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Anna's Mom Tries to Stop Funeral!

3/2/2007 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: A Bahamian judge is currently hearing arguments from Virgie's attorneys. The petition hearing began at 10:30 AM EST. The judge will make a decision this morning, based on the arguments.

TMZ has confirmed that lawyers for Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, have filed a petition in a Bahamas court, essentially trying to stop the funeral before Anna's body is buried.

Currently, the hearse carrying Anna's body has come to a stop, just yards from the church where the funeral is set to take place.

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I cannot believe that this woman is doing this to her daughter. Let her rest in peace.

2795 days ago


You have GOT to be kidding, right???????? If she loved her daughter as much as she says.. she would let Miss Smith finally rest in peace.

Hopefully her 15 minutes of fame ends soon, I'm tired of hearing about that nasty, vulgar woman.

2795 days ago


Well, the cow just got out of the limo at the church, so I'm guessing the funeral will still take place. I wonder if she'll still have the nerve to speak.

2795 days ago


She is an effin circus clown. I mean really, like the Bahama's want's to lose this tourist attraction.

2795 days ago


I can't believe that mother. Now we can see why her daughter hated her so much. A complete disregard for the known intent of Anna.

2795 days ago


OMG....this is just sick. Let the body be buried already. If she didn't want to be buried there, she would have bought plots somewhere else. Virgie is making a spectacle of herself and even though she is Anna Nicoles mother, there were estranged for quite some time now. If Anna wanted her involved she would have been in contact with her for the past how many years like in a normal relationship. Let her be put to rest and stop this BS!

2795 days ago


virgie i hope you get in life what you are doing to anna.You are a sick woman and low very low to do this on the day of the funeral.God is on Annas side.Go home nobody wants you at the funeral.You are now at the funeral because you could not get your way at the court house i told you,God does not like ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


Jesus!! Leave poor Anna alone already!! For the love of God, she bought TWO plots in the Bahamas after her son died!! SHE WANTS TO BE NEXT TO HIM - IN THE BAHAMAS!! This mother needs to get over the fact that her own daughter didn't want anything to do with her when she was alive and she sure as hell doesn't want anything to do with her now that she is dead. Let it go.

2795 days ago


God, what a C**T!!! Could she be a bigger a**hole? Glad she's not my mother. All for the love of money...............I mean, her daughter. Yeah, right. A**hole.

2795 days ago

Anti Matty    

Unreal! Unreal! Disgrace! Virgie Must be Taking some of Anna's pills Stern was shoving down Anna's throat. Stop that CRAZY Woman!

2795 days ago


Oh my god how cruel and devastating for everybody involved. This woman needs some serious help. I would be pissed if I spent my money to fly to that Bahamas to attend this funeral and it didn't happen because of that egg donor of a mother. How sick can one person be to do this to their child. Bury the woman already, its not fair to EVERYONE involved. If she wanted to be a mother so bad, she should have tried reaching out to her 10 years ago instead of letting Anna cut her out of her life. By golly, come hell or high water, nobody would keep me from seeing my when when they were alive. She just needs to let be. God bless Dannielynn, because she is going to need it with a grandmother like that. RIP Anna Nicole.

2795 days ago


rosie, are you kidding!?? go vergie? Why can't they just bury this poor woman? I agree - it is totally tasteless to still be trying to "stop the funeral"!! If it were a wedding to Howard Stern, that I could understand!! But . . .

2795 days ago


All she wants is her daughter buried with the family & NOT in some third world country. Anna & Daniel needs to buried in the states.

2795 days ago

miss muffin    


2795 days ago


That evil pig needs to die in a fire. NOW! It's all about the money.

2795 days ago
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