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Her Milkshake Brings All the Cops to the (Jail)Yard

3/2/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Singer Kelis was arrested early Friday morning in Miami Beach after screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were posing as prostitutes. Damn. She's bossy!

The officers were working an undercover operation in South Beach, when cops say Kelis started screaming racial slurs at the women. She continued screaming and rushed toward them, and had to be restrained by friends, a police report said. According to the report, Kelis' "actions caused people walking by to stop and form a crowd. The sidewalk was blocked by the disturbance, causing people to walk in the street and causing traffic to stop."

Kelis, the wife of rapper Nas, was charged with two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and for resisting arrest.

A rep for Kelis had no comment.


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Dani you have made some of the most idiotic statements I've heard in a while.And to ysugarcoat? said save the comments for our Black social gatherings,I assume you're talking about the 2 other morons,Farrah and Dani.Your generalization that all Blacks sit around and talk about Whites is so narrow minded and untrue.It's just people like you,Farrah and Dani and others who feel the world owes them everything who sit around and complain about Whites when in actuality you really need to get your facts right and educate yourself before you speak of something you know little about.People like you, ysugarcoat and Farrah are what's wrong with your race and I'm sure they'd tell you that.And to Ms V.Sky, very good point that you made to Farrah,wonder what will become of Farrah's campaign now that she found out the man she was rooting for is half racist?Farrah your neverending ignorance is amazing, you really are hurting not helping your efforts to advance your race.

2699 days ago


of course she'll get away with it - in fact, her black friends will probably applaud her for standing up to the white man. The fact is, blacks are territorial and if you are white and happen to be standing anywhere near them they will attack you, give you dirty looks, call you racist names, etc... But poor babies, when anyone says anything to them, they're poor put upon victims. Bottom line: Reverse racism is ok in the U.S.! God help you if you are white. Their agenda is to breed and take over.

2699 days ago


Brad Richards you are truly a DUMBASS !!!!!!!!! Where's the proof or backing for any of the crap that you claim about the Whites ?????????

2699 days ago

rick ruben sandwich    

listen white people. Kelis has hit records, of course many of you havent heard any of them because you are narrow minded. Those of you making fun of her appearance, I gurantee you are acne ridden overweight losers, who would dream to have her body. Dont make comments if you dont know both sides of the story....

2699 days ago


screw this dumb whore

2699 days ago


Hey 145 EL: You are an ignorant bitch!!!! Go to school and learn something. You can't even communicate
you little stinky black turd. Jump in front of my cadillac you little monkey!! Like they said: go shoot your i;gnorant fat black mama for having your dumb ass. You and your lame family were supported by white tax money you dumb pecker. Now, go to your mailbox and get your fat mama's check. By the way, who's your daddy stinky?

2699 days ago


I'm not upset she made a racial slur so much it's just black racists don't seem to understand that by judging others by the color of their skin they support the racist ideology. Any racist of any color believes that you can tell all you need to know about a person buy the color of their skin. That's the definition of racism. Of course everyone thinks their race is best. Of course. If you let them they'll tell you why all damn day and night. Nobody says I hate another race for no reason at all. Everyone has their reasons. Whoopee.
It's either a valid ideology or it isn't. You either support it or you don't. You can't bitch and whine that it's wrong one day then decide it's right the next when it suits you. Well, you can, but it's hypocritical and people don't respect hypocrites.
By being racist you give support to the racist ideology. You'd think black people by now would realize it's a faulty ideology after getting the sh*t end of it for so many years.Well, some do I'm sure but it seems many just embrace it. Some just loooove racist ideology.

2699 days ago

Team Aniston    


2699 days ago

Brooklyn Born    

So the official story by a professional news team gives the story as not having a thing to do with race and she was arrested for over reacting to police questioning them about the well known street where prostitutes work as they were eating.

2699 days ago

Q-Force Inc.    

Sometimes I get nervous by the level of pure stupidity and ignorance that humans display. I mean, what Kelis did was wrong but it is not comparable to Micheal Richard's in any way. No one knows what was said and no one officially knows the race of the police officers. Kelis herself is white, black, asian, and puerto rican so in reality she needs to tone it down. And what racial slur against white people holds any real ground historically or socially? The "N-word" (as every loves to call it) was used officially during a horrible time in history and has connotations and things behind it that just make it dead wrong to go around saying. If I call a white person a "cracker" or whatever, it sounds stupid and goofy and to me does not hold the same ground. STILL EITHER ONE IS WRONG (for those who wanna say I myself am a racist). It all has to do with being decent people, and not trying to do things that you know hurt other people, no matter if you understand why it hurts them or not. You all claim to be the decent ones right?

2698 days ago

Q-Force Inc.    

When you read the comments on this site it shows you just how ignorant different races are about each other. You all use the television to teach you cultural diversity instead of going out and meeting different kinds of people yourselves. Whoever said Kelis was a rapper is a raving idiot. Whoever wants to run and say she should be going through what Micheal Richards did sounds like they are 12 years old. And if the police officers where blk like everyone is saying, then why can't the white people shut the f*** up and let that fact soak in their heads? If anything now us African-Americans are left with the task of figuring out why this bitch is running around using racial slurs against her own race!

2698 days ago

Q-Force Inc.    

Someone actually said that blk people are territorial and have an agenda to breed white people and take over!!! My stomache is f***ing churning!! The last thing on my mind is what the girl who posted that has between her bird legs...disgust! And if blk people are territorial it's by nature. We come from people who were taken from their original territory and then when given some kind of equal rights are asked, "Why don't you go back?". This is hard to explain, but the past sometimes has a way of intrinsically sticking to generation after generation. I know to most that does not make sense and it opens up too big of a topic. Anyway, racism in any way, shape, or form is just wrong and kind of played out. It just seems so lazy and ignorant to just be racist and let yourself feel such basic emotions and accept it. Evolution seems to have stopped. Humans are idiots.

2698 days ago

Team Aniston    

Noir.... "you heard"... RIGHT!!! Does NOT make it true!! You are ASSuming these women were black b/c you heard from WHO??

Right Sam.... So how can you say it's not comparable to what Mr Richards did.... Were you there? Please inform us?!
You as well can NOT judge what you THINK is comparable. Being you weren't in attendence when she was yelling out those slurs!! I don't believe the police officers were black. FOR ONE.... it wouldn't say she was yelling out racial slurs. When police issue statements like that... it's cuz the perp was of a different race. Not b/c she was black hollerin out racial slurs when her herself is consider black!!!

2698 days ago

Team Aniston    

This is what went down from another websites report........

.....The officers were working along a main avenue in the South Beach nightclub district when Kelis started screaming racial profanities at them, the report said.

The report said the officers were talking with a group of men on the street when Kelis rushed toward them, screaming that one of the men in the group was her husband.

Kelis -- famous for her 2003 album, "Tasty," and its chart-topping single, "Milkshake" -- married rapper Nas in 2005.

According to the report, the officers were questioning the men about two suspected female prostitutes who were spotted in the area. The officers asked Kelis to step away, but the report states that she continued shouting.

She then rushed toward them and had to be restrained by her friends, the report said.

Kelis' "actions caused people walking by to stop and form a crowd. The sidewalk was blocked by the disturbance causing people to walk in the street and cause traffic to stop," the report said.

She calmed down for a few seconds, but then started shouting at the officers and charged them again, the report said.

Kelis resisted arrest while being handcuffed, the report said.

Earlier, a female fan recognized Nas and shouted, "I love you, Nas," according to the report. Kelis allegedly responded by screaming profanities at the woman, police said.

So this was all to do with her husband being around the women. WOW.... And with all you all calling each other insecure, seems like ya girl here would be the very same. He man was being questioned about two other woman whoring... and she's that insecure her husband can't talk to female. AND a fan??? WHAT???? Not only that... she was well aware by now after she calmed down for a min that they were police officers... so she' runnin at them for WHAT??

THAT is sad!!!!

2698 days ago


no wonder HIP HOP IS DEAD - Nas's wife killed it when she dyed her hair!!

2698 days ago
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