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Elisabeth: "Rosie and I Are Friends"

3/2/2007 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck set the record, er, straight regarding reports that she is being bullied off "The View" by Rosie O'Donnell.
Elisabeth on Rosie: Click to hear
Earlier this week, the motormouth mamas got into a heated tiff over The Patriot Act, which allegedly left Elisabeth in tears backstage. While rumors swirled that "her days were numbered," Hasselbeck told L.A. radio station Star 98.7's Valentine and Lisa Foxx, "Rosie and I are friends." Define friends! Hasselbeck added that she and Rosie, despite political differences, have "a lot in common," and that the reason the women on the show can talk about such controversial topics is because "there is respect at that table." Is that what you call it?!

In an obvious reference to her previous stint on "Survivor," Elisabeth did admit that being the lone conservative voice on the show can make her feel like she's "out on an island sometimes."

Somehow, sleep deprivation and barbecuing rats seem like paradise compared to sitting with "The View" yentas every day!


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Ann D.    

I think that ever since Rosie joined the show that the show has gone down hill. Rosie dominates every conversation that anyone has, including Barbara, and uses the show to advance her political and personal feelings. It's unfair because the average person in America does not have this forum to tell their views and anyone that disagrees with Rosie on the view ends up like Tom Selek when he had a different opinion on her old show. I know it's the view but does it always have to be Rosie's view. I start watching and end up turning to another channel. Why does Barbara Walters put up with this? She is compromising her show for viewers that will agree with Rosie whatever she says. Pretty soon I won't even turn it on.

2735 days ago


I thoroughly agree with VJ. Elisabeth is the lone voice on the show for the traditional Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded. Rosey shows her ignorance when she has to resort to character assasination to defend her position. I used to be a fan of The View, but can hardly stand to watch it now with Rosie running over anyone who doesn't share her liberal, gay agenda.

2735 days ago


I have been a fan of Rosie since day one. I ONLY watch the View when she is on.
However, I thought that her calling E. "ignorant and young" was inappropriate and insulting and
I hope she apologized to her. Being European, I appreciate, (it is always refreshing) hearing artists like Joy and Rosie
express themselves freely on air. Not always the case on national American TV... jean y

2735 days ago


I think Elizabeth is annoying and immature. Believing and blind trust is how Hitler among other tyrants got where they were through inciting fear and plying on the innocent and intellectually challenged. A college education doesn't make one intellegent or give one common sense. She opens her mouth without doing her homework.
While she is entitled to her views, facts to back them up would make her more believable. Joy on the other hand does come in with facts and proof of what she is saying.

2735 days ago

Bill Brewster    

I think Rosie is an opinionated loudmouth who thinks her opinion is the only one and everyone else who disagree's is wrong.
I used to like her and thought she was funny.
Now I think she is like many in Holywood--too big for her britches and thinks her celebrity gives her the right to do and day what ever she wants.
The view has gone down the drain and she is pulling it further and further down.
I can only say this--SHUT UP ROSIE!!

2735 days ago

RICH S    

how does this big fat dyke have a job in the entertainment market???? she is how??? oh yea, because she is a big fat dyke!!!

2735 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Dear #38. Shelly,

Your facts are correct, but we need to raise the level of discourse in this nation, so that we can find the common ground and feeling of unity and purpose that lasted for about one hour after 9-11 before the partisan politics and baser human and economic instincts of politicians and business interests began to manipulate the public and separate us from the rest of the global community who would have rallied around us and done anything to help us then as they will now if we only act as a bi-partisan unified peoples. So, it is time to put down the partisan politics represented by Ms. O'Donnell (Democrat) and Ms. Hasselbeck (Republican); and not fall into the trap of using the McCartheysque marginalization of individuals or groups by phrasing them as "liberal" or the Oliver Stone dismissing of others as being "conservatives", the common cause we all have is to help those who have sacrificed everything to defend our nation overseas, and also the citizens of Iraq whose nation we have turned into a crater for no logical reason, the citizens of Israel who were already in enough daily danger but now face emboldened enemies, and our global and Eurpean allies whom this administration (whose leaders all actively avoided military service) called cowards and appeasers because the logically called into question what we now know was "false" pre-war US Intelligence on Iraq - it is time for the truth - and for the integrity that both parties and all the faiths in America utilize as their hallmarks to be implemented into our national and foreign policies - Ms. O'Donnell and Ms. Hollenbeck are a typical of the disconnect in the US between those who can lead a normal life and those who are wearing combat gear and actually paying the price for our way of life. And, for the delusional individual that feels that this nation is 50% Republican, the reality that we as Americans take our right to vote totally for granted and have the lowest voter turn out and registration in the civilized world, and infact, the major parties only represent a fraction of the nation, and remember Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000, "President" Bush was elected not by the people but rather by the process. This time hopefully the electorate will honor the men and women in uniform and the many civilian and military casualites by educating themselves voting and choosing a President who has the qualities of a John McCain (war hero), Al Gore (military service and proven record of integrity), or someone else equally gifted regardless of party affiliation, and this time for goodness sake do not waste your vote on Ralph Nader!

2735 days ago


I give Rosie all the credit in the world. She has had the courage to speak out, to speak the truth of the atrocities that are occuring in our midst while most others, including the "watchdogs" of our corporate news media, remain silent. Elisabeth is a kool-aid drinker, one of the mindless, confounding people, exhibiting sheeplike conformity and lacking independent thought. A huge thanks to Rosie for saying what we are all screaming at home.

2735 days ago


Gee, I guess you can only have an opinion AS LONG AS YOU AGREE with Rosie, Joy and Barbara. What makes an interesting conversation is when people have different points of view, which Elizabeth is allowed to have a different opinion from her liberal co-hosts. I find it interesting that Rosie preaches TOLERANCE, but only as long as you agree with HER.

2735 days ago


I see it like this , the old shrew sits back and lets the fat mouth spew her crap (rosie) . Did we all forget how rude she was to Tom Sellick ? , and how baseless her rant was ? , also she want's gun control , well that is except for her and her bodyguard's . the old axium do as I say not as I do . Very arrogeant and condisending , as with most of her comment's . Dont you she's better then the rest of us lowlife's , and so much more educated and aware of world and national event's LOL , give me a break . Just another hollywood elietist , as most are . And as far a Joy Beehar , what has she ever done ? except open her fat mouth and spew crap from it , what has she accomplished ? won a nobel prize ? invented a cure ? , naw just another liberal on a soap box , devoid of any touch with reality , oh lest I forget I am one of the uwashed masses , one of the mud people with whom they tred apon . shes just so much better and so much better infomed then everyone else . Ya right !. My point is this I've had better and heard better convesation's in bars that the tripe diseminated on that show . It's abunch of fluff with very little substance . do any of you people really think they are "just like us ?" if you do I have some swampland to sell you and I'll kick in a bridge as well for free, LOL . Have a nice day

2735 days ago


I think it's about time someone in Rosie's shoes tells the truth about what the Government is trying to do to us and helps assist those who do not know what the Patriot Act is all about in defining it. I always thought she was just a blow hard but FINALLY she has something interesting to say!!! As far as Elizabeth.... she brings nothing to the table but her looks.

2735 days ago

Bill Brewster    

RE: Shelly's response.
You like Rosie know it all should get the REAL facts before you spout your ignorance and despite what you may think we ALL have a right to our opinions.

And you as you claim others do "blindly follow" the idiots in charge now who are as incompetent as the rest of them because frankly ALL of Washington is incompetent.

Yours or Rosies is not written in stone and right just because you say it is so take the advise I gave her.
Unless you have something positive to say---SHUT UP!!

2735 days ago


Rosie is a horse faced make that a cow faced blimp.

2735 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell is just another alleged celebrity who, for some unknown reason, is certain that her point of view is pertinent. Sorry Rose Darlin', no one really pays any attention to your pathetic political or social view - in fact, no one really pays much attention to any rantings that flow from Hollywood - most of us choose to travel the high road.

2735 days ago


I loved Rosie as an up and coming comedianne on Star Search. I was so glad when she started doing movies. I watched her own show and bought her magazine. Wasn't she billed as the "Queen of Nice?" Where did that all go too?

However she's changed. I don't care if she's come out as a lesbian. Who cares? I applaud her for what she's done personally and professionally but lately she has just ran off at the mouth as do most people searching to be heard without having anything to say.

She's become loud, arrogant, obxnious and militant. I think all sides need to be heard in all discussions to represent everyone, but being dominerant and overbearing not only puts yourself on a lower level but makes whatever that person stands behind also diminish in the lights of others.

Rosie is slowing digging herself into a hole which is sad because I love Rosie but lately when I see her in something other than a movie I just hit the MUTE button. If it becomes down to someone leaving the show I would gladly say goodbye Rosie. Elizabeth just has more class and is less brash.

Then I'd say goodbye to Joy? What's she on there for? Bring back Lisa Ling!

2735 days ago
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