


I Cant believe this oh wait I can.... Everyone wants a way to make money off of Poor Anna and Daniel. Where the hell was Billy Smith when Daniel was alive???? That is the number one question everyone needs to be asking. Let Anna and Daniel rest in peace Together Forever Leave them alone!!!!

2787 days ago


Have you ever seen such greed coming from so many directions? As soon as Billy Smith hears he may get the money, he becomes involved in the circus. Now that Anna and Daniel are buried side by side, does any one think they should be left alone? What kind of creepy people would think of exhuming the bodies? I only hope the baby can have a normal life, but who do you think is normal enough to raise her? Rest in peace, Anna.

2787 days ago


look from start 2 finish we all new that all of this was not goen to be easy...they r celebs....but ANS and her son deserve to be left alone,if my family decided to do this to me i would come bak and haunt them because i to havnt spoken to them for 20 would be something they would do just to spite me...cause then they would hav the last word...

2786 days ago


Everyone wants to Blame Howard Stern for Daniels death.
I keep hearing from people who have never met or known Daniel that "He never did drugs" How do you know what Daniel did, or didnt do?
Before his death He was attending college in CA, he was also a co producer on several films. One of the Producers he worked with said that in AUGUST Daniel was rushed to the HOSPITAL several times for an accelerated heart beat, and abnormal rythym.

Howard and Anna were in the "BAHAMA'S" during this time.
Daniel Died from an abnormal heart beat, caused by his antidepressants, and methadone.

Its obvious from his prior medical issues that he had problems before he ever went to the Bahama's.
Daniel was 20 years old, sadly many young adults abuse, or simply use drugs, legal and otherwise. I doubt that Daniel was any kind of addict, but it seems his body reacted badly to the mixture he was taking. As it had done even before his visit to his Mom.

I dont think Howard had anything to do with Daniel's death.
Nor do I think He had anything to do with Anna's death, as Im sure we will all discover very soon.
They were both very sad, very tragic, very unexpected deaths.
Howard truly had nothing to gain, and EVERYTHING to lose by Anna's death.
They had not yet Married as they planned, Anna had not updated her will after daniels death,And the Paternity issue was pending.
All these accusations are rediculous, Howards love for Anna, and daniel is confirmed even by Larry Birkhead, and everyone who knew them.
Anna's love for Howard is obvious in that he was the only man she trusted, and trusted enough to raise her child.

The leeches that are Anna's Birth family, and her ex husband should be ashamed, however I think they have no shame. I know that Howard will fight to protect Anna's wishes as long as he has breath in his body.

2785 days ago


I have a feeling most of you with the accusations of "everyone is money hungry," has never lost a loved one that got buried in the wrong place where family could not visit. This is not a strange or unusual thing. It happened in my own family, and no one was rich. These people never seemed to be vultures before. I say lets let them be family. In a few years, no one will remember Anna. Her body will lay there as well as her sons, basically in a foreign country. If I am not mistaken, the only way we know "she wanted to be buried next to him" was because we were told by Stern, who seems a little shady, and the burial plots. I think she trusted him because he spoke money to her. She would sign anything. As much as I never liked her in life, her family deserves respect, and deserves to bury their dead, like any other family. I agree with the other writer, how does a newly born childs guardian get to make all the decisions about the burial of people who are not the child, instead of next to kin? The lesson learned from all of this is sin has a payback day, and it bites back. It is very sad. My best wishes for ANS's baby. She had no part of this.

2785 days ago
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