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Brown to Whitney: I'm YOUR Bobby Tonight

3/5/2007 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh outta lockdown, Bobby Brown hit up Mr. Chow with soon-to-be ex-wife Whitney Houston last night. The troublesome twosome ate together, but they didn't leave in the same car.

The two were spotted at the Beverly Hills noodle joint with daughter Bobbi Kristina -- plus her friends and a glammed up Da Brat.

Whitney was heard yelling "Shut up!" to the kids in the car as they drove away from the restaurant.


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Standards are badly needed.    

I wish these two souls good fortune for the future.
I think they'll need to creat it.

2798 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I wish these two souls better/good fortune in the future.
I think they'll need to create it. Won't just 'happen'.

2798 days ago

Anti Matty    

From jail to Mr. Chow. Oh what an exciting life you lead loser Bobby Brown!

All on Clive Davis' Dime. Is that who paid your child support and bought your dinner at Mr. Chow.

So sad, so pitiful. Desperate has beens with no money. Get a job Bobby Brown and you too Whitney. Otherwise EAT A MCDONALDS FROM NOW ON!!!!

2798 days ago

Psychic Clara    

i love to see these two together, they are definately a love-hate couple, not many of these couples anymore.

2797 days ago


I will always wonder how celebrities can't seem to pay their bills, but are eating in fancy restaurants, driving fancy cars, and the like. It's possible this stuff is given to them, but I would feel guilty eating at Mr. Chow if my child support was that far in arrears.

2797 days ago

Jeanie Dranked the bottle    

Bobby's trying to secure future child support payments! I PRAYYYYYYYYY Whitney gave him the finger, and did not meet up later to throw off the media!

2797 days ago


Yelling at your kids to SHUT UP, just plain classy. Poor kids don't stand a chance at a 'nice' childhood with those two for parents.

2797 days ago


Whitney my opinion and yes it counts...Is a whack job and has serious mental issues. Yelling at the kids...could she not refrain from such stupid behavior until she was at least out of ear range. But .. wait these Hollywood Ho's just want attention. Keep the cameras off the whack jobs and give us some real news TMZ! Come on Whitney and gap tooth are old news!

2797 days ago

Psychic Clara    

I love these two together, the perfect love-hate couple. There are only few of these couples out there anymore.

2797 days ago


Brown/Houston......5 words.....Do It For The Kids

2797 days ago


I don't know why so many of you think that Whitney paid Bobby's child support, she doesn't have any money herself!!!!

2797 days ago


Whitney and Bobby were together yesterday (last night) to celebrate their daughter's birthday... Please state the facts and not just the obvious.

2797 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If Whitney still has any cash left, she'd do better to cut her losses and give Brown a monthly trust to support himself until he finds a new niche, and support their kids herself until Brown is in a position to contribute. Reality is that these two must remain friends for the kids, and no doubt care what happens to one another, even if they can't live together productively any more. That approach is the ticket to moving on.

2797 days ago


two stupid losers......failing to raise children properly. just sooo sad

2797 days ago


I love how some people can talk when they have
no clue as to what they are talking about!

FYI, Whitney & Bobby were at Mr.Chow's celebrating their daughter's
14th birthday! I know how much some love to see hate and want them
to act like Basinger & Baldwin in this divorce.

Btw, so interesting the one would call them old news
and yet be all in their business, eh. As well as Whitney
who has only been seen in public less than 5 times over
the past year is suppossedly seeking attention.

Always easier to trash others from behind
a computer screen I take it. Grow up!

2797 days ago
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