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Virgie Denied! Anna to Be Buried

3/2/2007 1:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the petition filed by Anna's mom, Virgie Arthur, to stop Anna's funeral has been denied by a Bahamian court, clearing the way for the service to continue today as planned.


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Her mother is a dispicable, absolutely disgraceful person. DAMN I WANNA BITCH SLAP HER FAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2790 days ago

Too much!    

This "so called" mother abused Anna in life and is still abusing her in death. She is repulsive and a disgrace.

2790 days ago


thank god ,what kind of mother would do this to their child. im a mother i could never do the things that vergie has done to anna to my children .shes a rotten person.

2790 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

What a shame, this vulture mother is no mother at all. Let Anna rest in peace. Vulture Virgie give up and stay out of it. What a money hungry person this mommy dearest is proving to be.

2790 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Um, NO #11, a "mother" is not still "a mother." Just because you can incubate a fetus in your womb for nine months does not make you a mother. Do you think a woman who beats her children or verbally abuses them is still a "mother" that should have rights to her children?

It really drives me crazy that people have this notion that because you were an incubator or a sperm donor that you have "rights" no matter how horribly you might treat your children.

She is a scum-sucking, fat-ass piece of shit who should crawl back under her trailer in Texas and wait for her welfare check to arrive. Now that Anna will be safely buried in the Bahamas, she'll never get her. Do you know how hard it will be to have a body exhumed and moved out of a foreign country.


2790 days ago


Clearly we all know why Anna hated this woman so much. She cant even let Anna be in peace at her own burial. I hope whoever the dad is keeps this woman VERY far away from the baby for the rest of her precious life.

2790 days ago


DENIED YOU FAT BITCH!! and the rest of you anna nicole and Howard hater's bite ME! we will have the victory.. rest in peace anna with your baby, thank God your free from your hateful fat mother..

2790 days ago


Wow! she almost stopped ET's EXCLUSIVE video of the whole funeral.. Wonder how much money Howard would have to pay them (ET) back if the deal did not go through??

2790 days ago


# 21..Giving birth does make her a mother

2790 days ago


Maybe they should rule on all the other matters as quickly, do any court officials realize how important it is for this child to be with her rightful surviving parent, more important then if a person is laid down with another dead person at the end of the day

2790 days ago


SHE IS EVIL just like Anna called her MOMMY DEAREST

2790 days ago

deez s    

Her mom is a hag why is she even there then at the funeral. I bet she keeps trying after shes buried to get her exhumed.

2790 days ago


2790 days ago


Those of you cheering the BITCH on are as sick as her!

Being a Mother consist MORE of just giving BIRTH! She is NO MOTHER to Anna.
That is final! Anna knew this...everyone knew this!

2790 days ago


Somebody needs to smack Virgie's tasteless, redneck, ugly, fat, low-class Bitch's Ass!

2790 days ago
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