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Anna's Mom Tries to Stop Funeral!

3/2/2007 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: A Bahamian judge is currently hearing arguments from Virgie's attorneys. The petition hearing began at 10:30 AM EST. The judge will make a decision this morning, based on the arguments.

TMZ has confirmed that lawyers for Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, have filed a petition in a Bahamas court, essentially trying to stop the funeral before Anna's body is buried.

Currently, the hearse carrying Anna's body has come to a stop, just yards from the church where the funeral is set to take place.

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my goodness let her be with her son for crying outloud. She should have been laid to rest weeks ago. This is absolutely insane

2755 days ago


What a bitch - she didn't have anything to do with her for 10 years - a mom never turns her back on their children regardless of the choices they make. AND, she certainly shouldn't have any say so in this matter.

If they stop the funeral, they need to take Virgie and put her on a plane back to Texas.

Let her be buried next to her son - leave her the hell alone.


2755 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

Virgie loves drama..... aint going to happen so she needs to get over herself. Both Daniel and Anna would be even more disappointed in this pathetic excuse for a mother/grandmother.

Hillbilly trash listening to her millionaire lawyers. Bahamas wont give you what you want!

2755 days ago



2755 days ago


YEAH! Now they can turn the screw into Stern-Rale-Barth. NO court or judge should have the right to say where you can bury your own kid. Seidlin started this mess appointing that attorney to be the baby's guardian. Stern you will not have the opportunity to be Anna's appointed executor. You give Anna an over the top funeral, but you couldn't stop her death wish, or get her into rehab. You wanted her and Danny to die so you could get your hands on her money. You were being supported by her anyway, why'd you have to go mess with Texas? Waiting for the inquests to nail your ass. What are you naming the boat? Danny-Anna? Guilt catching up with you yet?

2755 days ago


godbless you anna may you rest in peace , joined by your beloved son , as angels watch over your little dannilynn

2755 days ago

Candy Spelling    

Way to go Virg! Get your daughter and grandson out of there.


2755 days ago


What's next? Is she going to throw herself on the casket? Christ on cracker she just needs to stop. its over honey bury your daughter and move on.

2755 days ago


It is clear that Virgie Arthur is after more than Anna's body and child...she wants the money and fame that she never had. Virgie doesnt love her daughter, and this shows.

2755 days ago


Yeah, pretty much every single flaw and bad habit of ANS can be explained by looking at that THING that spawned her. That "woman" is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace.

2755 days ago

the wife    

You're kidding right? That woman has got issues. Is she so stupid that she can possibly think that Anna wouldnt want to be buried next to her son? He was her everything. She needs to give it up..

2755 days ago


How dare she? This woman is pure evil, no wonder Anna was so messed up. How can someone do this to their own daughter. A lovely funeral and all put on hold because of this bitches spitful and hatred of Anna and Howard. Vergie should be SHOT!! Also she got there late on purpose to upstage Anna.

2755 days ago


Damn! I am NO FAN of Howard TEAM LARRY), and I actually had sympathy for the mom but can they just have the funeral already!! I mean if she wants she and the deadbeat dad can try to have both of them exhumed later...deplorable yes, (she'll probably lose) but at least let them have the funeral! Geez!

2755 days ago


FOr CHrist sakes let the women get buries,,, My heart goes out to the REAL innocent people the died this AM in the bus accident. Thank GOD the new is covering it more!!!!!!

2755 days ago

If it walks like a duck-it is a duck    

Anna clearly wanted to be buried beside her son-what is wrong with
this person that calls herself "Mother" she is a monster and a total
disgrace to motherhood :(

2755 days ago
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