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Deal, No Deal

3/5/2007 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Birkhead, Opri, SternLarry Birkhead's lawyer tells TMZ there will be no negotiating with Howard K. Stern.

Debra Opri says the only subject of negotiation is "how fast he [Stern] will produce the child for a DNA test and how quickly he will allow that child to go to California with her real father."

As TMZ has been reporting, Stern has been asking Birkhead for some involvement in Dannielynn's financial affairs after paternity is established. Now Opri says, "There were never any deals. It was a one-sided discussion."

Opri tells TMZ she did not want to respond to Stern's overtures until after the funeral. Birkhead's hardline stance now puts the ball in Stern's court -- will he submit Dannielynn for DNA testing or will the fight escalate?


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Howard is a murder X2    

These Howard fans are ridiculous! Howard is the scum of the earth. The reason why I am sure Birkhead is the father she actually looks like him. The only thing that resemble Howard is a eagle.

2786 days ago


HKS spoke at the funeral, his plan was to gain support, well all he did was confirm what a low life he is. He is the drug handler, according to all reports and he wants to tell us ANS family was so bad. ANS would most likely be alive with her son by her side if she did not have HKS following her around. I truly believe he was there for the drugs. Her personal manager has a live video from the Enquirer and he tells about HKS giving ANS injections with a needle, his claim was that he could not stand to inject her, so Stern did. And he and his family want to belittle ANS family. Sure, they may dress a bit better and look a bit more stylish, but beware of Wolves in Sheeps clothing. His sister has been on different TV shows claiming to know every detail of their lives. She is so transparent. You would have to be stupid to belive her. One of ANS brother is a member of the FBI, hope he is investigating the family as I type.
I pray for Vergie Arthur and her family. In her grief she has to listeen to this scum Stern belittle her family.

2786 days ago



2786 days ago


wouldn't it be great if dna shows that neither hks or birkhead were the dad

2786 days ago


Anna and Howard have been friends with ET for years, friends with and without cameras...Everyone else was going to the media, why shouldnt Howard? He has the right to be heard like the others in the circus..He was shut down and made to look bad in the courtroom. He had to stand up for himself and Anna Nicole. Larry is the father, she looks just like him...but Howard is and has been the Daddy...nobody has the right to keep a child away from a parent... sadly ,Howard in the end will loose DannieLynn too. Now that Larry wont talk with Howard to make a deal that Howard be in her life...The fight will go on and on and on...

2786 days ago


jesus christ greed is greed anyway you take it. some one should bitch slap that loser howard stern. anna nicole was a mess in life and she left a mess in death. just proves not everyone is suppose to be permitted to have a dog much less be allowed to give birth to a child . this is just sick when are they gonna file some criminal charges against howard stern for he has some contribution to anna,s rug addiction. he should be put under a jail someplace and never see the light of day much less raise an innocent baby.

2786 days ago


Nobody knows for sure, at this point, who the father is. Anna probably didn't even know - so either Larry or Howard could be the wouldn't it be interesting if neither of them were and none of the others claiming to be were, either.........haha.........would the real father of Dannielynn please stand up! Haha!

Also, there is no reason to accuse Howard of harming that baby. If there were any clues that he had harmed Anna or would harm the baby, social services would have removed the baby from his care. He's doing the best he can under the circumstances. It will probably be really hard on him if that baby turns out to not be his.

No one knows for sure at this point - time will tell. The CSI team will tell all!!

2786 days ago


If Stern loses the baby to Birkhead, for Stern the baby is worth more to him dead right now. Get the baby OUT OF STERNS CUSTODY NOW.

2786 days ago


Yes,Larry Birkhead is hot. Howard looks like those images of the devil. All he have to do is paint his face red, and add horns.

2786 days ago


part of the issue is HKS positioned both he and Anna in places where US law does not reign...the Hard Rock Hotel is part of the Seminole reservation and the Bahamas is a foreign country...they do not investigate or practice law the way the US does...seems like this was all part of a just didn't include ANS dying..

2786 days ago

dee morgan    

I agree with # 5. I think Anna made that clear when she got away from Birkhead. Howard love Anna and he is crazy about the baby. Larry Birkhead is now fighting so he can get money, and his lawyer is in it for a name. Ms Opri is a very angry woman. I want us the B word. Leave Howard and the Dannielynn alone.

2786 days ago


IMPORTANT! TMZ needs to publish an article about the corruption in the Bahamas!

If you "Google" +"Bahamas" and +"corruption", you will get over 1,110,000 HITS!!
Below is just one article.

The article below, will give you an education (unfortunately) about Bahamian "justice".
Americans need to take ACTION... What we post here will not have any influence on this case (we are just venting).
We are all assuming that the government is going to do what's legally proper and morally BEST for Dannielynn.
Self-benefiting Bahamian public officials just MAY be "bought-and-paid-for", by Howard K. Stern.

Bahamas Top Stories April 20, 2005 – 16:12

"Foreigners Declare WAR on The Bahamas"
"Rogue nation, crooked government may get their due as the world grows weary of Bahamas corruption"

It looks like the crooked lawyers and politicians in the Bahamas have gone too far, for too long. Several groups of disgruntled foreigners, teaming up with Bahamians who have had their fill of a corrupt government, are about to take actions that may quickly and decisively destroy the economy of the rogue island nation.

One such attack will come from a man who has been jacked around and ripped off by virtually every senior level Bahamian politician, as well as the entire corrupt Bahamian legal community.

Mr. Harald Fuhrmann, a German investor who really has gotten the shaft from the Bahamas, is set to embark on a "Battlebus" campaign to take his story to the United States public. The same public that the Bahamas depends upon entirely for their economic survival.

Mr. Fuhrmann will be driving a converted mobile home, plastered with anti-Bahamas slogans, down the east coast of the United States, hitting all the major cities from Boston to Miami. He will be passing out fliers promoting his various anti-Bahamas websites, of which he has created over 30.

It is expected that the campaign will cost the Bahamas millions of dollars in lost investments and tourism business.

"Rightfully so", Mr. Fuhrmann says. "I will be promoting the country as one of casinos, crime and corruption," he added.

"Americans have to know how they will be treated if they buy property here," he said yesterday. "If you buy a house here, you will only have problems. You will be overcharged for everything and you will get no redress from the courts, which are anti-foreign in their attitudes.

"You get the feeling in the Bahamas that the black rulers want to punish white people for the sins of the past. Even younger people are taking that same message on board. The country is not progressing."

Mr. Fuhrmann joins foreign investors like the Korean boat owners, the Inagua fish farm investor and many, many others who have been fleeced in the Bahamas on business and real estate deals.

Recently, there has been talk that one of the companies, vying for government approval to build an LNG plant, is getting the run-around. Insiders say the powers that be have already made a decision but want to drum up more legal fees for members of the Bahamian legal community, before they dismiss the company's proposal.

It is not understood why the Bahamian public allows their government to act the way they do. Some say it is fear, others say the entire country is criminally-minded. But, for the government of the Bahamas to have NOT addressed Mr. Fuhrmann's very real complaints all but proves there is a legal conspiracy against him, and foreign investors in general.

Other groups are getting their ammunition ready and it is expected to be a long hot summer in the Bahamas, as group after group plans to launch attacks on the corrupt nation.

Kathleen Dwyer, an American who was assaulted by a Bahamian fashion designer in the Bahamas, is also having tremendous problems getting her Bahamian attacker brought to justice. She has appeared numerous times in court, flying at her own expense from the US for each court appearance. Every time she appears, the case is adjourned, forcing her to incur additional expenses to appear in court for the adjournment date. It is a truly shocking abuse of the legal process.

Then, there are the Gallaghers, whose little boy Paul Jr. was killed on Paradise Island when a powerboat, owned by an unlicensed and uninsured operator (who is still conducting business), spun out of control and ran over the toddler who was laying with his parents on the Paradise Island beach.

According to the London media, the Gallaghers are hoping to have The Bahamas expelled from the Commonwealth, claiming that they are receiving no help from Bahamian authorities or the Atlantis Resort, where the family stayed when the accident

2786 days ago


you morons, Howard doesn't WANT the baby, he WANTS the money. duh. He's possibly the most worthless excuse for a human that I have ever seen. The courts need to hurry up and get the DNA test, give the baby to her father and let Howard crawl back under his rock so we never have to look at his ugly face again.

2786 days ago

Family Friend    

Am I crazy, or has Larry Birkhead gotten more and more gorgeous since February?

2786 days ago


Howard K. Stern is NOT the biological father of Dannielynn. Howard knows the truth. Do the right thing and STOP the charade. The jigs up!!!!!

2786 days ago
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