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Woody to Bar Staff -- You're Full of Schlitz

3/3/2007 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

woody harrelsonTMZ has learned Woody Harrelson got into it last night at a Los Angeles bar, and police were called.

It went down at the trendy The Other Room in Venice, California. The LAPD tells TMZ Harrelson became upset when the beer glass he was drinking from turned out to be broken and he cut his hand. Cops say Harrelson began arguing with the staff. The LAPD was called to the scene.

An LAPD watch commander tells TMZ, "It was not a major blowout. We arrived on scene and just took an injury report." No one was arrested and no one pressed charges.


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WOW!!! tmz u depended too much on ANS for stories... now she is buried and look at the last three stories! Desperate much?? Get some new material......

2793 days ago


Prepared to stand up and be counted, good for him.

Meanwhile, the UK tabloid press (NewsoftheWorld) is reporting that Britney tried to hang herself, then asked K-Fed to give her another baby? Any news on this one, TMZ?

2793 days ago


Woody was, is, and will always be a jerk. This guy is pure nasty. Know from meeting him.

2793 days ago


Woody, son of a hitman, now just like all the other pompous hollywood losers.

2793 days ago


I think Woody needs to lay off the pipe a little....and eat a little humble pie....the guy hasnt had a decent piece of work since King Pin....if I hadnt done quality work in over a decade....I wouldnt expect to have a job in my field...and he doesnt.

2793 days ago


He was cute and funny in Cheers, he has to have been doing drugs ever since. Unless you've done a few hundred rounds with the world heavyweight champ can't think of anything else outside of a major disforming car wreck that could make someone cute that ugly. If it's true about his father being a killer he probably does have issues he's trying to drink/smoke/snort/swallow away. Sad, life still gave him great opportunities and he threw his life away anyway.
Unless you are an F-ing idiot, you don't behave like an a-hole over a broken glass. Crap happens you don't throw your respect away over mishaps. So yeah, most people do maintain their dignity even after a few drinks. Hello, as stated b4 the police were called, no pride, no dignity.

2793 days ago


Woody who? I guess it was a very very very slow news weekend huh TMZ?

2792 days ago


This storie is kind of bogus. i was at The Other Room when this event took place. woody simply walked out of the bar with alcohol in his hands and the bouncers took him down. the best part is there was already a cop across the street giving someone a sobriety test. so thats what really happened.

2792 days ago


It's O.K. Woody. The other room sucks anyways. So does the Brigg.

2792 days ago


Maybe Woody just doesn't like broken glass in the vicinity of things he's eating or drinking. Doesn't make him an a**hole.

2792 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Poor baby. That happened to me the other day, so I just asked for another one.
Poor waitress looked horrified and gave me a free drink. Why's Harrison going all diva?
Poor gal prob. didn't even notice. Puffed up sense of self-importance, what?

2792 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Hotel/Bar dishwashers can break glasses easily. Bartenders/Waiters/waitresses should notice before serving, but sometimes those places are DARK inside. Get another drink.

2792 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

Looks like he's been doing a lot of weed - not drinking enough beer.

2792 days ago


Yeah- Screw him! The bastard got me fired from my job on Marthas Vineyard, Ma .I was waiting on his table of assholes, when he complained his salad wasn't "vegan ". Needless to say he won, and I was sent packing. So woody, Go F..k yourself.....

2791 days ago

sara penney    

Yes, it IS a big deal getting your hand cut on a beer glass that you've been served!
Especially, if, after it occurs, no one in the establishment will address the situation!!!
AND, especially, if you are currently filming a basketball movie and need to use that

I've worked in restaurants and on the Hawaiian passenger ships and the staff
members were always a bunch of cheeseball weasels that headed for the hills
when there was a problem. This includes the management!

2786 days ago
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