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Her Milkshake Brings All the Cops to the (Jail)Yard

3/2/2007 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Singer Kelis was arrested early Friday morning in Miami Beach after screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were posing as prostitutes. Damn. She's bossy!

The officers were working an undercover operation in South Beach, when cops say Kelis started screaming racial slurs at the women. She continued screaming and rushed toward them, and had to be restrained by friends, a police report said. According to the report, Kelis' "actions caused people walking by to stop and form a crowd. The sidewalk was blocked by the disturbance, causing people to walk in the street and causing traffic to stop."

Kelis, the wife of rapper Nas, was charged with two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and for resisting arrest.

A rep for Kelis had no comment.


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does the girl not own a MIRROR!!!! That hair is UGLY

2787 days ago


Racial slur, huh? Funny how we don't hear about this in the press. If she had been a white girl-thug making racial slurs against the black community the story would have made the nightly news on enery news channel. I guess I'm now a racist because I just questioned what a black girl said, right?!?!?!?!? Yeah, and she can't possible be a racist since she's black, right!!!!!!!! I wonder what the hell she said!!!!!! Rev. Martin Luther King would probably be mortified and embarrassed as hell to see how the black community hates the white community so damn much. What is the phrase Fat Albert and his friends would always say? "NO CLASS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2787 days ago


all of you are talking sh*t because look how much times white people have put down blacks. so lets no forget the past and act stupid. this is nothing compared to what black people have endured trust and believe if she was white they would have given her a warning and kept on moving because last i heard freedom of speech was not a crime. look how that comedian screamed the n word i dont hear you all saying he is ugly inside out nor did he get arrested. so lets quit being fake and finally be real for once in the history of america

2787 days ago


we should not judge her we all fall short . And could be in her shoes so no need to judge there is only one right judge .

2787 days ago

trini Empress    

Oh my god who gave her the right to speak loud, looking like a bootleg version of the wonderful Mrs Pink(LOL). It is a shame when celeberities get arrested especially for racial acts, but who is Kelis again? Trying so desperately hard to make a name for herself we know you low when you make ad's for ford, only regular people do that, take a hint from Vivica Fox in that Cadillac ad "MOVE FORWARD".

2787 days ago


We all fall short there is no need to judge her or say mean things.There is only one to judge She also did some judging and it just shows judging others can get you in mess .

2787 days ago


Kelis- your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their life is better than your, I can teach you but I have to charge! Poor soul now they're charging you!!!!

2787 days ago


Not in an effort to justify her behavior.... But this seems to be the going thing.. Even Polly Prissy Pants Paris Hilton was caught on camera recently yelling racial slurs. The very same one that "good ole boy" Michael Richards used and then said she was from Compton go figure.. Paris saying she's from Compton. The truth is the media decides who and what they want to harp on. They feel like Kelis & Polly Prissy Pants aren't great threats to the racial divide... Unfortunately any racist remark or deed is a sign that the person themselves is wounded in character.. Doesn't justify it, it just is what it is. Now when one of these so called celeb's get's their meal ticket revoked by the public and or their behinds stomped out then will everyone begin to see the sensitivity and severity of make such ignorant comments. Can somebody tell lil Easy E to let me know when Paris rides out with them in

2787 days ago

you people are racist morons    

Yes, she should apologize, but there's no need for the racist comments that is coming out of your mouths. I guess YOUR mothers didn't care enough to teach you proper respect.

2787 days ago

you people are racist morons    

PS: Makes me sick, learn how to friggin spell you racist idiot

2787 days ago


hate to say it but there is something really wrong with this lady
i mean look at her very first song all she did was scream "i hate you so much right now" she must really hate herself!!!!! plus even if she did go to trial for scream racial slurs she will just claim that she is half white and it was just for sh#$s and giggles so she will get off
and after the story i read about her and nas daughter getting into it beacuse the baby sucks her thumb i say nas baby momma should handle her
now that would be a good thing to see on this reality show they want to have nas' baby momma and kelis rumbling like two straight up brooklyn sistas!!!!! brooklyn stand the f#$k up if you feel me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2787 days ago

Reginald C Hazzard II    

Don't believe the hype!! This is a publicity stunt to generate a "buzz" for her new show with her hubby Nas. No publicity is bad publicity! Now that you are talking about her - the percentages say you will tune in to [at least] the first episode. It's an old trick [but] it's effective. Miami [undercover] officers do not blow their cover for disorderly conduct charges! They signal for a "marked" unit to respond to the area. The whole point of being undercover is to grab the "big fishes". Had she solicted the officers for sex and or drugs, this would have been worth "blowing" their cover.

2787 days ago

Dee we've got the pink hair thing going on. She's almost beyond the clown look....just needs curls and a red nose.
She looks as absurd as she behaves.

2787 days ago


I am black and I say the N word all the time because it means ignorance. You can be a white N and a black N. To many damn racist people in here talking mad stupid sh*t. She did what she did and I am not mad at her. If I saw to black hookers I would yell hate sh*t to them 2. How dare you degrade your body like that? Then to make matters worse why is it that it wasn't a black cop and a white cop posing as hookers. Why it has to be 2 black cops? See this world is full of racist sh*t. And I have white cousin so I feel I can say whatever I please because I am bi racial and I get the best of both worlds. So screw who ever don't like what I have to say.

2787 days ago


lovin her hair lol

2787 days ago
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