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The Best T-Shirt

In the Nation!

3/3/2007 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When Hollywood It girls like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan want to look casual while sipping lattes and shopping on Robertson Blvd., they put on Nation's line of silky soft and stylish t-shirts.

Nicole, Jessica and Lindsay in NATION Tees
The brand has become a favorite with starlets Mischa Barton and Reese Witherspoon, Tori Spelling -- and even the patron saint of fashionistas everywhere, Sarah Jessica Parker. StyleChic's Aly Scott tells TMZ that Jessica Simpson loves the brand's buttah-like feel so much -- that she requested them for a recent Elle magazine shoot.

Especially hot right now is Nation's grey PE (as in Phys Ed) t-shirt which retails for $69. According to Nation, "This gem is made to look like that old PE tee from 3rd grade ... loose, casual, gooey." Delish!

So throw away your 90s baby tees -- and get ready to face the Nation!


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$69 for a thin t-shirt? Give me a break of a kit kat bar.

2758 days ago


I received one of these shirts as a gift from my sister in law in L.A. I agree with #4. Huge mark-up on a thin tee. Yes, it's comfortable but not at $69.

2758 days ago


Um these only go up to size 5.

2758 days ago


As a retailer who sells these amazing tshirts, I will vouch for them. They are amazing - great quality, compared to other lines i.e. james perse, splendid & c & c california (also carried in my store). The markup was standard from our side. We pay approx $32 for the t's & not ALL celebs are given them for free. We had 2 come in our store that I helped who purchased them & loved them. Not everyone wants hanes or cheapy t's - these are pre-shrunk & have lasted through a million washings & get softer with each one. The cost also goes up when items are MADE IN THE USA!!! Unlike al the cheaper brands.

2758 days ago


#6 Instead of regular sizing, the shirts are labeled as 2,3,4,5 as in small-2, med-3, large-4, 5 xlarge.

2757 days ago


No matter what the "retailer" says, the celebs ARE given them for free. Then many dumb ass people go out and buy them and they sell out everywhere? (Can you say UGG?) That's what makes Hollywood go 'round, the stars are all cheap whores. Look at the swag that is given to them if they so much as fart.

2757 days ago


They could wear something by Fruit of the Loom, and no one would be the wiser.

2757 days ago

Diana Crabtree    

I love watching celebrities spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to look like they didn't try. I am sure stylists hand them their t-shirts and bandanas, and even put a little pomade in their hair to give it that "just rolled out of bed look"

2757 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Jessica Simpson looks horrible in just about anything, this t shirt included. Infact, the only thing that she was worse in was "Employee of the Month" so not only can this broad not act, she can't dress herself either. Ick

2756 days ago

Ashley Robbins    

These tee's are my absolute favorite! I would pay a lot more than $69 for them...and I don't mind contributing to the American economy, local retailers OR a small start-up fashion business.

2754 days ago


These v-necks look cheap. I would not spend $69 for a shirt that looks like it's made for a man. I buy fitted v-neck t-shirts for $6-12 dollars and they look great on me and show off my sexy cleavage. They are comfortable and show off my nice figure. These celebrities look like they are getting ready to go to sleep. Instead of helping corporate America or some fashion designer get richer for buying over priced clothing, donate some money to a worthy cause. The money I save from not buying over priced clothing, I donate to my favorite charities. The bottom line, if the clothes are fitted and look good on a person, and are not over priced; buy it.

2754 days ago


Dear #10 and #15. I am a technical professional, make a great salary, and can afford $69 t-shirts, but choose not to because it’s simply absurd to make Corporate America and rich designers richer. It’s sad because a lot of people should be buying less expensive t-shirts, saving more money, and/or paying off their credit card debt. Only 3 percent of Americans make $300,000 or more a year. Americans have too much credit card debt because Americans buys into all this hype. I buy my inexpensive t-shirts at local mom and pop shops that are usually located next to the grocery stores. I live by the beach in Southern California – Orange County. The money I save from not buying over priced clothing, I either put in my savings or donate to my favorite charities. The fortunate people need to be more caring and giving to humanity, and quit being so self absorbed. Donate to charity because people who are less fortunate than us deserve our help. These over priced t-shirts look like something one can buy from the Hanes outlet stores purchased by mail or the Internet. The inexpensive t-shirts I buy are comfortable, fitted, show off my cleavage, and nice figure.

2753 days ago


$69 for a men's Hanes t-shirt. Hellll to the naw.

2748 days ago


I looked up this site and all these tees are CLEARLY ... alternative apparel dot com with a private label stuck on them.

So suck on that.

It's all the same and, yeah they're soft, I have several, but they only last about two washings. I'm not thrilled with mine, but I didn't pay $69 hah!

2735 days ago

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