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Gay Slur Gets "Grey's" Goof an Image Award

3/5/2007 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah WashingtonIsaiah Washington won an acting award this weekend, and no, it wasn't for his half-assed apology for using the "f-word."

The loose-lipped "Grey's Anatomy" doc, who recently left gay-slur rehab, took home Best Actor in a Television Drama at the 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards. What an image, indeed!

With Isaiah receiving this questionable honor, perhaps there's hope that Michael Richards will get a GLAAD Award ... but don't count on it.


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You my dear, are an ass. Paris Hilton has not recieved an "Image Award" from the KKK for her ignorant comments, whereas your dear I.W. HAS receieved an award from his community. Lots of gay prejudice in the Black community - time to admit to it. How can Blacks hope for a world without bigotry when so many are so eager to show bigotry towards others? Ignorant, is I believe the proper term for it, and you're a prime example. Perhaps it might be an eye opener for you if a cross was burned on your front lawn? Seems to me you need a crash course in what it feels like to be at the recieving end of bigotry. Bitch.

Posted at 5:42PM on Mar 5th 2007 by JCW

2757 days ago


The award was not for personality, morality, humility, etc. He won an ACTING AWARD. He was awarded for ACTING. ACTING. ACTING. Get it right, folks.

2757 days ago


congrats to mr. washington, been a fan from the longest, ppl need to understand that he's not homophobic, he's allowed to make mistakes just like a normal human being, this world take every little thing and run off with it, f'd them haters, there's a place for mr. washington in the african community and in the naacp, HOLLA!!

2757 days ago


I don't want Isaiah "out" - in fact, I hope he is sincere and actually educates himself and others. I merely think it inappropriate that he should receive the Image award from an organization that promotes equality and civil rights at this particular point in his career. Washington was not "persecuted" for being Black, he was censured for a homophobic comment in the workplace that became public. Those who would stand up for him merely based on race are shallow and short sighted individuals. Fire him? No, I never called for that. Object to the NAACP holding him up as an example to young Black men of all that is good that they aspire to? Yes, I DO object to that. As to who I vocally object to, admittedly, Shirley Q. Liquor has had little to no public impact in the United States and so has not been someone I've protested against. However, were this performer to be promoted and celebrated here, and were TMZ to bring him up, I would most certainly write in to condemn him. Racisim by "The Gay Community"? Hardly. You see, we come in all races, so as a "community", you will never see organized racisim coming from us. Racist individuals? Certainly - but not a racist community. Unlike the African american community which seems to be banding together to promote an anti-gay agenda. Not all Black folks, but a good portion of those who stand up as leaders. And from the soundf of it, diva474 included.

2757 days ago


Sarah -

It's the NAACP IMAGE Award - if all it was about was ACTING, there'd be no need for an African American organization to hand out seperate awards. It's about people of color who stand out in their professions, not only as professionals, but as individuals. IMAGE Award....get it??

2757 days ago


Since you all are so upset about Isaiah winning the award for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series. How do you all feel about Roman Polanski. When he was 43, he drugged up a 13 year old girl and forced himself on her. Then, he fled the US because a judge was going to throw out his plea and make him serve jail time. Since then, he has won countless awards including an Oscar.

2757 days ago


JCW - Yes, the title of the awards show is NAACP Image Awards, but Isaiah was given the award for the category for Best Performance by a Male Actor on a TV Drama Series. He was given the award based on his portrayal of a character on a drama. The little boy from Everybody Hates Chris was not given best actor in a comedy based on what he has done for minorities and done as an indvidual. He's only 14. He hasn't lived long enough to do anything. He was given the award based on acting.

The Image Awards presents awards under two main categories. One of those is outstanding achievements and performances in the arts. That's the one Isaiah was in. The other category is outstanding achievement in promoting social justice. He was not given one of those awards. Those awards went to Bill Cosby, Soledad O'Brien, and Bono.

2757 days ago


once the black community is able to be critical of their own, and stop this adolescent "keepin it real" garbage....then maybe they will be taken seriously. What a group of fools.

2757 days ago


Grow up Michael; your ignorance is showing! There are plenty blacks in the "black community" that are critical of their own. Now you need to "keep it real" and consider writing about a subject that you are an expert on. Your comment shows that YOU are the fool!

2757 days ago

red hat    

He apologized. Yet you continue to carry stories on Paris without a word.

#15 the white commuinty has a long standing bias against gays. The overwhelming majority of white people vote to keep gays from having any rights. Look in a mirror why aren't you concerned about Paris. Little kids look up to paris. They try to emulate her.

2757 days ago



Point taken regarding categories. Entertainment and Social Justice.

Still and all, it seems to me the entire point of the awards is to lift up Black individuals as examples of the best of their race, To hold them up as examples of what African Americans can achieve despite adverstiy. These were founded when African Americans were'nt routinely selected for the Oscar or the Emmys.

It's about role models - people who have achieved in spite of adversity, in spite of bigotry and predjudice. When you look at the awards through the lense of what they were intended to represent, Mr. Washington was a poor choice to be honored this year.

He's a fine actor - quite possibly a good man - albeit, one with an anger management problem. Nonetheless, Given what the award represents, it gives the impression that the NAACP has no problem with expressed homophobic behaviour in the workplace, or in society at large - and that is unfortunate.

You'll note that Mel Gibson was more or less excluded from this year's Oscars, and rightfully so. It would have done credit to the NAACP to have done the same with Mr. Washington, at least for this year.

Considering what the NAACP stands for, honoring an actor mere months after he uses a homophobic slur towards a coworker makes them look like a bunch of hypocrites.

2757 days ago


Um, no, baby doll I'm not just going to "get over it". This whole issue is becoming a farce. I'm almost expecting Ashton Kutcher to bust out and say, "We've punked society, of course Isaiah is NOT coming back next season, logicly he won't be getting a RAISE for coming back, and Homophobic Anger Rehab dosen't exist." I'm sick of people spouting of "He apoligized" like it means something. He never said a word of regret when he did it, when we found out he did it, or at the awards show. When the world hates you, its easy to say "Oh sorry". But although I think "taking care of their own" is a horrible statement, but where would this situation be if TR had dropped the N-bomb on him. I'll tell ya, the world would stand up for him and TR would be the fryer at Taco Bell. Really an award from the NAACP? Who the f--- was running against him? OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson?

2757 days ago


Can someone tell me why there is even an award show that excludes white people? Aren't all races invited to Miss USA, Grammy's, Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.?

Anyway, it's wrong to celebrate any person that is using any kind of racial slur in a public venue. What is wrong with the naacp??

2757 days ago


This Isaiah Washington should have been bounced off the show at the speed of light. This was his SECOND offense. The first was a fist fight he started with Dempsey. Get this loser off television. He's simply nuts.

2757 days ago

Only in    

The whites are losing their edge, Its like Farrah said African Americans are excelling in Entertainment. Whites are being left out of the loop,Its a black world honey ,get used to it.

2757 days ago
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