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Anna Nicole's Coffin Finally Gets to Church

3/2/2007 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The hearse containing the body of Anna Nicole Smith arrived just moments ago at the Sandy Port community church in the Bahamas, where hundreds of mourners will pay their last respects to Anna Nicole.

Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, arrived with the casket, though her lawyers essentially tried to stop the funeral before the body arrived. A few minutes ago, the casket was carried up to the church on a long red carpet, Hollywood premiere-style. The casket was draped in a pink cloth of some kind, with long ribbons and feathers. Neither Howard K. Stern nor Larry Birkhead were pallbearers.

The brown casket was ferried to the church in a white hearse, guided by a police motorcycle and followed by a white Bentley sedan, snaking its way up the Bahamian coastline.


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had enough    

my apologies, Robin, I wasn't aware that this blog was reserved for intellectuals like you...

2755 days ago

elisabeth houle    

this message is for Terry and # 18
you guy's must be a couple of pricks I guess when you put anna down it make's
you both feel like a man .
guy's like you are the one's that make it dangerous for woman out there
you have no respeck for woman
what has anna ever done to you, you don't even know her what give's you the fucking right to speak about her that was (ASSHOE)

2755 days ago


No wonder Anna Nicole wanted no parts of her mother(sober or otherwise). I have never seen such disrespect for a child. You would have thought Vergie would have been the first one screaming for her child to be buried. Next time you use the dictionary, look up the word "snake", in the newer edition, Vergie's picture should be there. An absolute disgrace. Dannielynn would be better off being raised by strangers.

2755 days ago


yep....ITS ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT who is in the church, this is where howard's been making all his money, not from his parents!
blood sucking people! vergie is NOT in it for the money & never was,if she got anything especially from splash, must not of been much......splash cannot put out the money that ET did!

2755 days ago


I am so glad that she is finally going to rest in peace...shame, shame on her mother...because of her seflfishness, ANNA cannot even have an open casket for her friends and loved ones to be able to say goodbye. I hope that her mother has total hell on earth until she reaches her true hell. Leave her daughter alone. Remember anna said, "over my dead body", well you got your wish.

2755 days ago

Get the sand out of your vagina    

Terri #43 - Well terri how do you know what anna's intentions were? Maybe her intentions were to bury her empty methodone bottles, ky jelly, porno tapes, and her past.....yeah virgies the bad guy here. Once a crack whore always a crack whore! You should now that terri!!

2755 days ago


I wonder how much money that SPLASH gave to Daniel's real dad to file thoses papers in the Bahamas? He hasn't a thing to do with that child for pretty much his whole life and now in death he is going to come forward and try to get Daniel's body moved to Texas. I wish all these judges would see that SPLASH is who keeps this going for their own gain. Give a little money to rednecks and they are game for anything.

2755 days ago


R.I.P. ANNA!!!
Hope you'll find the peace in Death you couldn't find in life...

2755 days ago


Rest in peace Anna!!

2755 days ago


if i was vergie i would do the same thing, bring her & her son home were they belong! no way would i let howard stern 10 feet near my child! keep going vergir you will get her!

2755 days ago


boycott ET, TRIMSPA and anything that pays HKS...................hopefully when this is all over with, Howard will be in jail, Anna and Daniel will be laid to rest, and the baby will be in the arms of the father that has fought for her since day one.

2755 days ago

had enough    

It's hard to believe that with all the attorney's involved, there isn't a lot of behind the scenes wrangling going on. My guess would be that Virgie's high paid legal team has hired an accounting firm to do a complete audit of ANS's financial records. Virgie just proved again today that he wants her fair share...

There can be little doubt that Howard has had, and in all likelyhood, still has access to her funds. If that's the case, who knows how much money is in offshore accounts by now. Howard's a creep, but he's not an idiot.

Is he the beneficiary of her life insurance policies? Not unless she changed them after Daniel died, because no way was she gonna leave $ to Howard and not Daniel! So, if he's not getting life insurance, he's gonna make sure he's got his fair share some other way.

And momma's got her fat paws in the kitty as well, still fighting that next of kin argument. It would be a real shame if anyone but the baby gets a dime.

2755 days ago


On to the Judgement Anna.........

2755 days ago

Justice For Dannielynn    

W.hen its all said and done,Howard will come back to the United States..He can't practice law in the Bahamas.He can't make the money in the Bahamas that he would make in the U.S.Who is to say that Anna would have stayed in the Bahamas .She went there to run away from her baby's father..She didn't have money thats why she sold the pictures of Daniel..All this needs to end..Howard needs to do the right thing for once in his miserable life and let Dannielynn go up normal..The life he had with Anna was full of lies,sex and drugs...Let Dannielynn have a chance .I'm glad Anna is finally put to rest but lets not forget she let a month go by before burying Daniel

2755 days ago

Lea Ann    

Leave Virge alone. She loved her daughter. She just wanted to have her close to her in texas

2755 days ago
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