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Casting Secrets of Convicted Felons

3/4/2007 4:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When you look at Meg Ryan do you immediately think, "She would be convicing as a statuatory rapist?" When you think of Farrah Fawcett, do you think, "sex symbol" or "child murderer?" True crime author Gregg Olsen decided to ask the actual rapist and murderer what they thought!

Penelope Ann Miller, Mary Kay Letourneau, Meg Ryan
Olsen's first thriller, "A Wicked Snow," just came out in paperback. But over the years, he's interviewed some of the most notorious female criminals ever, including hundreds of interviews with teacher/convicted rapist Mary Kay Letourneau. The Seattle schoolteacher, who had a sexual relationship with her underage student Vili Fualaau (whom she later married), wanted Meg Ryan to play her in the TV movie "All American Girl." Instead, it was Penelope Ann Miller -- whom Letourneau never heard of.

"I don't get it at all," she said. "Penelope was good, but I think she played me like I was crazy. Maybe Meg would have been a better choice."

Diane Downs/Farrah Fawcett
Diane Downs was in prison for killing a daughter, injuring another and paralyzing her son. She was the subject of

the Farrah Fawcett mini-series "Small Sacrifices." Most people would say Farrah is as sexy as it gets, but not Downs. "I know that you'll probably think I'm egotistical or something, but I don't think Farrah looked like me at all," Downs told Olsen. "I think I'm prettier and have much nicer eyes. All I can say is that her hair looked good."

Helen Hunt, Pam Smart, Nicole Kidman
Pam Smart has been in prison for two decades for the murder of her husband, insurance salesman Craig Smart. She was a teacher's aide/weathergirl wannabe who seduced her lover into killing Craig. Her story was told in the TV movie "Murder in New Hampshire," starring Helen Hunt, and was the inspiration for the Nicole Kidman movie "To Die For."

"I'm famous here," she says of being the subject of books and two films. "Everyone wants to take a potshot at me; the guards, the other offenders. It isn't easy being me. Both actresses got it wrong because I didn't do what they said. I'm innocent. Those movies were fiction."

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Halle Berry would make a good movie version of me - although I'm prettier with a better figure, LOL.

2697 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

Hey, Mary Kay, maybe she played you like you were crazy because you are you stupid bitch!

2697 days ago


Of course she would want Meg, she's a bigger star! When the whole story came out Meg was doing very well for herself, she didn't need to do some Lifetime tv movie! Talk about thinking you're overly important! Stupid woman wouldn't have a movie made about her at all if she wouldn't have raped her 13 YEAR OLD STUDENT!!! She needs a dictionary to learn the difference between famous & infamous! Big difference! Just ask some people who have been in the news in recent months.

2697 days ago


I can't believe Diane Downs had the NERVE to say she was prettier than Farah Fawcett - at the time the TV movie was made, Farah was a real beauty. Downs didn't even compare. Downs was a real psycho bitch - a precursor to "Susan Smith" type murders - she wanted to kill her kids to be with a man who didn't want kids, Lew Lewiston.

I also watched the TV movie about the murder of Anne Marie Fahey - The former Delware governor's clerk was murdered by Tom Capano. And the woman they had to portray Fahey was a short blonde haired woman. Didn't even LOOK like Fahey, who was a really pretty long-haried brunette.

2697 days ago


Mary Kay Letourneau is a daft ding-a-ling who still can't face the atrocity of her perverted behavior. Then what does she do when she gets out of prison the first time??? She strikes again. Gets out of prison again and then marries the infant she "fell in love" with, and then has children. Not only is she a criminal, but she's also still stuck in her screwy fantasy. Without doubt the movie would portray her as a nut case.

2697 days ago


Why are they making movies about these sick bitches anyway? They murder people and then complain how Farrah or Meg isn't portraying them properly? Ding bats...
Throw away the key and take away the television.

2697 days ago

linda Jackson    

They are where they need to be. Away from other people they could hurt. Here's to a life of peanut butter and jelly sandwichs, no hope of ever getting out and being harrassed everyday by some physco, and fearing for your life!! You put yourself there and innocent people in the grave! Burn baby burn......

2697 days ago


...MKL needs to believe this is some sort of tragic love affair so she keeps on keeping on with it. what's the alternative? facing the fact that VF could not have possibly had the faculties to make the kind of "grown-up" decisions she manipulated and pressured him into making? it's called "grooming" in the real world of pedophiles and child victims. her whole "old souls" schtick makes me want to vomit. i hope VF wakes up soon and sues the azz off that crazy beeyatch, and at the same time, confronts his own crazy biological mother who, for whatever reason, felt compelled to abet MKL in the seduction of her child...

2697 days ago


Although I agree that ALL of the perpetrators mentioned above are beyond Sick Bitches...

It's important for the public to know their crimes, it could stop someone else from whacking their kids. Maybe someone will make that one phone to the police that will save a kids life from a mom like Diane Downs.

Although the movies are about making a buck, they are also a publid service.

2697 days ago


Down thinks she is prettier than Farrah Fawcett? What mirror is looking in? I would like to purchase on. When Farrah Fawcett was in her prime (20s, 30s & 40s), there is not a lady alive prettier than her. I was in the fifth grade when Charlie's Angels became a big hit, and I was a huge fan of Farrah. My friends and I would play Charlies's Angels, and although I was a brunnette, I insisted on playing "Jill." I hate she is fighting cancer--I wish her well.

2697 days ago


Excuse me, Mary Leturno--whatever your name is--you were and are crazy. It was a child you seduced.

2697 days ago



2697 days ago

Steve Huff    

And all this still proves why when it comes to true crime, Gregg Olsen is DA MAN. Apparently he's also really tall.

2697 days ago


Mary Kay is not crazy. I personally know her and she is a sweet soul. I'll admit I judged before but I met her but she really is wonderful. Who are we to judge love?

2697 days ago


They are all sick as far as i'm concerned, but the sickest of them all is Diane Downs, and Susan Smith, for killing their own children. All for some guy who didn't want them anyway. There is another one out there who is currently serving a life sentence for Stabbing to death her 3 young babies, then slashing her own throat (not enought to kill her though), and said it was a burgler who broke in. This was all for a guy to. Sick,sick,sick!!!!!! I think she was from Texas. For these mothers who kill their kids, life in prison is to good for them. I say kill them in the same way they killed their children. Slow and painful.

2697 days ago
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