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Deal, No Deal

3/5/2007 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Birkhead, Opri, SternLarry Birkhead's lawyer tells TMZ there will be no negotiating with Howard K. Stern.

Debra Opri says the only subject of negotiation is "how fast he [Stern] will produce the child for a DNA test and how quickly he will allow that child to go to California with her real father."

As TMZ has been reporting, Stern has been asking Birkhead for some involvement in Dannielynn's financial affairs after paternity is established. Now Opri says, "There were never any deals. It was a one-sided discussion."

Opri tells TMZ she did not want to respond to Stern's overtures until after the funeral. Birkhead's hardline stance now puts the ball in Stern's court -- will he submit Dannielynn for DNA testing or will the fight escalate?


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My opinion    

After seeing that clown video Howard had fun making, would you leave him to care for a child? I wouldn't let him watch my dog.

2791 days ago


Howard Stern is a slimeball. Plain and simple. What kind of LOSER uses an innocent child as a bargaining chip? Stern was shameful enough the way he represented himself through the Anna Nicole Smith burial ordeal. Once you didn't think a human being could be more disgusting, Sterm amazes us all. What kind of corporation would ever want this piece of work repesenting their firm in the future? He is black-balling himself and is to stupid to figure that out. Hey Stern . . . IT DOESN'T TAKE A LAW DEGREE TO FIGURE OUT THE OBVIOUS! You're not as smart as you obviously think . . . give the baby to Larry Birkhead and make an attempt to redeem yourself to your God, family, and the world for Heaven's sake!

2791 days ago


#5: So if you get someone pregnant, and it's your child, and she dumps you and hooks up with someone else, you should just forget you ever had a child because she likes that guy better and doesn't like you anymore?

Gee, that's some good logic you have going on there!

2791 days ago



2791 days ago


People need to be VERY careful when accusing other people of murder. People can end up in legal problems for that type of unfounded dialogue.

2791 days ago


How long until he starts giving the prescription drugs to the Dannielynn so he can control her too?

2791 days ago


#41,I agree completely with you!!! A lot of these people posting,have been brain washed by the media!....Speaking of the Media,it has been reported,Larry ,lives in a small hole of an apt,in Ca,plus he travels a lot in his job..Howard could help,financially,and help raise her,2 fathers are better than one,especially,when one has a job like Larry...By all means,you other people,dump the baby on Larry's mom!!GOOD GRIEF!!!...I believe,Howard loves this baby,as he soooooooo long loved Anna....What should happen,Should be in the babies best interest!!..A roll in the hay,does not make a father!!

2791 days ago


Hey #66, what do you mean there is no reason to think Howard has hurt that baby? He admitted that he bought & gave Anna drugs while she was pregnant!!!!

2791 days ago

helen gloudemans    

I think Howard K Stern actually believes he loved Anna Nicole Smith. It appears, however, his "love" was a sick perverted enabling addiction as real as Anna's own addictions. I guess 'sick gravitates toward sick.' It now looks like Howard wants to transfer his addiction to Larry's baby and continue living off of Anna even in her death. The jig is up, Howard. It is time to quit 'cold turkey.' and hand over that beautiful baby girl to someone who can truly love her. She deserves more than you are capable of giving her.

2791 days ago


This thought just came to me. If Howard really is the father, than why did his lawyer not object to the judge appointing a guardian???? Any good lawyer would have, if he is in deed the father. He should have been considered the baby's legal guardian. So I guess that means that his lawyers also know he is not the bio-father.

2791 days ago


The reason the guardian cant demand a paternity test is, Anna put on the babies birth certificate that Howard was the babies father. Howard is publicly saying the baby is his. So legally there is no reason for the guardain to assime any different.

Now, Birkhead or any other man can have claims to being the father, but they will have to show just cause in order to contest the birth certificate, and DNA be done. All of this is in the hands of the Bahamian courts, becasue the baby is a citizen of the Bahamas, not U.S.A

I do not believe they can order the baby to undergo testing, because Anna put on the Bahamian certificate that Howard was the father. Birkhead is not a citizen or resident of the Bahamas so legally they have no jurisdiction over his claims or what he does.

I think the smart thing for him to do, is become a citizen of the Bahamas, so that the courts there would recognize him.

Unless he does this, I dont think he stand a chance in hell of getting the babies D.N.A

2791 days ago


OMG! Howard stern is so creepy! Dannylynn is his meal ticket and everyone knows it.
They only went to the bahamas to avoid the truth. I pray that Larry gets his baby soon, before Howard can kill her also!

2791 days ago


Comment #75, your not crazy, he is one hot man! He should of been the one getting his photo taken.

2791 days ago

Bring it on!    

Nobody should negotiate with that freak Howard. Let the chips fall where they may!

2791 days ago


The Judge in Bahamas ordered them to agree to a DNA test or the Judge will order one. The DNA will be done..

HK$ knows Larry is the real Daddy, remember the cup Barth taken from the witness stand (Larry's DNA on it).. If HK$ did not know if Larry was the Daddy, he would never allow a visit.. he wanted assurance that LB was the real dad, before having a visit..

HK$'s world around him is tumbling down, wants to make a deal before the DNA is done.. wants to be part in the $$$$$ .. not what is best for the baby..

How is HK$'s world tumbling down?

read here

2791 days ago
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