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Stern to Birkhead: I Own You, and Your Little Girl Too

3/3/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As TMZ previously reported, it looks like Larry Birkhead is on his way to being crowned Dannielynn's daddy – but only if the price is right for Howard K. Stern.

As Stern continues to lose control of the whole Anna Nicole circus, he's pressuring the would-be daddy into making him look like the good guy.

According to FOX News, Stern has tried to force Birkhead into signing a contract saying they will appear side by side in upcoming exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight," but Larry won't ink the deal. "Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like ... it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," a source says.

But TMZ has learned that is not the way it went down. Sources say Stern and Birkhead discussed a deal that would have benefited a trust for Dannielynn, but ultimately Birkhead wouldn't sign. Did Stern then cut his own deal? You be the judge.

Brooke and Brit -- New BFFs?

Brooke Shields, who suffered from post-partum depression, is reaching out to rehab-ridden Britney Spears, reports Access Hollywood. As TMZ first reported, doctors at the rehab center think that Brit may be suffering from post-partum, and Brooke agrees. "It really needs to be reckoned with," Shields says. "It's very common, and she'll get through it."

TMZ reported that Brit was spotted in rehab reading Brooke's book, "Down Came the Rain," about the subject. "I hope it's helping her," Shields says. "If it's not, and she wants to talk to someone, I'm available."

Is Angelina Pulling a Madonna?

Angelina Jolie is quickly moving forward on adopting a Vietnamese boy, and being a celebrity sure has its privileges. It seems that Vietnamese officials are turning a blind eye to the fact that Jolie has filed papers as a single parent, even though she lives with Brad Pitt and shares custody of her other children with him. "This is a clear contradiction of Vietnamese law, and such situations would not be allowed for other couples," international adoption advocate Tatiana Beams tells Page Six. "Most co-habitating couples who try to adopt as a single parent are either turned away from agencies or face difficulties."

Party Favors: Spielberg Hands Over Stolen Art ... Elizabeth Hurley Gets Hitched ... NYC Says No to the N-Word

A missing Norman Rockwell painting was found hanging in Steven Spielberg's office. The painting was stolen more than three decades ago, and purchased in 1989 by Spielberg, who didn't know it was stolen. ... Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar were set to wed today in western England. Guests will include Elton John, Kate Moss and Hugh Grant. ... New York City has symbolically banned the N-word. The City Council voted on the new campaign, which carries no legal penalties but hopes to curb the use of the word.

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Anna was clinically depressed after the death of her son. Having been there myself, I know how devastating it is to lose a grown child. In her case, she hardly could bond with Dannielyn because her heart was crushed by the loss of Daniel. She also had profound guilt because she took drugs for so many years, and then her own son died of drugs. Many people commit suicide after the loss of a child, and I think in her own way, she may have done the same. She just had too much to cope with after Danny died with media scrutiny and paternity issues. On Larry King back in 2002, she said she wanted another child but not a husband. She did not trust anyone because she had been hurt too many times. She was searching for love but could not find it. She DID trust Howard who took a lot from her, and she DID consider him a friend by her own standards of friendship. Let her rest in peace. With all that she had in money, she lost it all when Danny died.

2793 days ago


Larry got unanimous cheering. Mmmmm .........

2793 days ago

Wendy R    

Larry PLEASE don't make the deal. Because you stay clear of this guy and ET WE RESPECT you. You're too good of a person to get into bed with those whores.

2793 days ago


"Does ANYONE have a link to the full speech? Either video or just audio? I want to hear/see it non-edited and "non-Sternified."

As I understand it, no cameras or recording equipment were allowed into the proceedings EXCEPT FOR ET.

So Stern, in effect, controlled the story.

There were people inside such who heard the speech and gave their account of it (MSNBC) and spoke about how badly Stern had come off, but they were not allowed to bring in any recording equipment as far as I know.

2793 days ago


ET(discredited news rag) will never show anything but pro-stern pieces (cock and bull stories). Stop watching them if you do not agree.

2793 days ago


stern is a machiavellian manipulator to the end...Evil Tonite presented the Howard Stern show lat nite, having xclusvie rights of the funeral sold to them by stern-just a virgie said.

ET cut howards being booed, showed his disgraceful speech villifying dead womans mother at her funeral( real class there hks but then you never had any to begin with), thye did not show larrys and virgies speech.

I did not notice one tear from howard- I've seen that fake shit before when my dad died and evil stepmom, centre of attention wailed and moaned but not one tear came out, we all openly sobbed with genuine grief, but she was puttin on a show-when i mentioned it someone said "oh shes just all cried out"

yeah guess howard was all cried out too....this will disintegrate into the war of the tv shows with et vs access hollywood- acess shows genuine footage of larry-grieving, speaking about his time with anns, not attacking people with vitriol as howard is doing on ET

what man gives up his practice to hang around a woman, who dated howard prior to his latching onto anna? I thnk the next bombshell will be that howard is GAY, he had to be, anna never slept with him he was the classic hbeard, gay man , annas funeral was attended by mostly gays and lawyers, watch howards boyfriend come out of the woodwork no that anna is six ft under

its just begun, larry need sto take his daughter out of that cess pool, maybe gay howard was hired by the marchall family to do just this and a good job was done...he did come on the scene just as the cse started- coincidence?

whatever, virgie was amother for29 years of anna's life -stern was a "friend" for 10 years and claims to be annas mouthpiece- the man is a psychotic killer, I hope annaand danile wherever they are will find a way to haunt howard and make him pay for what he is doing

the inquest is comeing up, howard is squealing like the pig he is to et, bahamas is notrious for corrupt officials- he may just get off , but somehow,somewhere justice will prevail and howard will get his

his little speech at the funeral about "anna and i know the truth" yeah- the truth that you are a gay ,conniving,twisted individual who will stop at nothing to get money and fame off someone else.

RIP anna and daniel

2793 days ago


This is from AP this morning:;_ylt=AvR2DV5Oz8JXiCG6S4iLqrpK2ocA

Of interest:

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward Country medical examiner, said he will announce Anna Nicole Smith's cause of death next week. She died on Feb. 8 in a Florida hotel room. "This was a complex case," Perper said. "It was an unusual case from a medical point of view."


From what Cyril Wecht has said lately - and he and Perper are good friends (did a book together and both coroners in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA.) - Anna died from a combination of drugs and illness. Now Perper himself in interviews is saying things like "unusual" (above) and that there are "surprises" in the cause and manner of her death.

EVEN if she died completely from natural causes, the people around her still contributed to her death.

Howard maintained her drug supply.

"Big Moe" could have killed her with the ice bath (supervised by KHRISTINE EROSHEVICH, MD, who is the psychiatrist from CA). Since Anna evidently survived the Monday night ice bath, she might very well have developed pneumonia from it. Still not sure how the 105 degree temp came down and stayed down from just the ice bath when it did not address the cause of the high fever. - She could also have died from dehydration, due the high fever, or also as a result of drinking alcohol while ill.

The whole gang - Moe, his wife (RN) and Howard - said she did not want to go to the hospital. As licensed professionals, Moe, wife and Khristine should have realized that she was seriously ill and got her to the hospital. - Kids say they don't want to go to the dentist, pediatrician, etc but we take them anyway because we know it is best. - It is unconscionable that they did not take her to the ER on Monday night.

Very important is the fact that Dr. Perper said at the original Press Conference that "the body was still warm" when the paramedics arrived. That says to me that if 911 had been called promptly, she might have lived. -- Instead, nurse called Moe, Moe called Howard, Moe called Hotel switchboard, Switchboard called 911. But the whole thing took 20-30 minutes. - So regardless of what killed her or what was killing her, she was in the hands of a bunch of incompetents.

And I still think it is VERY strange that Moe left Anna with his wife, then a mere 10 minutes later he called to see how Anna was doing. STRANGE. How bad off was Anna that he had to call so soon after leaving?

2793 days ago


If it's true, ET gave the money as a donation. I also heard that Kern's lawyer & possibly Kern had a meeting with Larry because it would be easier to deal with Larry as he wants the baby & doesn't care what he has to give up for it. His lawyer, Opri, found out about it & was not pleased.

2793 days ago


The Bahamian people see right through Stern.

2793 days ago


Angelina is doing a good thing, even if she is a single parent or getting treated differently bc she is famous, it shouldnt matter bc she is doing a good thing, let her have the kid and leave it at that. we all know that kid will get treated soo well if he is with her.

2793 days ago

truth sleuth    

26 Sharon -

So are you saying you think she had a pre-existing heart condition and then the stress of her loss of Daniel eventually caused a AMI which caused the stunned heart? Which is plausible, that is basically what happened in my case. I had a pre-existing condition and lost a child, which sent my ex-husband into a tailspin of addiction that I had to deal with not to mention the financial strain that put on us. Trying to raise three other children and deal with all that I eventually broke down 4 years later at the age of 39. It wasn't from lack of eating or taking care of myself but rather the constant and prolonged stress of it all topped with the heart disease, well I eventually gave out. So are you saying that is basically what you think could have happened to her? Because wouldn't she have had to of had some kind of pre-existing heart disease/condition and wouldn't that have been obvious in the intial autopsy? I wouldn't be surprised if it does since as you know heart disease is the #1 killer of women but wouldn't you say her reported drug usage, coupled with her financial and legal stresses and then the loss of Daniel to top it off would of had to of caused a AMI first and then the stunned myocardium? Wouldn't she have had to had a combination of aggravating factors first?

2793 days ago


If I was Larry, after I got Dannielynn, I would just chill out and live in the Bahamas. It looks beautiful there, the Bahamians seem like they're crazy about him, and Stern won't be around, either ...

2793 days ago

truth sleuth    

also, according to what has been reported, do you think the bodyguard, his wife, etc followed correct procedure with her?

2793 days ago

truth sleuth    

38. If I was Larry, after I got Dannielynn, I would just chill out and live in the Bahamas. It looks beautiful there, the Bahamians seem like they're crazy about him, and Stern won't be around, either ...

Posted at 11:15AM on Mar 3rd 2007 by HELLO?

So would I, let the media frenzy go away, it's at the point he wouldn't even be able to take Dannielynn for a stroll and fresh air without being mobbed.

2793 days ago

show me the $$    

#5 Patricia, I hope he looks out for Dannilynn better then he looked out for Anna Nicole. He drags a sick woman to Florida and lets her die in bed while he's out shopping for a boat.

Like they say, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

2793 days ago
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