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Geico's Cavemen Learn ABCs of TV

3/2/2007 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CavemanThe low, flat, elongated skull; the broad, projecting nose; tell-tale signs you're talking to a network television executive, uh, displaced Neanderthal who's just gotten a TV pilot commitment from ABC.

Yes, we've all seen the genius insurance commercials: "So simple, even a caveman could use it."

Now these quirky spots, Variety reports, are being turned into an actual half-hour comedy project. Viz, " 'Cavemen' will revolve around three pre-historic men who must battle prejudice as they attempt to live as normal thirtysomethings in modern Atlanta."

While we've got no idea whether this modern stone age family will make it to air, let alone be a hit, there's definitely some good news for a Madison Avenue terrified about the extinction of TV ads: Commericials that are funny and original break through, even in the age of ad zapping TiVo and DVRs.

Last month, the New York Times covered a new Nielsen study that found, amazingly enough, "...even when people watch recorded shows later, many are not fast-forwarding through the ads. On average, Nielsen found, DVR owners watch 40 percent of commercials that they could skip over -- perhaps because they like ads, don't mind them or simply can't be bothered."

We're guessing it's the first reason: We all just want to be entertained. Since the dawn of TV time, simply jamming a product in front of our faces worked well enough; now, Madison Avenue is in tears that they now have to be super creative. Well, get over it, ad-men. It's not the Stone Age anymore.

Or, is it?


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Eddie Lewallen    

Go to You can be the first to arrive at one of their parties this is a very interactive site check out all the rooms even dress the caveman for his party. Its a blast

2792 days ago

Jason P

Way funnier than a caveman comment ripped off from both SNL and the Geico ads.

2792 days ago


I couldn't answer the survey because neither applied. I do zip by some ads, but NEVER my cavemen. I LOVE them!

2791 days ago



2791 days ago

big t    

Look forward to this !! Figures they would set this in a SKANK town like Atlanta !!!!

2791 days ago

mia irving    

I will be looking forward to the pilot episode. Let's hope some good writers are involved.

2790 days ago


Also love the background music as caveman is using escalator at airport. Anyone know who the artist is?

2790 days ago


ATLANTA? WRONG! Malibu man, surfboarding dudes, they could find their way out of one of the underwater caves on the CALIFORNIA coast after "the big one".

2790 days ago

Carson P    

These guys are kinda scary!! I also like the music in the airport!! I agree ATLANTA!! move it to LA or even a smaller town in the midwest!

2788 days ago


Love the cavemen!! Did anyone else think that maybe one of them is gay?

2788 days ago


The cavemen ads are the most funny and ingenious ads to come along in 'ages'....stoneage or otherwise!! I hope they keep them coming. Every word has it's meanings and are well-placed with just the right twist of tone..... down to the guy who gets his phone call from his mother and says he'll 'put it on speaker'..... The song on the people-mover ad at the airport was a past song and I remember it, but don't know who did the original version. There is a lyrics site which can help. Usually, just put in a line of lyrics that are most prominent or 'different' and it will match the lyrics to the song by taking you to their site and hooking you up. It's slick!! Just indicate you are looking for lyrics-dash-the line and it usually takes you right there, or try it with The Star Spangled Banner or something like that to get you to the site and then go from their directions. caveman show could be funnier than Barney and Fred Flintstone if they get good writers and the right town setting....maybe with a countryside so the cave people could revert to their origins and we can understand how they survived without knowing it. It has to be plausible as well as funny.......then it' would work....not just slapstick or one-liners. Maybe they could run a campground or survived in Yellowstone Park or can explain the Big Foot-Sasquatch theories......... so many ideas at hand.....Go for it!!
Note: another really funny ad is the latest Dominoes Pizza ad with the guys describing the pizza by body part....Smell the garlic (huge nose), taste the crust (huge mouth), look at the cheese (huge eyes), that sounds good (huge ears) Check it out.....hilarious!!

2788 days ago


Sher #8 it is:

Artist: Royskopp

Song: Remind me

2788 days ago

Wanda Dykstra    

I love the cavemen. Never ignore their commercials. And, I am happy to know a TV show is planned. This could be smart, edgey! All boils down to writers.

2787 days ago


My friends love the cavemen commercials ! One camp (the liberals) sides with the cavemen, the other (the conserves) side with the I just to pass him the bottle and say, "Dude don't sweat the small stuff!"

2787 days ago
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