Jon? Luke? Oh, Jeremy!

3/2/2007 1:45 PM PST
Even though he is an Emmy winner, not everyone recognizes Jeremy Piven when he's out and about.

Piven stopped off at health food supermarket Erewhon yesterday afternoon, where he bumped into Melrose Larry Green, a member of the Wack Pack on "The Howard Stern Show." Green didn't recognize the Pivster, so Jeremy told him he was Jon Favreau from the movie "Swingers." Sorry Jeremy, we don't see the resemblance.

When Piven left the store, Melrose Larry was still there, and this time he knew who Piven was ... Luke Perry. We really don't see that resemblance. But the Pivonator finally set the record straight and gave Melrose Larry an autograph -- and yes, he signed his real name.